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Cheese tower

Cheese tower, crisp pastry, mellow cheese pudding, every bite is enjoyable. Sweet pastry making is very simple, food mixer reduced the effect of hand heat the butter, simple mixed do not over rub, lest the flour from bar flavor. Relaxation of each step is very important, the key is enough time for relaxation without retraction of the baked pastry. This base can be used for a variety of sweet
  - 静心莲

Fruit Tower

Ingredients Egg Tart skin4Only Strawberry5A Cherry4A Light cream100ml SugarAppropriate amount Fruit Tower practice steps 1. Egg Tart out of oven skin,100Degree,15Minute 2. Cream and sugar
  - 唯爱9

Lemon tower

sugar40GWater45GCream cheese100GLight cream150GPowdered sugar60GLemon zest1/2A Accessories Ice Cream Ball1AMango1AChocolate biscuit3RootPitayaAppropriate amountCherryAppropriate amountBlueberryAppropriate amount The practice of the lemon tower 1.
  - quenny

Coconut tower

The coconut tart is simple and easy to learn, and it is quite suitable for beginners, the tower pie fillings can according to personal preferences vary randomly, just home with extra coconut, and then do the tower of the coconut, the weight is6Send out a deposit with the size of the component Egg Tart pie. Materials Ingredients

Blueberry cheese tower

For the first time, the effect is good. Materials Ingredients Blueberry100G Accessories Sugar55GEgg1ALight cream40GCorn starch20GMilk30GButter35GLow powder80GCream cheese150GYogurt50G Blueberry cheese tower
Array  - anjingderenwu

Mango Coconut tower

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients The crust Low gluten flour75g Butter40g Young sugar10g Yolk1A Tower filling Coconut meat powder30g Young sugar30g Low gluten
Array  - 恋恋之鱼

Portuguese grape cream tower

RaisinsAppropriate amount Portuguese tower practice cream raisin 1. Will50G sugar,120Grams of pure milk and125Grams of light cream added to the container, the fire boil after boiling. Will4Add the remaining grams of cornstarch5Grams of pure milk, stir into the millet and pour the mixture into the salt
Array  - Q猪宝宝

Garlic spinach tower

to eat a lot of. Today is cold spinach, can be placed in their love of spices, such as garlic, sesame flavor can be. Today also get a tower like shape of the spinach filtering soup and water, put on a wide mouth straight cylinder container extrusion, known as the tower of spinach. Will.(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute
Array  - Qiuyue0815

Caramel puff tower

Puff tower in France and engagement, wedding, birthday, baptism, the anniversary celebration cake, caramel superimposed layers of crispy puff blessing life sweet and multiple blessings. Baby daughter over a hundred years, ordinary cake can not express my feeling of joy, simply yourself build a tower to celebrate.~! Materials Ingredients

"Fried" cheese tower

"Fried" cheese tower, it is worth trying. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients FlourA100g ButterA60g SugarA3A large spoon YolkA1A CheeseB100g Light creamB100g
Array  - 苹果她娘

Simple Apple tower

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Tapie7A Apple1A Sugar40g Corn starch10g Water40ml Butter10g Simple Apple tower practice steps
  - 果果gg09

# missing # Caramel Banana tower

Butter30g Fine sugar20g Egg25g Almond powder30g Salt0.5g Cream cheese30g Fine sugar15g Egg24g Low powder2g Light cream60g Banana2Only Fine sugar60g Butter15g Rum5g #Missing person#The practice steps of Caramel Banana tower
Array  - 麦子老妈

French lemon tower

Try the lemon tower for the first time since the first time I saw it was very attractive! Very sweet and sour appetizer! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Tapie Low gluten flour200g Butter100g
  - crin

Cocoa cheese tower

Like cocoa tomato powder can be oh, do not miss this cocoa cheese tower, not only taste strong, making up is not very complicated, soon to follow a recipe for tomato do.~ Materials Ingredients Low gluten flour75G (tarpey)Cocoa powder1/2Small spoon (tarpey)Butter40G (tarpey)Powdered sugar20G (tarpey)Salt1/8Small spoonEgg yolk1A (tarpey

Caramel puff gold tower

Sweet Gold puff tower not only making up is not difficult, but also to the other party bring super surprise, since not only is chocolate, cakes and candies to express their mind, and golden Wanlv, layer upon layer winding wire puff tower on behalf of your sweet talk, fast heartbeat students to look at the production of specific steps. Materials

