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A bean sprouts the practice step of the history of struggle

1. Prepare a pot and a basket of clean, can not have oil, then spread a layer of breathable paper basket.

2. Mung bean two, a good night to soak, soak enough12Hours.

3. Put the green beans into the basket.

4. Cover it with a clean towel in the old green beans, and put a wet towel.

5. Tidy up the towel, and the empty dry basket of water, only the moisture, do not stay effusion.

6. Put the whole basket in a black bag and place it in a dark place.

7. Check once a day, with a water pot, and drained the effusion. Cover and put it back in place.

8. Five days to harvest, to be a little more, but very bean flavor, no additives, health nutrition.

9. Put some lean meat, cook a soup, delicious can not stop!