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简单 红葡萄酒 小吃 烧烤味 夜宵 全菜系 1-2人 烧烤炉 中等难度 1小时-2小时
Brief introduction
No oven can also barbecue chicken wings? Try the electromagnetic oven barbecue stalls to do a BBQ chicken, it exudes a barbecue meat as oven baked chicken wings.


  • Ingredients
  • Chicken wings

  • Accessories
  • Ginger

  • Soy sauce

    Appropriate amount
  • Oyster sauce

    Appropriate amount
  • Edible oil

    Appropriate amount
  • Red wine

    Appropriate amount
  • Salt

    Appropriate amount
  • Pepper

    Appropriate amount
  • Salt and pepper powder

    Appropriate amount
  • Cumin powder

    Appropriate amount
  • White sesame

    A few
The practice steps of BBQ chicken1

1.With a knife in the wings on both sides of the row2-3Knife, ginger slice.

The practice steps of BBQ chicken2

2.The chicken with ginger, soy sauce, oyster sauce, edible oil, wine, salt, pepper, pepper powder, cumin powder.1Hour tasty. (please note that when the dosage of pickled condiments, fresh to the right)

The practice steps of BBQ chicken3

3.The electromagnetic oven is transferred to the small file fire (I am100The degree of firepower), pan brush oil, chicken wings Xihuo slow roast. (fire is not large, large, easily broken baked chicken skin) from time to time with a spatula to prevent skin bottom wings move, stick pan. Add some oil from time to time.

The practice steps of BBQ chicken4

4.Turn fry the other side, still from time to time with the spatula dodo chicken wings bottom, to prevent the skin sticking on the pan, and marinated remaining wine material evenly sprinkle on the wings.

The practice steps of BBQ chicken5

5.To be fully cooked chicken wings on both sides, namely from the fire, sprinkle salt and pepper powder, cumin powder, white sesame on the surface. (like spicy, but also sprinkle some pepper powder)

Chicken skin is a little like Jiao Xiang, more roast.
If there is no electromagnetic oven nor microwave oven, then use an ordinary pot fry chicken wings, but the smell taste a lot worse. There is a difference between the barbecue and the normal fire. White sesame in the microwave oven over high2Minute to mature. Cumin is indispensable, is to increase the main seasoning grilled chicken flavor. The chicken wings taste pickled with red wine more levels.