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(Baidu) from China natto began making since the Qin and Han dynasties. In China lobster sauce, Japan has called for "bean natto".
Bacillus subtilis natto, namely fermented soybean, is a kind of health food in japan.
Natto rich in natto and high-quality versions and food fiber, can inhibit the intestinal pathogenic bacteria growth, clear bowel, prevent constipation, improve the digestive system. Has the wrinkle, inhibition...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above





The practice steps of black soybean natto

1. Preparation of black beans. To remove the bad, the bad bean impurities.

2. Wash the beans into the pot.

3. Pour the water into the clean water, cover the lid, and place the pot with a special machine,3End of an hour.

4. This is a good cook.

5. Cooked beans open drain beach cool, about an hour. Then the beans into the jar as shown in (a jar or container, under the pot)

6. Then put the jar, pot set (form sandwich pot)

7. And then put the pot on the pot with a lid on the pot. Press the button,21End of an hour.

8. This is just made of natto.

9. To add a close range, no other ingredients, drawing is very good.

10. To put no oil natto crisper, cover and refrigerate.


Natto ready, put the refrigerator after a few hours, will taste better. But don't be too long.