Tri Color tower salad

corn100GSpinach100GCarrot100G Accessories Sesame Salad Dressing10G The practice of three color tower salad 1. Wash the carrots and spinach, corn kernels are cooked. 2. Blanch spinach
Array  - 万山红

Pumpkin cheese tower

During the Chinese new year to do a number of dessert, the pumpkin cheese tower is one of the friends and relatives who have eaten, the home of the baby and mother is also very love, and later did3Times, visible and everybody loved it, pumpkin is Dudu super love a food, if Pro also like color bright it, then quickly to the try this delicious no friend to the small dessert bar
Array  - 嘟嘟love小悠悠

Candied cherry tower

Honey cherry tower approach 1. Cherry with soda water immersion30Minutes after the wash, remove the stalks to the nucleus and cut into small pieces. 2. Use20gSugar preserved1-2H (pickled when you can take for the material will be preserved; Tapie) of cherry juice into the pot
Array  - 菊娜JUJU

Bao Baocan toast tower

on lettuce, meatballs, pepper, eggs, hot dogs, fix! Search baby meal toast tower approach Daquan
  - 汤水芙蓉

The nine storey tower clams

Before going to Taiwan, to eat this dish, specially consulted the Taiwan chef, come back to try Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Nine story tower4A Clam1Pound or more GarlicTwo Soy sauce, sugar, saltAppropriate amount
  - nic23

A lot of walnut tower

The walnut tower especially delicious, Shamil very crisp stuffing and very soft, thick smell of chocolate to ensure you will fall in love with it. Materials Ingredients Low gluten flour310G Accessories Almond
Array  - 热情幸福的眼泪

Coconut pumpkin tower

The pumpkin flavor fragrant pumpkin tower, sprinkle with shredded coconut will be more fragrant oh. Materials Ingredients Low gluten flour63GPowdered sugar20GButter25GEgg yolk1APumpkin120GFine sugar15GEgg1A Accessories Light cream63GVanilla extract1Drop
  - 紫韵千千

Hawthorn yoghurt tower

This tower sincerely recommend Hawthorn yogurt, sour and sweet! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Yolk2A Powdered sugar38g Low powder125g Butter50g Hawthorn1Jin Practice steps of the Hawthorn yogurt
  - 蝈蝈215

#UU # breakfast muffin tower

#UUBreakfast#Practice steps muffin tower 1. Prepare all materials 2. Add all the milk and sugar in the eggs. 3. All the mix into the sugar free 4. Butter separated water
Array  - 姗姗NO迟

Fruit orange ribbon butter tower

juice Butter fruit orange band practice steps tower 1. Fish cut into grains,Add salt,Pepper,Marinated.Water and steam.Or with the tape.,In boiling water until cooked with small fire boil hot,Dice. mix with Salt,olive oil,Sugar,Pepper,To the tape then. 2. Peel the butter,Dice,Plusolive oil Mix.
  - 胖胖美食

Nine layer tower stripping fish

tower20g Practice steps of nine layer tower stripping fish 1. 1Put ginger, hot pot, fried, smell Jiang Xiangwei!2, put the fish in, slightly fry, put salt, add300Gram boiling water3, seal stew cook,15Minute in celery!4Fish, cooked dishes, put the nine storey tower! Tips Selection

Strawberry egg pancake yogurt tower

Baking soda3g Milk150ml Strawberry15Only YogurtAppropriate amount Vegetable oilAppropriate amount Practice steps of strawberry egg pancake yogurt tower 1. Good ingredients 2. The egg
  - 大萌果

# Bunao walnut battle # Mini tower

The tower is one of many people's favorite dessert, which exposed the pie fillings, and tarts are English tower"tart"The transliteration, the geographical differences, the use of the word is also different. Home tower to send the mold also many, but the husband always and dessert is not detached, do so, all I, the could not finish eating, to some small, although the mini some
Array  - 花桑卓玛

Fruit cake tower is not difficult to high

Husband likes fruit birthday, didn't give him buy what gift, with fruit piled a cake tower to him, wish him a successful career, soaring! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Eight inch Chiffon Cake1A 4Inch Chiffon
  - 佳佳简简

The colorful fruit yogurt tower ~ Egg cakes

Milk150ml High gluten flour110g Baking powder2g YogurtAppropriate amount Strawberry pineapple bananaAppropriate amount Kalebi fruits and cerealsAppropriate amount Colorful~The practice steps of fruit cake yogurt tower 1. Good ingredients
  - 大萌果

