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Chef, what would you like today?
Sleep a day at this point suddenly hungry.. There are some yesterday do curry chicken and cabbage, turn out free to do it, oh...But it seems a bit ugly.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


Half a Appropriate amount
3A 50g
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The practice steps of cabbage chicken

1. Chicken breast shredded carrots peppers, pepper tree for each intermediate tasty a cutter, garlic slices.

2. Find a bowl of shredded cabbage, put together, put two teaspoons of salt for killing cabbage in the water, knead to cabbage Microsoft effluent,

3. Heat oil in wok into the tree pepper and garlic, the amount of... There is a hemp pepper, fried flavor (forgot to take, and put a good on the fear of the pot.

4. Pour in advance of chopped chicken, stir fry chicken to change (-_-#A little paste.. Paste.. Paste up.

5. Add carrots and bell pepper and stir fry,

6. Add shredded cabbage, taste a little heavy can now put some soy sauce, (prior to the attention of cabbage put salt water to kill, some salty, it is recommended to water)

7. After the shredded cabbage soft salt, stir fry for a while, turn off the heat put MSG mix flavor, pan.


1And cabbage to kill over water love cooked, of course, can also be boiled, but then the water is relatively large destroy taste, is not recommended,2And shredded cabbage water is because it itself killed after salt, after the dish not to put salt chicken taste what light the. Not too good to eat..3Because there is salt, cabbage uygun miktar,