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Chicken mushroom

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Chicken250g Xing Baogu2A Haitian seafood sauce1Spoon Oyster sauce1Spoon The practice steps of chicken of Pleurotus eryngii 1.
  - OVER82

Mapo beancurd

Mapo flavor, joined vegetarian chicken stir fry, pan when you add a little pepper, add chicken, pan installed dish Search Mapo chicken practices Daquan
  - 怶疍嫲嫲

# summer vegetarian # Garlic Chicken

garlic1A Shallot2Tree Bean paste1Spoon Soy sauce1Spoon SaltAppropriate amount Chicken1Point #Summer vegetarian#The practice steps of Garlic Chicken 1. The material is ready, please ignore the cabbage, forget to take it away
  - 易哥妈妈

Spicy chicken

5. Under into the fried vegetarian sliced chicken, fire to open a small fire stew, soup when he is young, fire close juice, add your favorite condiments and put them on the plate. 6. Pack to open to eat! Quietly tell you, cool taste better oh!! Tips Love the hot can put some more

Fish casserole chicken pot

of the pot Tips 1Afraid of trouble, friends can put chicken into Stinky tofu, taste is excellent, do not need to leave Stinky tofu fried.2Fish, can also be replaced by pig intestine, buy out the spiced halogen, is also quite good, and easy!3And I usually fried octopus and vegetarian chicken will be one-time fried a lot, then with fresh bags bags
Array  - 山小U

Spicy chicken salad

At home, you have a healthy and delicious food. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients ChickenA Green Chinese onionA The spicy chicken salad practice steps
Array  - 宝宝妞1213

Roast chicken string

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Chicken cookSpicy barbecue material Roast chicken on the steps of practice 1. Chicken skewer.
  - 小酷100

Chicken salad

parsley.3Vegetarian chicken pieces into a small pot, adding a shot with crushed garlic, a little pepper, salt, chicken powder, add parsley, stir evenly, installed dish can. Tips Chicken, market to sell. Chicken salad search approach Daquan
  - 胡杨驿站

Lily fried chicken

Chicken is one of the family like to eat bean products, with lily, Bang Bang Da Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Chicken1A LilyAppropriate amount Lean meatAppropriate amount Fried chicken Lily practice steps
  - 洁洁MM

Mushroom vegetarian version of spicy chicken cubes with peanuts

Mushroom instead of chicken, vegetarian version of spicy chicken cubes with peanuts taste good! Ingredients Xing BaoguBig1A Peeled cooked peanutsA Cucumber1Root CarrotHalf of the root Dry pepper4,5Or in a taste Green Chinese onion1Short
Array  - 澜HandMade

[vegetarian] steamed vegetarian abalone (Su Ji)

The beauty of small chicken1The package (2Short Dip1Garlic flavor: garlic3Flap Fresh soy sauceAppropriate amount Oyster sauce1Spoon Dip2MustardAppropriate amount Fresh soy sauceAppropriate amount [vegetarian] steamed Abalone (Su Ji) in the practice step 1. Seimi vegetarian chicken

Chicken with green pepper

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Green pepper2A Halogen chicken35g Garlic5g Green Chinese onion3g Salt2g Chicken2g Thirteen fresh2g The practice steps
  - 当家小妞

Sauteed chicken.

Work late at night, the night market knock off, too lazy to go to the supermarket, home yesterday hot and spicy incense pot left half vegetarian chicken, and half a onion, do something about it, ha ha, total not hungry now. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so
  - keifel

Soy fried chicken

A few small family friend likes to eat chicken, I don't like, Feel the thick smell of chicken tofu is very difficult to remove, it was my most doesn't like. This time I was under the heavy hand to taste the ha, unlike in the past only to be clear, and then add a little boiled, This approach combines the chicken lobster sauce fragrant chili, hot and sour appetizer, The beany flavor is almost zero
Array  - 优妈美食

Potato chicken pork braised in brown sauce (electric pressure cooker approach)

(experimental Lao Cai Chen tastes good)Appropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount Fuel consumptionAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount Potato chicken pork braised in brown sauce (electric cooker practice) practice steps 1. Food, pork, potatoes, chicken
  - 薇儿小小

Kung Pao in minced chicken rice

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Plain minced chicken CarrotA little CucumberA little PeanutA bit of Soy sauce soy sauce spicy bean sauce and so on. In the practice step of Kung
Array  - Rainie0315

