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No jam muffin recipe, in all God's approach, while doing the prescription. Because mixed with jam, so the interior of the finished product is relatively loose, if you want to set a little bit, can appropriately increase the proportion of low powder.
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute


125g 65g
1About45-50g 40g
80g 50g
4g 2g

Practice steps of cherry jam

1. Large collection of ingredients!

2. In addition to sugar powder, screening, more delicate

3. Butter soften at room temperature, whisk slightly sent by electric, then whisk sugar, divided3Add the egg, each need fully mixed, and then playing uniform, finally unable to see the separation of oil and egg evenly, to figure the general smooth

4. Pour in the milk, do not stir.

5. Into the sieve of the powder material, using the blade to turn the uniform

6. The batter to mix to smooth powder, in fact, not long to very easy to mix

7. Join the jam stir two is really two, enough, don't mix, do not mix!

8. The bean fruit to buy the wheat fragrance abrasive really good! Praise!

9. The batter into the mold mixed.6I put it in the right place.2/3, then too full, don't underestimate the ability of the expansion ah!

10. Oven180Preheating10Minutes, then up and down the fire180Roast at20In a minute, during the flip, uniform color. Note that the temperature of the oven is different, should not be too much attention to color.

11. After baking, with a toothpick inserted out after clean, no batter baked.

12. Use100gLight cream, add3Granulated sugar and2Spoon of chocolate powder, pass the

13. The amount of chocolate powder, as shown in Figure2Spoon

14. Good chocolate cream, a pastry bag

15. Such as muffin after cooling, mounted on the cream, sugar and fruit decorate, OK

16. Finished product

17. The finished muffin, body temperature is high, the cream point