# Panasonic baking # strawberry tower of magic.

There are strawberries in the dessert, the taste is self-evident. And the strawberries and cream tower, that's really filling material fully, tall strawberries in the United States and the United States to put it, then brush the jam, sprinkle icing sugar, sweet taste can be imagined. Last week, the first Mori took us to the suburbs to pick strawberries, greenhouses to see so
Array  - 花桑卓玛

Where the nine storey tower Pijiu Ji pot

Nine story tower30Zhang Yezi Scallion2Root Red onion3A Garlic5Grain Bean paste3Spoon Soy sauce30ml(two times) Soy sauce10ml Sesame oil20ml Sugar10g Chicken2g Beer1Tank The practice steps Taji nine storey tower Pijiu Ji the pot
Array  - 啊瑜佬

# Panasonic magic world # Strawberry Cream baking tower

The strawberry season is going to be over, and I've done the most this year. And his colleagues have collective birthday, birthday cake for mother colleague, spring outing with the cake is strawberry cream cake, really too love strawberry cake, Fenfen tender. It's really nice and delicious. Today, with a strawberry tower, the end of the season of the dessert bar! I want
Array  - 热情幸福的眼泪

Fruit cheese tower # Panasonic baking # magic world

Sugar free Greek yoghurt56g The whole egg24g Lemon juice6g Corn starch3g Honey/PectinAppropriate amount Mint leavesAppropriate amount Fruit cheese tower#Panasonic baking magic world#Procedure steps 1. Tapie: softened butter, add sugar, beating until fluffy white.
Array  - 娇児kitchen

Spicy food

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pierced earsBan Jin LettuceTwo Soy sauce Mashed garlic MSG Chinese prickly ash Chilli oil Peanut meatAppropriate amount The practice steps of the food
Array  - 阜和

Your food

green onionNo limit Light soy sauce and light soy sauce or sushiA small buffet in the store, a bottom line, or look at the food components CuminAccording to personal taste can be more Chili powder can be put, can not putComponent set The practice steps of cooking at 1. This is yesterday I eat in a cafeteria

Ma food

3. Rub the flour and dry 4. All kinds of vegetables cut into Ding, also can put some peanuts (Zhu Shu) 5. Turn into the pot stir fry, add salt, soy sauce, five spice powder 6. A pot of water to boil into a good rub hemp food
Array  - Bluehxj

Fast food

The practice steps of fast food 1. Stir the cereal into a bowl and stir well. 2. To cool down into the low-fat yogurt, stirring 3. Peeled pistachio, grape dry cleaning your cereal 4.
  - 古道夏津

Shanghai food

heat the pot, open fire boil, add the fried green Shanghai 6.Cover the lid, small fire stew, braised fire off, open the lid and cook Steamed Rice mix, and then stew20Minute Features of dishes            Like to eat rice, like rice, and the rice in love is actually the most simple food. Oil rice, sweet Shanghai green, rich flavor, full
Array  - 阳光的边缘

Delicious food

For the lazy Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients RiceAppropriate amount All kinds of food that they like The practice steps of delicious cooking 1. Mi Xijing
  - Oo李达浪oO

Food Huaihua

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Huaihua, carrots, potatoes, flour, garlic The practice steps Food Huaihua 1. Picking fresh flower
  - 5672

Fried food

Ingredients Egg, Chinese Shrimp, Flour Practice steps of fried food 1. 1.With warm water tangmian.2.Transfer the stuffing, egg fried pieces, wash chopped leek, put some dried small shrimps. Thirteen fragrant, salt, sesame oil and MSG amount and mix

When the season of the food and the Chinese food and the

Some food is less, but you are happy when you grow up. For example, chinese...... To find small leek organically grown, a homemade leek box, lazy spring, lively your appetite.. Ingredients Spring leek1Small Egg3A Shrimp1Small Sesame oil1Soup spoon Salt1Teaspoon

Cheese pumpkin

Others give mom a big pumpkin, old mama said the blood sugar is a bit high, not to eat, let me move back. Childhood is not how to eat pumpkin, not to say food pumpkin; but there is no way to have moved back to, must self destroy it is ah, so from New Year's day so far, many of our diet are related with the pumpkin. This is my first time learning to make butter do Tapie, not do before, feel
Array  - 老方小雨