Vegetable chicken roll fitness delicious when necessary

Fitness essential, low calorie Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Chicken breast500g Salt3g Soy sauceAppropriate amount Black pepperAppropriate amount Starch10g
Array  - elsa7788250

Braised chicken

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Geranium fennel cinnamon sugar salt soy sauce soy sauceA chicken3Meta20A few pieces of Braised chicken in the practice step 1. Wash chicken, slice
Array  - 嘻羊羊鱼宝

Vegetarian fried chicken wings

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Chicken wings Carrot Celery Soy sauce The practice steps burning chicken wings 1. Chicken wings
Array  - woaihenglia

[vegetarian] in sea food and poultry

[Methods] in steps of vegetarian sea food and poultry. 1. Mushrooms, fungus used to open blisters, mushrooms, carrots, corn, diced, vegetarian chicken, mushroom, mushroom slices, Dictyophora segments, seafood mushroom to the root wash, fans cut bubble open 2. In the stock amount, in addition to all
Array  - 曼珠沙华14

[vegetarian] vegetarian soup

Very fresh and delicious, can be used as all kinds of vegetarian soup. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Fresh mushrooms8Only Seafood mushroom100g Yellow bean sprouts50g CornLittle one

Capsaicin chicken

Traditional vegetarian chicken is oil fried, I am not feeling very healthy, so I will burn the low calorie vegetarian chicken, don't like spicy food can not add chili, but I think that add a little pepper flavor! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Chicken
Array  - 爱吃奶油620

Vegetarian soup

5. Then put in a hard boiled egg. 6. The Hanging noodles cooked to ripe. 7. Remove the super bowl can be eaten. Cooking skills1Can also be used, chicken powder, chicken soup or sauce. 2Select the circle
  - 馋嘴乐

Vegetarian dumplings

only peanut oil so plus is peanut oil, do not like the smell of peanut oil can choose other 6. After refueling, season with salt and chicken powder and a small amount of light soy sauce, add a little powder suction absorbent (ha ha, this is I want to feel this package of dumplings juice more
  - 某大朵1

Vegetarian soup

, in the material wire (do not let oil, add salt and chicken) in the amount of it,OK! Vegetarian noodles practice search Daquan
  - 沈小厨

Vegetarian cake!

Vegetarian cake! Procedure steps 1. Potato make silk 2. Add egg 3. Put in carrot 4. Synthesis of water with water! 5. Finished

Vegetarian diet

Practice steps of vegetarian dishes 1. Wash all ingredients, peas first cooked with water can smell bean flavor picked up the drain, garlic, red pepper, cut into small sections, Xianggan dice. 2. Heat the wok, pour2Small spoon tea, put all the ingredients into the pot and stir fry, add a little salt.
Array  - 简心素颜

Vegetarian wonton

have a spoonful of sesame oil, stir evenly. 3. The last step, package wonton. (because of the large wonton easy to cook and irrigation, leading to the wonton to rot, so personal recommendations compared with the steamed or fried) Tips The vegetarian wonton is more suitable

Vegetarian - Pineapple

Today is the five one Jie home have a look, have to cook, the family dinner is not sloppy, a national dish of braised pork! My braised pork is vegetarian, sweet and sour appetizer to good Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Pineapple1A Lingfen
  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian eggplant

Like eggplant, do not like to eat meat, eat vegetarian food and delicious health Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Eggplant3A Corn starchAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount
Array  - 白骨精_下廚房

Vegetarian abalone

Ingredients Mushrooms10Only Fuel consumption3g Bao Yuzhi3g Practice steps of vegetarian abalone 1. Choose the medium-sized mushrooms to root (I use scissors to cut, wash, boiling water)5--8Soft, remove and cool water after the knife in the back row of squid, then use toothpicks.

