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披萨 西餐 烤箱食谱 午餐
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute


250g 3g
2g 70g
3Slice 4Root
20g Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount

The practice steps of Bacon pizza

1. 1, will be high powder, filial mother, bubble play powder, water mixed together in a soft dough, the dough on the package of fresh film placed on the warm place to two times

2. 2The fermentation, to two times as large as 2/3 the dough with a rolling pin roll into a0.3The Griddle Cake cm on the pizza baking tray, use a fork inserted holes for ventilation uniform

3. 3And the remaining one-third of the surface into four copies were rolling into a cake each packet on the sausage, then pack a surface sausage cut into a a placed pizza baking tray in the ring

4. 4, tomato sauce evenly smear on pizza crust covered with a layer of chopped bacon, a layer of onion, tomatoes, a layer of bacon, put a layer of cheese. Finally, with broccoli embellishment.

5. 5And the oven190The degree of preheating for ten minutes, will set the pizza in the oven tray190Degree twenty minutes(Can take out brush a layer of egg yolk color more beautiful)In200Degree five minute color.

6. 6The flavor of the Sausage Pizza, Bacon began.

7. 7Roberts, the United States and the United States, the hope that we can use to wish everyone eat happy to go