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There seems to be a special diet advocates the seeds of food made a bud to eat. In this way, not only can eat the seeds of nutrition, but also to eat the nutrition of the bud. Peanuts, soybeans, mung beans, rice, all kinds of... In this column.
A black bean, the only one, there is no more. After a few days after water immersion, has not found a place, but inadvertently grow budlet. What a lovely little bud embryo ah, at that moment, linking them and Soybean Milk. BUDLET lentils Soybean Milk, should have no predecessors. The taste of the beans, although not everyone likes the bean, but, really good...


  • Lentils40G

  • Green soybean65G


  • Water


The practice of Soybean Milk lentil bud


Ingredients: Black Bean40G, green soybean65G, water1000Milliliter


Lentils soaked with water for several days, changing the water every day, until the beans grow budlet. Green beans washed and dried, soaked in water to rise


Pour in the soya bean milk machine, add the bean


Water, the water is not less than the lowest water level


With the nose, full nutrition function, to the end of the beating, out drinking

Cooking skills

Water to soak the beans need to be replaced every day to prevent deterioration.
The beating function can choose appropriate according to the actual situation of Soybean Milk machine.
To play good soy milk can be based on their own taste and drink.