Vegetarian curry

Because there is no meat in the house, so do vegetarian curry, but the taste is also very good, oh, small partners can try at home Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients OnionHalf a CarrotA PotatoA
  - 沫沫zlt

Vegetarian stuffing

, the pot put oil, chopped down into the stir fried flavor without completely fry pan. Soaked fans chopped, fried egg and chopped and cooked material, salt, a little soy sauce and chicken and mix well. The stuffing is ready. 2. And, like the rolling cut 3. Hand rolling skin
Array  - lzc蜜柚柚

Vegetarian -- salt and pepper potatoes

Potatoes, vegetarian classic, saute fried braised stew, greedy today, cut spike type, with salt and pepper, delicious to swallow his tongue to Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients PotatoA CarrotA Wheat protein chipA small bowl Green soya
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

A vegetarian -- vinegar potato

In fact, vinegar potato this dish although classic, but production is also very simple, although often eat, too lazy to do the menu. But think about my vegetarian dishes, less "vinegar potato" sounds like a cup of tea, the water temperature is not the same, always a regret. So, whether there is no collection rate, or can not tolerate such small flaws appear
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian -- boiled cauliflower

Vegetarian- - practice steps boiled cauliflower 1. Wash cauliflower, hot pot boil water. Boiling water to cauliflower 2. The pot after the boil, the water boiling for about a minute. Can pick up leaves in order to avoid hot head during ~ 3. Hot oil
  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian fried bread

Vegetarian fried bread is a simple and convenient The food with the food Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients EggTwo In practice the steps of fried bread 1. Two eggs fried aside and put aside. With green
Array  - 还是那个味

Vegetarian -- steamed spinach

WaterA small bowl Candied jujubeSome Vegetarian -- practice steps of steamed spinach 1. Spinach after cleaning, hot water boiled again 2. Cut short with a mixer to add half a bowl of water to stir into the spinach paste
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

# summer corn cake # vegetarian

sauce, sugar, sesame oil available, chicken, salt, vinegar)Two. Hot oil1Spoon #Summer vegetarian#The practice steps of corn flour cool cake 1. Water, corn flour porridge, put a bowl of cool, put the refrigerator to freeze. 2. The product, fungus and seasoning mix
  - 飘雪636

# vegetarian # ice grass in summer

Garlic4Flap Puree of rice vinegar10g Lemon salad dressing10g Olive oil10g Fresh soy sauce10g Crystal sugar (grinding into powder)10g Xiaomila (can not)5g #Summer vegetarian#Method steps of ice grass dip 1. Ice grass wash. It is covered with ice beads increased
Array  - 深蓝小米粥

# summer vegetarian # Pidan Doufu

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients A beancurd, preserved egg2A, oil, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, steamed fish oil drum #Summer vegetarian#The practice steps of Pidan Doufu 1.
  - Ann小叶子

Vegetarian package Tuo

oil Vinegar Pepper Salt ChickenAppropriate amount Vegetarian package Tuo practice step 1. The sweet potatoes and potatoes diced cooked, I use the electric cooker,5Minutes, after adding potato powder began to surface and, 2. The mushrooms, dried hair bubble wash, wash

# summer vegetarian # zucchini walnut

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Squash (zucchini)1A Walnut kernelAppropriate amount Salt a little #Summer vegetarian#Practice steps of the west of the gourd 1.
  - 军人雪儿

# summer vegetarian "- three wire

PepperTwo. Oil, saltAppropriate amount Vegetarian oyster sauceSmall spoon #The practice steps of "the summer vegetarian" three wire 1. Prepared ingredients. A beautiful dishes, in addition to food color, should also be just perfect power ratio, the knife is needless to say, practice
  - 昕哥妈妈

# summer # vegetarian eggplant sauce

#Summer vegetarian#The practice steps of eggplant sauce 1. Prepared ingredients 2. Eggplant halves cut into strips, sprinkle a little salt 3. The pot steam until soft and cooked eggplant, probably10Minutes or so
Array  - Wsshui

# summer vegetarian # garlic lettuce

more StarchAppropriate amount Salt ChickenAppropriate amount #Summer vegetarian#Garlic lettuce practice steps 1. Wash lettuce 2. Cut into the length of the fingers. 3. Onion cut section Ginger
  - 星辰801

# summer # vegetarian braised gourd

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Wax gourd Soy sauce Soy sauce Oyster sauce Sugar Chicken #Summer vegetarian#The practice steps of braised gourd

Cobb Salad # summer vegetarian #

Mustard sauce2Small spoon Cobb Salad#Summer vegetarian#Procedure steps 1. Raw material preparation 2. The chicken breast and then pan fried Bacon 3. Bacon Che Martin, chicken chop, chop the egg, diced tomatoes, avocado
Array  - 筠子花树

