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饮品 豆浆机食谱
This is a healthy drink. Winter drink, nourishing. Summer drink, heat. To do daily drink, or breakfast Deep-Fried Dough Sticks pancakes,!
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute


200g 100g

Black soya bean+Soybean Steps of health soy milk

1. First, open the beans. Well water or hot spring water better. About three hours(The bean is completely made up, and the surface is not wrinkled.)Midway through2Secondary water, the last time the water to grind beans.

2. Beans bubble open, the second step is to grind beans.
When our family ancestral stone to repair the house lost, remember when is your mill.
Now can only be used to grind beans.
I like two spoons.4The proportion of spoon water.

3. Grinding out the source Soybean Milk, rice paste.
Ready to cook soy milk.

4. Grinding beans, by the way the boiling water.
My habit is the proportion of water and pulp is2:1.
If that is grinding out half pot with boiling water pot Soybean Milk source, the amount of cooking.
Cook soy milk must keep in the side, because the milk is burned when there is no sign, will be all over.
Soy milk cooked, and is separated from the slag, you can use cotton cloth, can also be used to match the machine with soy milk.
PS:Don't waste a lot of bean dregs, oh, can eat, can also do their own specific fertilizer, Baidu.

5. Separate the residue, and then add the sugar to the boil.
The weight of sugar is modified according to the weight of individual preference.
Once done component by a few days, if not to do a deal with the tips, soya bean milk is easy to will become rancid, under the premise without preservatives, swollen do?
The method is very simple:Until cool milk, into the coke bottle, then put in the refrigerator freezer frozen, frozen after, take out temperature thawing, put in the refrigerator chamber at room temperature, you can put a few days is not bad.
I wish you a healthy drink!


Drinks for all ages. If there is a stone grinder, the taste is more pure. Soya bean milk machine efficiency, but not that pure taste.