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Chef, what would you like today?
Share a healthy and tasty and can help slimming chicken salad vegetables summers will be arrived, hastened to thin thin, restrain mouth stride leg, but food and can not live up to, or want to eat to eat, let us eat healthy!
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute




[a] the way of the chicken and vegetable salad

1. Wash the chicken breast into the pot cooked (don't need so much, I was chicken salad and dry place, with such a large piece of)

2. The cooked chicken breast, prick the thickest place with chopsticks, no bleeding waterOK;

3. According to the tear into shreds of spare lines;

4. Sweet corn;

5. Breaking out of corn kernels;

6. Potatoes and carrots cut into small cubes;

7. Boil the potatoes in a pot, a few minutes to cooked, out of the pot before put into boiled carrots;

8. Remove and drain backup;

9. Diced cucumber;

10. Lettuce cut into small pieces;

11. Chopped onion, I use the white onion, best with purple onion, color is more rich;

12. All processed ingredients put into a bowl, add pepper, vinegar, salt, olive oil, powdered sugar stir well, dish and serve.

13. A dish of colourful chicken and vegetable saladOKA low-fat healthy diet will make the body more comfortable!!