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Recently the baby to see Peter Rabbit Jemima lady doing oatmeal cookies, always clamoring, Ao however his noisy, with the prince of the prescription, taste really good, the key is the baby loves to eat. This is16Block, a tray is filled with. In the picture, I take the amount of the amount of two plates, more prepared for some, with the kindergarten and the children to share.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute


75g 50g
20g 20g
25g 60g
15g 1/4Small spoon1.25ml)

Practice steps of brown sugar oatmeal cookies

1. The container will oatmeal, white sugar, brown sugar, coconut into a clean

2. Low powder and soda mixed sieve into the container, and oatmeal, white sugar, brown sugar, coconut stir

3. Butter cut into small pieces of water to melt into liquid

4. Add corn syrup (no honey) to stir well.

5. Article2Step hybrid good dry ingredients and pour the syrup and butter in, mix with a spoon, into a cake dry paste, some of the now dry batter, loose state

6. Pan with oil, spoon the batter letting go, squeezed into a ball, and then slowly squashed, put on a baking tray.

7. Preheat the oven to the next.165Degree, put the whole good cookies in the oven for the middle of the oven.15Around the minute, the surface of the biscuit is deep golden brown out (the oven temperature can be adjusted according to their own home oven).

8. Biscuits out of the cooling rack to cool the air can eat, crisp and delicious, can not help but eat a few. Give your baby a good snack and breakfast.