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Chef, what would you like today?
The lunar year~~Oh, feeling more and more to the atmosphere of the Chinese new year, but today still have normal work, dumplings) and there is no way to prepare, do in the morning the [pepper sesame beef] to bring lunch, sweet pepper mix pickled tender beef, then sprinkle with some fragrant sesame, enen, reveals a lunch box incense ah. This gorgeous color is also very new year atmosphere oh.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


240g Each30G
Two. Two.
A spoon A spoon
Half a spoon Ban Xiaoshao
1/4 small spoon Two small spoon
A small spoon Grind five
A small spoon Ban Xiaoshao
A piece of A spoon

Caijiao Niu Liu sesame practice steps

1. Stock
Egg only two tablespoons egg white

2. Beef washed to remove the fascia, against the grain shred, repeatedly washed several times, wash water, drain water

3. Red yellow and green pepper shredded ginger, chopped

4. To start the salt, sugar, 1/4 TSP, two TSP

5. One spoon of cooking wine, two spoonfuls of egg white, a spoonful of soy sauce, half a teaspoon of soy sauce, black pepper powder grinding five, a spoonful of cold water, use chopsticks along a direction does not stop circle stirring, to the basin in anhydrous, beef to breathe in the water. Put aside for fifteen minutes.

6. Non stick pan, hot pot, cool oil, ginger

7. Into the beef wire quickly slide, the fire is not stopped to stir fry

8. When you add beef pink pepper, stir fry a few

Note: the following steps should be fast, a long time will taste bad meat

9. Add a small big red big beef powder, spoon size with reference to tenth steps

10. Half teaspoon salt

11. Two tablespoons of cooked white sesame, stir fry evenly into the pot.

If love can thicken, add less water starch thicken, I did not add.

12. Finished product