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慕斯蛋糕 下午茶
The taste of the wine is light coffee, because cocoa powder plus the little, love to eat chocolate can be more cocoa powder.
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above


3A 18G
24G 35G
15G 30G
3A 3G
36G 250G
200G 50ml
65G 2Slice
15Gram or so

The practice steps of Baileys mousse cocoa

1. The3Egg yolk,18G sugar,24Grams of corn oil in a clean bowl, stirring evenly, and then screen35Grams of low gluten flour and15Grams of cocoa powder stir (the batter slightly thick, all the flour can be wet, then add)30Grams of milk, stir into a fine smooth and no particles of cocoa paste.

2. Add in egg white3Lemon juice to pass, during the three times to join36Grams of sugar, hit9Distribution (raised egg egg egg white slightly curved hook, hand slowly afraid of the bubble can be completely dismissed)

3. 1/3 egg whites into the mix in the egg yolk paste, then two times the egg yolk mixture into the egg white. Pour in the middle of the oven135Degree baking1Hours, or into the oven160Degree baking40Minutes. (square mould baked cooled after demolding cut out two pieces of spare, pan baked Liang Liang with quadrate die than a cut out two square cake slices standby. (at this time, the immersion of Geely)

4. Mascarpone cheese and sugar water heating until smooth, cool after adding Baili Tianjiu stirring.

5. Beat cream with cocoa powder.9Mix well with cheese paste after delivery. (this will drain dry soaked gelatine melted with cocoa powder) (here is how to forget... About this, you can add to the personal taste.

6. Cheese paste into the melted of the lucky liquid mix well.

7. First a cake in a mould, pour a layer of cheese paste, then covered with another piece of cake, pour the cheese paste. Put in the refrigerator3Hours.


1.Gilding water is heated, water is not boiling, the temperature will affect the solidification effect of geely.2.In the end, it is best to add the cheese paste into the warm water, and the temperature of the warm water will make it quick solidification and the formation of small lumps and the impact on the taste.