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午餐 朋友聚餐
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary)


[he] Xiaoxi Duojiaoyutou practice steps of

1. Ready to head a Pantou, I like better.^_^Steamed fish with soy sauce, cooking wine, chili spare.

2. After cleaning the fish, add cooking wine, chili sauce, steamed fish soy sauce evenly, marinated20Minutes. Don't put salt soy sauce and chili Oh, are salty.

3. Take a bowl, marinated fish pot boiling. About time20Minutes, depending on the size and temperature of different fish, free to adjust the time. Do not grasp the time, you can poke chopsticks under the head, you can easily break it done.

4. Pot add boiling water, the hot and dry noodles cooked, this is cooked, slightly hot to pan.

5. The head of code on the paved hot dry noodles dishes. Pot oil, add Duojiao fried juice, evenly on top. Add coriander taste decoration. Be accomplished.

6. Finally a close-up.^_^^_^^_^