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吐司 烤箱食谱
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above


500g 50g
270g 2Only about100G
60g 5g
30g 6g

The practice steps of black sesame toast

1. Egg two100Milk into the bowl, add milk270G Sugar60Salt, salt5Grams of black sesame50Grams of milling and cooking machine500High powder into the pot, add6Yeast, low speed stirring

2. About2Minutes into a group, open the high speed beat to the film, plus sunflower seed oil30G, continue to fight to pull out a figure film

3. About 1.5 hours of fermentation room fresh-keeping film basin cover, remove the plastic relaxation, exhaust, can do450Two grams of toast. Toast box of wrap at room temperature about1.5In an hour9Full, brush egg, oven bottom, lit150Degree, under fire180Degree, roast35Minutes, halfway with tin foil. Immediately after baking.

4. Super soft

5. Very sweet

6. Liang Liang, black sesame more chewing the more fragrant