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Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute


80g 10g
20g 20g
2A 50g

The practice steps of coconut protein pellets

1. Coconut milk and milk powder, low powder and fine sugar mixed evenly

2. Use chopsticks scattered protein (no need to whisk, otherwise it will cause unnecessary foam)

3. Pour the protein into the first step of the mixture.

4. With the blade stirring uniform, become a uniform dough, if the dough is sticky, it is estimated that too much protein, and may be appropriate to add some low powder.

5. Rub into the ball, not more than2.5CM

6. If the coconut is too long to stick that first, then chop chop, rubbing round coconut balls evenly put some coconut.

7. After a good rub, into the pan. Pan preheating, under fire,150Degree,25Minutes or so.

8. Baked coconut balls, crispy soft internal appearance. I belong to the first roast, I do not know the formula is a problem or a problem, the dough is too sticky, not good into a ball, we do the time if the dough is too sticky can be less protein or add some low.