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面包 烤箱食谱
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute


Appropriate amount 150g
15g 90g
2G 15g

[beef bag] approach steps

1. High powder, salt, sugar, water, oil, yeast are mixed, bunched up into a smooth dough fermentation until double in size, or into the refrigerator frozen overnight, the next day and then

2. Exhaust the dough, roll into a rectangle, with seasoned beef, parsley

3. The figure from the top half1/3Wrapped beef

4. Then the following part to fold left half wrapped beef

5. And then, as shown in the picture, the two are not cut off, and each of the two groups is cut off, like a pair of trousers.

6. Twist two as shown in the picture."The legs",Two"Bottom of a trouser leg"Pinch

7. Take a hand"Pants"Take a hand"Bottom of a trouser leg"And then twisted into a ball, the end of the place to pinch, fermentation40About twice as large as the

8. Brush the syrup or egg, sprinkle sesame seeds

9. Good preheating180Degree oven baking15~20Minutes to the surface color, baked sprinkle with parsley