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披萨 烤箱食谱 午餐 单身食谱
This is her husband's favorite pizza.


2Slice 16Only
Appropriate amount 1A
150g 1A
Appropriate amount


3A large spoon

Practice steps of Bacon fresh shrimp pizza

1. Shrimp shrimp shrimp challenge to the line, with a few drops of wine and a little salt grasping uniform salt. Bacon cut small pieces, pepper, fresh coconut shred cut ring.

2. Take9An inch of pizza, a plate, and a plate wall brush with olive oil . The pizza pizza with a fork into the bottom tray, poke holes in the crust . On the bottom of the pie with Italian pizza.3A large spoon .

3. Spread Bacon, Put on the ring, and fresh coconut sweet pepper.

4. Sprinkle some corn and peas, shrimp to put up .

5. Atop Ma Su mozzarella, into the oven middle200Degree preheating5Minute (barbecue)20Minutes (roast), see the surface of Ma Su mozzarella melts and coloring can.