Solid food

Red bean250g Rock candy50g The practice steps of dry food 1. 1.Red bean wash1:1And water pressure half an hour after the pressure cooker, good after the hot mix into the25gRock candy2.The remaining sugar dissolve in boiling water, until the temperature after the fall of the yeast mixture dissolves, and flour and leveling

Love food

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Glutinous riceAppropriate amount Fine white sugarAppropriate amount CucumberA small cut Hu LuobuHalf a block Practice steps of love food
  - 陈洁6

Where is the food?

the key Yishao ChickenIn the key Yishao Where is the food? Procedure steps 1. Flour and knead the dough, mix of leek put dough knead dough, cylindric, long shaped object, by the material with flour the dough with a PU flour, flip, flour and Pu point) into the doughThe dough into the desired size, shapeChoppedSalt, chicken oil

Food Guaiwei

Feel this way and feel like swimming in the sea. Refreshing. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Sweet mix seaworn headSeaworn a pound The smell Food practice steps 1. Material. Seaworn head. Chicken. Msg.

Fried food

Practice of fried food        This man can not be lazy, look at the Dragon Boat Festival is over, I still have a dragon boat festival food did not pass up, but this Henan snack——Fried dishes, any day can be in Henan to eat breakfast stalls, there is no so-called dragon boat festival! It's just the time of the Dragon Boat Festival, almost every
Array  - 喱斗

Ji pan Chicken with Three Cups Sauce desktop tower

Three cups chicken origin divergent, do today's desktop version is with nine storey tower, the so-called "Three Cup", is a cup of oil, a cup of soy sauce, a cup of rice wine. This cup of oil is not an ordinary salad oil, but a sesame oil. The nine storey tower is making three cups chicken can not put the soul of spices, although the nine storey tower is Basil's relatives
Array  - 啊瑜佬

Egg and shrimp tower - flower jade son pay practices

amount Corn starch2Tang Chi June fresh soy sauce (Lv Biao)1Soup spoon (for decoration).Appropriate amount Egg and shrimp sub jade tower---Steps to pay for the practice 1. The first part: filling production 2. Prepare food ingredients
Array  - 炫润丝巾

Paris Brest LAN exclusive to puff tower (with butter cream boil method)

Paris-BrestParis Brest has 100 years of history, a wheel shaped puffs, it is the origin of the name is also very interesting, by the then very famous chef in watching the Paris - Brest - Paris bicycle competition from the wheels of the bicycle is inspired invention. Here I have to play, a multi puff tower, as a dessert party...(Open) Paris-BrestParis Brest
Array  - 澜HandMade

[Chinese] "the Chinese food and Chinese food."

Chinese and Chinese food, a very classic family style snack. Douding do not eat properly, or to change the taste for the family, I will try to do this, than change the mood for cooking and worry, than dumplings is a simple, quick and convenient, it fits to the child when the lunch. Many mothers must have done this snack, we also have their own way, do not know how you do
Array  - 豆丁妈妈私房菜

Japanese potato stew food (meat, food Chan)

Eat to eat outside, back copy made. About seasonings, usually cook their own food, as far as possible to prepare, anyway, it's time to use, do not be afraid of trouble, to buy it. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients PorkThe
Array  - hanina

The dog food DIY~ vegetables fish meal food

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Material: small dog Carrot20g Cucumber20g Salmon15g Ham(Can not add)Few Dog foodI can be a little less appetite Dog foodDIY~Fish meal food
  - 梦寒0_0

Delicious food, fried white cake with spicy food

Sausage Chicken Beef Accessories   OnionHalf a Green pepper2A Dry pepper or red pepper8A A little pepper The practice steps of the delicious food, the spicy fried white cake 1. First cut the beef into a slice.
Array  - wiped

Small baby food

No danger of anything going wrong. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Baby Cabbage1A Shrimp1Spoon The practice steps of baby food of shrimp 1. Onion cut
  - Echo徐小叶

Food cake sign

Lan Food or something.In short it is a ball type of dish, go to the skin to rub into filaments 2. The sweet potato is a sweet potato Fujian is called, is the name of the sweet potato sweet potato. It's free to use. Sweet potato The sweet potato also, water cooled and cooked mashed cassava flour is probably1:1.5The proportion of knead
Array  - 豆帝煮

Vividsalmon (baby food supplement)