Delicious vegetarian baked mushroom

This dish is the son's love, if a chicken with mushroom fried taste is more prominent. Today dinner alone a vegetarian. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Xing Baogu250g LettuceAppropriate amount
  - 花雨香凝

# summer vegetarian meat # Jiaobai

sauceAppropriate amount Jiaobai2Root Green pepper1A CarrotHalf of the root SaltA few Corn oilAppropriate amount Chinese prickly ash3Grain #Summer vegetarian#The practice steps Zizania meat 1. Prepared ingredients 2.
  - 雨润海棠

Vegetarian tofu skin -- of course

shoots (Chun Sun)A short Bean curd skinA few pieces of Green pepperHalf a Accessories: Soy sauce, salt, starchAppropriate amount A vegetarian -- rotten skin asparagus practice steps 1. The Yuba water, must soak. 2. Today
  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian - dial silk banana

Egg1A Starch4Spoon Fine sugar2Spoon Vegetarian - the practice step of pulling the wire bananas 1. Cut the bananas,2Spoon wrapped to starch 2. First wrapped starch easily on the eggs, if all the starch added in the egg, not easy to wrap the banana meat
  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian Cooking "twins".

Ingredients Broccoli Cauliflower Color pepper Non nuclear black olive Green olives Accessories   Salt Vinegar White pepper powder Vegetarian cooking practices. "The twins" steps 1. Broccoli broccoli cut
  - 寶寶-熊

Vegetarian simple lunch

Practice steps for a vegetarian simple lunch 1. Wash strawberries and cucumber, cucumber slices 2. Cut into small pieces and put them in the cup. 3. Cut the cucumber slices and mango jam between two slices of bread, a simple lunch would be ready
Array  - 猪妮子

Vegetarian -- refreshing lettuce

Vinegar3Spoon Sugar2Spoon SaltAppropriate amount Vegetarian -- refreshing lettuce practice steps 1. The knife to lettuce 2. There are directly with salting out water, mixed with sweet and sour pickled peppers, I put it to blanch5Cent ripe
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian - emerald green melon

Sweet pepperHalf a GarlicA Accessories: Mustard (mustard)Appropriate amount Soy sauce3Spoon Oil, saltAppropriate amount Vegetarian - the practice steps of emerald green 1. Prepare tender balsam pear, sweet pepper and garlic
  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian pig -- Froude

Egg1A Brown sugar1Spoon Vegetarian- - practice all steps Froude 1. Use of the high quality bread and flour to buy high quality bread powder 2. First and foremost, I am the "skilled worker".2Cup flour,1/3A cup of water, a spoonful of yeast (Xiaoping spoon),1/3A spoon
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian -- Fried Eggs leek

, directly turn the shovel over, or egg ratio slightly larger. ~ 7. Simple nutrition lunch, I do "leek Fried Eggs ~" 8. A bowl of Steamed Rice, a leek Fried Eggs ~ Search a vegetarian -- leek Fried Eggs practices Daquan
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian mushroom -- fried cucumber

Cucumber1A Sweet pepper1A StarchA small bowl Vegetarian fried cucumber mushroom -- Practice Steps 1. Y(^_^)Y 2. Y(^_^)Y 3. Prepare ingredients
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Cashew vegetarian abalone sauce

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients CashewAppropriate amount Broccoli Celery Carrot Onion Sweet pepper Bao Yuzhi Abalone sauce cashew vegetarian practice steps
Array  - 七零后de冯冯

Vegetarian - fried soybeans with acid

As a vegetarian, so the "fish" position I...(Open) Spring bamboo shoots, price level, so the application to be sour bamboo shoots, Suansun has a unique charm and use it to stir fries and soup with, the sense that make the finishing point. In Guangxi, Liuzhou have a snack called "snail powder", sour bamboo shoots with them, sour and spicy, delicious! There is a "stuffy fish soy sour bamboo
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian - fried pineapple

Fruit, hot to eat! Okay, I'm lazy, and I write more than a few words. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Pineapple1A Lingfen/StarchAppropriate amount Egg2A OilAppropriate amount Vegetarian- - the practice of deep
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

