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披萨 烤箱食谱
On the pizza has a lot of legends, it is said that originated in China, no matter where the origin is, pizza is a simple and common people's food. As long as you can rub the surface, even if it does not matter, there is no relationship between the sale of pizza everywhere. Wipe skin feeding pizza, mozzarella shop, covered with bacon and other meat, zaipu vegetables covered with mozzarella, basically remaining can give oven...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute


250g 125g
Appropriate amount 2g
Appropriate amount 1A
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount

Bacon pizza practice steps

1. 250gFlour125gPlus2gKnead the dough fermentation yeast Guanghua,2Times, remove the compressed air, roll into a round into a pan and put on some relaxation, slim on the cake with a toothpick.

2. Cut the ingredients well.

3. Good cake with relaxation have tomato sauce or pizza sauce

4. Samuel Ma Su lira, sprinkle with meat and vegetables

5. Put on a layer of Ma Su. Oven200Degree15Minutes and then bake Ma Su lira5Minute.

6. Eat it


Want to choose good drawing effect of Ma Su.