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This is a simple but very nutritious healthy food, designed to solve the child doesn't love Chicai only love to eat meat, so the volume only put a little meat, and abundance of a variety of dishes. Did not expect is that this is a drop of oil is very popular with children welcome it.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


Half a 3Slice
100G Half of the root
Half of the root 1A
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount
A few drops of A
A short

The practice steps of cabbage rolls

1. From a cabbage on the entire land breaking down6Leaf.

2. Mushrooms, wash the carrots and cut into fine powder, ham sausage also cut into fine powder, chopped green onion and ginger. All the materials together with minced meat and eggs put together, joined the amount of salt and chicken powder, sesame oil, add a few drops of June fresh soy sauce, mix well and set aside. (you can try it in advance).

3. Cabbage in the boiling water boiled out half a minute, in the cold standby.

4. With a bunch of cabbage leaves, cut vegetables, put some fillings.

5. Rolled up from the other end near the roots of the vegetable leaves, put two folded package jansen.

6. Into the plate, after the opening of the fire in the heat of the fire10Minute.

7. Finished drawing.


1, this dish can be used to do can change the volume of cabbage, Chinese cabbage.2And volume contents can according to personal preference adjustment, I in order to let the children eat a lot of vegetables, so only the addition of a little minced meat and sausage flavor, some more vegetables.3Leaves from the boiling water in the dish, remove and put in cold water too cold, can make vegetable leaves become soft, more green.4And steamed dishes coils itself will have soup, the soup poured up directly to eat, feel not fun can be adjusted a bit of your favorite sauce for dipping the food.