# summer # wheatgrass vegetarian salad

Small tomato2A LemonHalf a Blueberry10A Accessories   Japanese style salad sauceAppropriate amount #Summer vegetarian# The practice steps of ice grass salad 1. Supermarket to buy ice grass 2. Rinse
Array  - 麦子老妈

# summer # vegetarian potato sauce

#Summer vegetarian# The practice steps of potato sauce 1. Prepared ingredients. Tomato sauce is a good food in the bean fruit to buy, and today is a good day. 2. Potato chips, slightly thinner. Tomato sauce in a small bowl of water to break 3.
  - 昕哥妈妈

# summer vegetarian # onion mushroom

  Shallot1Root Salt1Small spoon Vegetable oil2A soup spoon Soy sauce1A soup spoon Vinegar2A soup spoon Sugar1A soup spoon #Summer vegetarian#The practice steps of scallion mushroom 1. Mushroom root removed, soaked with salt water clean.

# summer vegetarian # asparagus mushroom

mushroomAppropriate amount Red pepperHalf a Yellow pepperHalf a Accessories   Oil2Spoon SaltAppropriate amount ChickenFew #Summer vegetarian#Practice steps of asparagus mushroom 1. Asparagus clean cut, put the pot boiling water, remove and reserve
Array  - 麦子老妈

# summer vegetarian # Shredded Mushroom

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Xing Baogu2A Green pepper1A Carrot1A Taste very fresh Oyster sauce Salt #Summer vegetarian#The practice steps of hand tore Pleurotus

# summer vegetarian # brine eggplant

vegetarian#Brine eggplant practice steps 1. Wash eggplant, cut from the middle to the pedicle part, attention not cut off 2. The pot boiling out of standby 3. Ginger garlic pepper mince 4. Put
Array  - 豆腐布丁

Vegetarian mashed potatoes

Practice steps of vegetarian mashed potatoes 1. 1.Steamed potatoes, crushed into mud 2. 2.Add the butter, ham and Hu Luobu (Hu Luobu) 3. 3.Add the right amount of salad dressing, salt, milk 4.
Array  - 晓宏媳妇

# summer # vegetarian fried watermelon

sauceAppropriate amount Red bean curdAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount #Summer vegetarian#The practice steps of frying watermelon peel 1. Watermelon rind 2. The rind of the red and green parts removed
  - 豆腐布丁

[Select] sweet chicken sauce halogen cyanine

yellow, pot, drain oil; 4. The pot remaining oil, put ginger saute, fry the good vegetarian chicken, add dried pepper, star anise, geraniol, put sugar, salt, Ching choose soy sauce, rice wine; 5. Add water, the amount of vegetarian chicken, add onion knot, fire and cook for to soup
Array  - 婉宁丹

Vegetarian -- steamed eggplant salad

color pepperAppropriate amount Accessories: Vinegar3Spoon Fine sugar2Spoon June fresh soy sauce2Spoon Soy sauceA few drops of GarlicA few Vegetarian salad steamed eggplant -- Practice Steps 1. The activity of the bean fruit almost every day, the pleasure
  - 昕哥妈妈

Whole vegetarian dumplings

together, salt, a little soy sauce, Shi Sanxiang, chicken, sesame oil, uniform dress up as good can be, wrapped the pot to eat. Authentic, no damage to food nutrition The practice of whole vegetarian dumplings video Tips Carrots, cabbage are alkaline food, eat healthy Search the whole vegetarian dumplings

Vegetarian -- argyi Baba

sugar3Spoon Peanut1Cup Sesame2Spoon A vegetarian -- leaves Baba practice steps 1. Picturesque landscape, love my hometown -- dragon 2. Tender and delicate dishes, wash finished, ready to glutinous rice powder, peanut sesame, fine sugar
  - 昕哥妈妈

The golden eggs -- garlic vegetarian

Salt, oilAppropriate amount The golden eggs -- garlic vegetarian practice steps 1. Small potatoes with skin cooked. If you peel the skin, easy to paste pot ~ 2. Cooked potatoes peeled garlic, cut to 3. Into the hot oil
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian -- spell fruit grains

, each free to 9. To fight fruit grains Search a vegetarian -- fruit grains spell practices Daquan
  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian -- fruit grains

, a combination of rich nutrition of Yuba to Search a vegetarian -- grains preserved practices Daquan
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian - fried potatoes

