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Make a grain yoghurt today. Grain on the selection of the most convenient is cooked oatmeal bar, fruit grain I use is the son, just finished apricot jam, just something are available and such paired with a taste really is comparable to and supermarkets selling cereal, yogurt
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above


880ML 2G


Appropriate amount Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount

Practice steps of cereal fruit yoghurt

1. Prepared ingredients

2. Pour the milk into the clean and disinfect steel.

3. And then add the powder

4. Put the milk and powder mix

5. If the steel is placed in the host body (if the ambient temperature is low, it can be added to the host body to cover the bottom, the temperature is not higher than43A small amount of water, which is helpful for the fermentation of yoghurt.

6. Cover cover

7. Cover and plug in the power supply, the light is on.

8. About6-----12Hours yogurt on the well (tilt the steel liner slowly appeared thickened or condensed into a jelly like said yogurt well)

9. This is just done out of the yogurt, after cooling the refrigerator to cool.

10. Frozen yogurt taste and quality better

11. Spare oatmeal boiled with water or the microwave oven cooked diced apricot.

12. To put the cup into the oat yogurt, stir well.

13. In apricot sauce stir

14. Into the apricot kernel and honey

15. Stir


After doing a good job of yogurt, eat a few mouth will have water precipitation, which is the formation of yogurt, milk, milk protein molecules to be wrapped in a relatively stable state. When the scoop a few tablespoons of milk, the steady state is destroyed, water will precipitate, this is whey. Stir again