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Chef, what would you like today?
Always want to do Coke chicken wings for a long time, but last night birthday with a can of beer, wanting to do beer wings the, Coca Cola Chicken wings. What with this step is the same! The first time to do the effect is very successful!


A tank
A few
Diced A few

Beer chickenorThe practice steps of Coke chicken wings

1. Ready materials~I do not put ginger, because I do not like to eat ginger, can accept the ginger friend can cut ginger. First put the chicken Zhuo side water, really a lot of fat bubbles, and then wash it again, the materials and stir fry. Add chicken wings stir for a minute or so to the point of cooking wine, salt and beer, sugar, rock here, began to nausea to thick, on the, midway stuffy, medium and small fire, too general assembly paste, stuffy three or four minutes will stir to avoid paste pot.

2. That's it~I have doubts in the process, in the cooking time has bubble bubble.. Also asked to have a pungent smell of beer is also worried about the fear will not screw up, do not worry! This process is, slowly cook will have another kind of taste instead of consistency.

3. Really praise, many aspects of color is very good, is the amount of sugar, here to give a little bit more sweet. Go and try it.(Like at a person)This