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肉类 午餐
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


500g 50g
50g 30g
15g Appropriate amount
50g Appropriate amount
Half a bottle Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount

Practice steps of the beef with pepper

1. Wash the beef with salt, pepper, pepper, aniseed beer, ginger flavor yards, placed in the refrigerator, two days after the show.

2. Wash beef slices steamed, steaming after leaving soda

3. A pot of oil, oil heat, put the beef into small fire stir fry a few minutes out of standby

4. Will pepper, pepper, ginger down a small fire saute, pour beef stir fry, add beef soup cooked to the soup, finally, add sugar, pepper, vinegar, chicken essence.

5. Pictured above