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Pastry staple
Recently, love to do baking food, because as the temperature rises, the dough fermentation has become very easy! Today the meat buns, this is all like pasta, as breakfast is the most appropriate!


  • Flour500G

  • Water260G

  • Yeast powder5G

  • White granulated sugar1Small spoon

  • Pork filling240G

  • Cabbage200G


  • Chicken

    1Small spoon
  • Soy sauce

    1Small spoon
  • Thirteen fragrant

    1/2Small spoon
  • Cooking wine

    1A large spoon
  • Ginger end

    1Small spoon
  • Starch

    2Small spoon
  • Salt

    Appropriate amount
  • Chinese prickly ash

    Appropriate amount

Cabbage buns approach


You must first good meat stuffing material, meat stuffing, cabbage, ginger, add pepper in a small bowl of hot water, then let coolreserve


The water in the pot after the heat, put into the boiled cabbage.


And then filled out, cold water, and then hand pull dry moisture


Try to do a little bit of water, and then cut into pieces.


Meat stuffing in a bowl, add into foam well in advance the pepper water, pour about every time1The big spoonful, then use chopsticks in one direction until water dry, then add the next water


Can see meat are full of water, then add the spices, salt, chicken essence, thirteen spices, soy sauce, cooking wine, starch, mix well again


Then add the meat stuffing mix of cabbage, produced a good


Add sugar and yeast in the water, then pour in the flour.


To use chopsticks stir into the floc, and then his hands bunched up into a smooth dough


Dough fermentation2Double the size of the size, with a finger prick, the dough is not rebound


Take out the dough, knead and remove the air, and then divide it into the50G one of the dough, and then rub the circle, relax10Minutes!


Then each roll into the middle of thick edge thin skinned


Take a dough, add meat stuffing, pack up


Will all this after the production, put in the brush oil inside the steamer, cover again about fermentation25Minutes or so


Then the cold water pot, steam.18Minutes, steamed, braised.5In about a minute to open the lid!

Cooking skills

1Cabbage, boiled water then pull dry water, can prevent water filling,This would be better!
2Inside add pepper meat stuffing, ginger water, can make meat stuffing saturated with water, meat more tender!