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A block Ban Jin
Two Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount

Chinese rissole practice steps

1. Meat, wash, chop chop into mud

2. Shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, shell removed, chopped into pork heel of the sludge mixed together, salt, oil, soy sauce, chicken powder and salt for 15 minutes

3. Next wash the parsley, garlic, pepper cut good standby

4. Wash mushrooms and slice

5. To pack a good meat, put a plate.

6. Put the pot in the water and boil the water.

7. Draw out on the side of the spare steam, the pot a little oil, add garlic, pepper stir fried flavor

8. Fried mushrooms add seasonings, add coriander, a cornstarch water thicken pour into steamed vegetable rolls

9. Out of the product,


Steamed and light