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三明治 工作便当
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so


Two tablets A
Some 2~3Slice

Bacon sandwich practice steps

1. Pan fry Bacon, this is the amount I made a sandwich!

2. Cut out a small piece of bread in the middle, break into the whole egg, Huang Guaxian fry, so save time

3. The egg yolk is not easy, if you want to eat the whole egg yolk of the proposal to open a small fire slowly, I am in a hurry, with a shovel pressure.

4. Our family likes to eat the old, I use a shovel crushed, so the egg yolk is not whole.

5. Cucumber into the bacon, the surface of a small is inside the bread to dig out the, and then covered with a piece of toast, into the salad sauce, tomato sauce.

6. Finished product out, the finished product is not good, the taste is very good!