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烤箱食谱 下午茶
Love itbanana bread, but it's too sweet to be sold outside. Helplessly looking at home the banana king finally turned black. The I start, finished the cake is some wet, thick banana bring some chocolate flavor, with a cup of hot milk, tut Tut, Tai Yi Luo
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute


90g 120g
50g 3A
100g 3A

Banana Cakebanana breadThe taste of the practice step

1. Group photo, afraid to do their own unsuccessful, no pictures of, but it is easy to Da, made a cake of Pro can successfully, flour took the wrong, in the picture is high powder. Should be used with low powder ha

2. Egg yolk and egg white, egg white and some sugar to pass to a small hook is good, and then put the egg white in the refrigerator to prevent the bubble.

3. Melt the butter at room temperature and add the remaining sugar with the machine to send, to add a few times to add egg yolk, etc., and then add the banana mud, mix well. Half of the amount of the screen with a low powder, mix well, then add a light cream, mix well, and then the next into the other half of the low powder, mix well.

4. Take1/3Sent the egg white into the butter bowl, the cross stirring, to prevent the egg white foam, and then add all the white egg, mix well... Sprinkle some chocolate beans, and into the mold, I this is6Inch cake mold, prior to pad the oven paper, just for a good mold release. Knock down a few times, make the cake liquid even, beautiful.

5. How much did the amount of bananas did not set a few, I look at the bar, I used two bananas in the cake, the left of that slice to do a decoration, Hei hei

6. Out of the way, the side is not good, but the release is simple and convenient, feeling very suitable for Halloween, ah, ha ha