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素食 早餐
The stuffing steamed stuffed bun is when I studied in Tianjin, in the south of a small steamed stuffed bun shop to eat, I and dormitory friends always buy to eat, I most like to eat is the bean paste and molded dried vegetable stuffing steamed stuffed bun, a dirty one element, the different tastes, each with different characteristics. Bean sprouts stuffing steamed buns, I really admire the stuffing of the students with the ah, I think vegetarian stuffing is really not very good adjustment, lane is bad is widowed however tasteless, the bean paste cleverly using the aroma of fermented bean curd and parsley, add bean sprouts and slightly crisp taste, let ordinary ingredients, showing a unique flavor!


  • Mung bean sprouts250G

  • Coriander50G

  • The dough250G


  • Sufu(Red)

  • Beef powder

    1Soup spoon

The practice of bean sprouts

1.Parsley wash clean, chopped, parsley, not too little, about 1/4 of bean sprouts

2.The pot of boiling water, fire water switch

Bean sproutsBv.jpg

3.In the boiling water, put into a good wash bean sprouts, hot one minute

4.Good hot bean sprouts, remove and dry moisture control, and coriander together

Bean sproutsNG.jpg

5.Put in the milk

6.Add the right amount of beef powder

Bean sproutsxJ.jpg

7.Mixing evenly, you can taste, the taste is not enough to add the milk, do not add bean curd milk

8.A good face is divided into small parts.

Bean sproutsWj.jpg

9.Roll into a bun skin

10.Bao Shangxian

Bean sproutsOj.jpg

11.Into the steamer, second proofing, probably15Minutes or so

12.Fire, water, steam15Minutes, off the fire stuffy5In the opening minutes to take the steamer

Bean sproutsLT.jpg

Bean sproutssw.jpg

Bean sproutsyr.jpg

Bean sproutsjc.jpg