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面包 烤箱食谱
Recently in the beans, fruit stroll, discover this bread practices, is soft, plump and smooth skinned these keywords to attract, just all the ingredients are some ready-made, even the black sesame powder is also the home of freshly ground, it is a fragrant ah... Made really live up to expectations, unusually soft, I like the type, prepare yourself to eat (under normal circumstances, I only do not eat...)
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above


250g 50g
3g 25g
1A 125ml
25g 5g

The black lady bread practice steps

1. High gluten flour, black sesame powder, white granulated sugar, yeast powder, eggs all joined the mixing tank

2. Set in the middle of the low bit of the mixing position, and pour the milk into the side.

3. Stir into a group, add the softened butter and salt, continue to stir, then the mixer can be slightly improved1Gear, stir until the dough is completely non stick in the cylinder

4. A little bit of plastic, the beginning of a fermentation, photo shooting technology is limited, it looks like a bit like...

5. About30Minutes later, prior to the expansion of the dough2Times out, under the bread box size plastic, and coiled up, pay attention to each dough to stay between the gap, the picture is secondary fermentation shot on the way

6. The more90After a minute, the dough is almost filled with the whole bread box.170Degree

7. About30In a minute, take out the bread box and remove the bread and let it cool.

8. Effect after slicing