5. Finally, with a red pepper to the 6. The fragrant glutinous small potatoes 7. Xin sun drying my brother to eat small potatoes, sweet and waxy potato chicken wings are up to the side! Search for vegetarian - the practice of small
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian abalone soup

rapeAppropriate amount Soy sauce, salt, starch, pepper, oilAppropriate amount Practice steps of vegetarian abalone soup 1. Ready materials 2. Diced cucumber ham, mushroom knife into the shape of the map, two egg, water, oil, salt

[vegetarian] oil ring eel

Vegetarian, along with the development of the times! The total fat content of the food is low, it can reduce the burden of liver, kidney, purify blood, reduce the incidence of vascular disease. This dish is made vegetarian meat taste, too wonderful for words! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute
Array  - 曼珠沙华14

[vegetarian] honey pork ribs

White sesame seedA small stamp [Methods] the steps of vegetarian honey pork ribs 1. Yam peeled and cut into8cm Strip 2. Wash the beans in cold water.6Centimeter long 3. The bundle volume in a yam bean oil, 50%, the ribs
Array  - 曼珠沙华14

Vegetarian - tomato egg

) Ingredients Tomato4A Egg6A Sweet Pea10Root Accessories: StarchA small bowl VinegarSmall spoon Fine sugarSmall spoon Oil, salt, soy sauceAppropriate amount Vegetarian - tomato egg practice steps 1. To prepare the ingredients
  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian - horseshoe fried Asparagus

Vegetables, when the season of the most delicious, green asparagus, golden corn, whitening, horseshoe, Hongyan cherry tomatoes, match a dish of sweet and delicious vegetarian food to Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients AsparagusHalf a pound Horseshoe6A
  - 昕哥妈妈

Vegetarian / Shenjin Chaofan

of olive oil The amount of soy sauce Amount of Chinese wolfberry The amount of pine nuts The amount of garlic Tomato sauce Vegetarian diet/The practice steps of Shenjin Chaofan 1. Main ingredients 2. Decorative
Array  - 军人雪儿

Vegetarian - soy sauce eggplant

In fact, a vegetarian diet is very simple, except for the specially to the prime ingredients into Hunxing like "self deception", with simple seasoning, convenient manufacture, can make you taste the dishes of delicious ~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Eggplant2A
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Four vegetarian dishes

! Search for four vegetarian dishes fried dishes
  - 康妮儿

Vegetarian fried potatoes -- mushroom

Mushroom: mushrooms with almond flavor, fleshy, fresh taste, flavor, rich nutrition, cooking out dozens of delicacy. It also has the effect of lowering blood fat, lowering cholesterol, promoting digestion and digestion, enhancing the body immunity, preventing cardiovascular disease and so on. Pleurotus protein is also high, is in the "vegetarian meat"! So I like it very
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Colorful vegetarian fried rice

4. Carrots into the green pepper stir fry, stir fry 5. In the Steamed Rice, Steamed Rice with a spatula pound bulk after frying, pan before putting salt and chicken Cooking skills1Colored dishes, can choose according to their own preferences, good color collocation; 2The best
Array  - 悠扬琴子

Vegetarian stuffing dumplings

oil15g Salt10g Vegetarian stuffing Practice steps of egg and egg 1. Wash chopped fennel, dried small shrimps wash control, wash powder 2. Prepare the dough 3. Put the oil pan, the oil until golden shrimp.
Array  - 凌之羽5

# summer vegetarian # cool with vegetables

  Cool with vinegar2Spoon Soy sauce4Spoon Pepper1Spoon Old godmotherAppropriate amount Peanut oilAppropriate amount Fried peanutsAppropriate amount Fried sesame seedsAppropriate amount #Summer vegetarian#Cool with Marinara practice steps 1.
Array  - 冰雪635

# summer vegetarian # Haoyou Shengcai

Soy sauceAppropriate amount StarchAppropriate amount #Summer vegetarian#The practice steps of Haoyou Shengcai 1. Wash lettuce, salt, put a few drops of oil in boiling water boiled lettuce, lettuce shorter, too tender, easy boiled. 2. The prepared lettuce placed
  - 银元宝

# summer # vegetarian lettuce congee

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients MilletAppropriate amount LettuceAppropriate amount Water2Bowl #Summer vegetarian#Practice steps lettuce congee 1. Ingredients.
Array  - 军人雪儿