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Chef, what would you like today?
Do not know what to eat in the morning to do a cup of coconut milk and pumpkin soup, it is simple and nutritious ~
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


200gAbout 245ml

The practice steps of coconut sweet pumpkin soup

1. The pumpkin peeled, cut into small pieces, discharge the pot Zhulan, juicer, then only need to put the pumpkin and cook for soft and then go into break it, restricted conditions I can only give pumpkin and cook very soft inside with a spoon pressed into the pumpkin, then add some water to the pot, cook for a moment, bring to a boil and then again according to personal taste plus appropriate coconut juice, boil again.

2. I bought this ordinary coconut juice.

3. Very simple, in short, to make a way to boil the pumpkin, and then pour the coconut juice to boilokThe abdominal

4. Finished to think about writing step to only finished drawings! ~ ha ha, I am lazy, first write recipes hey ~ write bad you forgive me ha ~


According to the quantitative of their own, have a juicer, pumpkin cooked and then broken juicer, will taste more delicate ~