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Chef, what would you like today?
Because of the cold, no appetite, so I want to do a very appetizing dish, so there is spicy, sour, meat must be delicious rice. A man, eat a little is very necessary. And as a cargo of ideals and aspirations, before did not go to the food market (for food) must thought of delicious produced when the appearance, also requires a combination of home and the actual situation, and braised acid...(Open)
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute


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Few A spoon
Three. Appropriate amount

The practice steps of yellow bone fish braised soup

1. Yellow bone fish kill clean wash

2. Prepare all kinds of condiments

3. First fried yellow fish, fry until slightly browned, picked up

4. The ginger and chili of garlic together in the pan fried bean sauce, add a spoonful of slightly over three minutes, until the smell. Remember to leave Hunan and garlic leaf, also useful.

5. Add a bowl of water, put before frying good fishing out of Huang bone fish put the pot, and then add three teaspoons sour (sour but Guizhou characteristics, sour and spicy, my family has so, ordinary people in no fit), add a little soy sauce, cook five minutes received about juice

6. Best to put garlic leaves, salt, and a little MSG down, gently turn a few times, and then a pot of dishes, put down the parsley. Hot and sour taste, fragrant delicious out tonight, eat a big meal, wiped out......