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Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute


130g 150g
80g 100ml
8g 15g
160g 89g

Practice steps of Blueberry Cheese

1. Ready to use all kinds of raw materials, in particular, the use of the jam is no added sugar, good

2. Sealing bag digestive biscuit, with surface stick crumble digestive biscuit, then with electromagnetic oven impermeable melted butter. Digestive biscuits and butter mix uniform, into the mold, tile compaction force, then add the refrigerator spare

3. In the electromagnetic oven, melt water cream cheese, stirring to no obvious particles, and then put them into a binary one of blueberry sauce to cream cheese paste, stirring evenly, put in the rest of stir, then add yogurt, lemon juice mix evenly, gelatine drinking cold water soaked until soft, across the water to melt, pour cream cheese mixture. Pass the cream to the liquid, and mix it in the cream cheese.

4. From the refrigerator and takes out the mold, pour half of the cheese paste, pregnant fruit and then into the mix, and then pour the remaining cream cheese mixture into a mold, put the refrigerator4More than an hour to eat