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粤菜 午餐
With a homemade homemade bacon bacon baozaifan, ha ha, too convoluted homemade bacon baozaifan with homemade bacon!


  • Rice100G

  • Bacon1Section

  • Sausage1Root

  • Mushrooms4Flower

  • Cabbage mustard1The


  • Salad oil

  • Soy sauce

    1Soup spoon
  • Chicken

  • Sesame oil

  • Beautiful flavor juice

  • Sugar

  • Mineral water

    Appropriate amount

Bacon baozaifan practices

1.Wash and soak rice1Hour water drain

2.Bacon sausage with hot boiling water to drain section

3.The pot boiling water to put a few drops of oil, rapeseed into boiled, remove the spare

Bacon baozaifanLT.jpg

4.Wash mushrooms and slice

5.Seafood sauce, chicken powder, sesame oil, sugar, beautiful flavor juice, mineral water made of soy sauce

6.Rice into the casserole, add boiling water fire to boil water and cook as usual, can be pan of water dried, turn a small fire

Bacon baozaifanAp.jpg

7.Open the cover with bacon sausage and mushrooms

8.From the edge with salad oil, a small fire cover5Minutes, so you can eat delicious crispy rice.

9.Turn off and then stew8In a minute, add the vegetables, pour in the sauce and mix well.

Bacon baozaifantB.jpg

Bacon baozaifanZx.jpg

Bacon baozaifanbh.jpg

Bacon baozaifanTd.jpg