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I am in Changchun, the winter savory Chicken Soup for the high streets and back lanes visible on tofu. Tang's taste is delicious but can not add MSG and so on, so they do at home, or very healthy
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute


A Two
Four flap Appropriate amount

Practice steps of chicken soup

1. Cold chicken skeleton, heating to remove the blood.

2. Do not cook too long, remove

3. The new cold chicken skeleton, add scallion ginger aniseed pepper. Jujube and dangshen can not put me to mend the way, hee hee

4. Dry tofu cut chicken skeleton, from a angle rolled up, use toothpicks

5. Average three or four dry bean curd

6. Chicken skeleton in the heat and simmer20-30Minutes, add salt to taste. Dry tofu continue to stew, during the period of the garlic into mud, add a little boiled water into the garlic mud. Tofu, cooked remove, add chicken broth, add garlic water, sprinkle onion coriander.