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Good food bought Alpine buckwheat flour, healthy whole grains! A very fine, smell the aroma, taste bitter. Eat directly is not good, make a breakfast cake to eat.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


2:1 Appropriate amount


Appropriate amount 2A
Appropriate amount

Buckwheat pancakes Procedure steps

1. Paste cake is a triple powder: tartary buckwheat and flour according to a ratio of two or three mixed, add a good meal, there will be little leavening, salinity the. Add water or milk to make a pancake paste. After the addition of buckwheat flour, the paste with the usual not quite the same. There will be a streamline shape drawing effect is because silty delicate?? Cause I don't know. The color is a bit blue green.

2. The batter mix thoroughly, put cucumber peeled, wiping silk mixed in batter. Taste a little batter to taste, add a little salt, and black pepper, pepper powder. Egg2A knock, add chopped tomatoes, mix well.

3. Then a hot pan, cake stalls. A molding, double face.

4. The amount of egg scoop in the cake, if not beat the egg, the egg like cake like knock at the top, can also ah. I think it is better to eat next time, don't hit the egg.

5. It will turn slightly egg shaped a leg, quickly, put the egg a little a few seconds can fry pan.
Buckwheat cake as pure flour to do good, but a taste of its own fragrance. From the batter to eat, it's only half an hour. Pancakes can add scallion, can add vegetable powder, soybean milk or gruel or fruit juice such as collocation is very good choice for breakfast.