Yellow Cherry TomatoesA vivid salmon(baby food supplement) practice steps 1. Food preparation Pea mud is the best grandma yesterday It is estimated that it will take a while for a few days. 2. The practice of salmon and corn grains into the skinbeabaSteamed, after the corn
Array  - 文森的小日子

Chrysanthemum food salty porridge

A green vegetable porridge. Materials Ingredients Millet50G Accessories Chrysanthemum1TheOnionAppropriate amountSalt1/2SpoonSesame oil3DropWaterAppropriate amount Chrysanthemum food salty porridge practice
Array  - Qiuyue0815

Ham baby food

True love baby food Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Baby Cabbage200g Ham sausage250g The practice steps of the ham baby food 1. Wash the baby dishes
  - 落月迷香

Baby food ~ great wealth

the pepper~Only oil~ 6. Preparation of natural fish after thawing cut into the desired shape~Mainly for the pendulum plate~Brightly colored~ 7. Marinated meat stuffing for taking good Caibao good roll up doll~Remember to start the package from the leaves of the baby food.~Oh
Array  - 简单才快乐…

Do simple western food

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Chicken Broccoli Steamed Rice To do a simple way to do the western food 1. This is to prepare the ingredients.
  - 祝浩然

Baby food vinegar

Garlic2Flap The baby food vinegar practice steps 1. Cabbage washed and shredded. 2. Millet pepper to the pepper ring. 3. The pot into the oil, green onion, ginger, after entering the circle of pepper, flavor into baby food
  - 细水长流_

Garlic fans baby food

Because they like to eat baby food, but eat hot and sour baby food to eat greasy, want to do the rest, today make a garlic fans baby food Ingredients FansPersonal love Baby CabbageA Suan Rong GingerA few Onion Coriander
Array  - 珍珍不是薯條

Mushrooms meat baby food

4. Under the pork fried powder 5. Fried mushrooms and stir fry 6. Put the baby food fried soft, plus a variety of spices, out of the pot before pepper, chicken little 7. Eat

Soup and baby food

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Baby Cabbage2A Fans Preserved egg1A Onion The practice steps of soup and baby food 1. Preserved eggs, baby cabbage
  - 林的小厨

The health food "fortune" cake

Micro-blog:LeafIvyGuangzhou. Every festival, fat three catties, food festival, plus and family around the dinner table, cheerful mood, eat natural.Sweet day, how can there is no dessert. But, have three pounds of fat, and not a few pounds of fat dessert. So, this is the Spring Festival custom cake to reduce the quantity of sugar, and no oil, add a little lemon...(Open
Array  - 叶子Ivy广州

Under the food - eggplant

Tips Must not be fried, or bitter. Search for food-Roast eggplant practice

Baby food cake cake

Has the baby to give her to do the health food, the love roast with the baby healthy growth Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Low gluten flour70g Water or milk35g Vegetable oil30g
  - A人面桃花

Simple Food -- spicy chicken

Large dish,Pepper than chicken, diners in a plateful of bright red pepper light pick slow, looking for chicken is the prominent feature, the aftertaste is long and diners take delight in talking about. Spicy chicken is chongqing cuisine in the mobile phone, the advent of spicy chicken, with a large number of dishes, the formation of spicy food, such as: Spicy river snail
Array  - 大白兔与小熊猫

Love the dog Food cookies

flour2Cup Corn flour1Cup Accessories   Boiled waterA cup and a half Beer yeastHalf a cup Garlic powder2Soup spoon Yolk2A Love the dog Food practice step cookies 1. Preheat oven to375Fahrenheit (190Degrees Celsius). Put the beef
  - 小鲜粮

The dog bone Food cookies

Your dog will start one of these delicious food. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Egg2A Milk1Cup Whole wheat flour5Cup Accessories   Salt1Teaspoon
  - 小鲜粮

Spring Food - Huaihua Kulei

Back home on the road to see the flower in full bloom, the husband recalls the taste of childhood -- pagoda is bitter and tired, sophora flower fragrance and new garlic unique, very refreshing simple food! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients
Array  - 凝48

Egg yolk baby food

Husband likes to eat salty duck's egg, has recently been talking about before in a restaurant eating egg yolk baby food, just home have a few pieces of salted duck egg, decide according to the tastes of the husband to do this dish to try! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so
Array  - 大彤麻麻

Fresh (baby food supplement)

pepper1Angle EggplantA piece of Purple cabbage1Small Andrographolide2Slice Small tomato2A Fresh(baby food supplement) practice steps 1. Ingredients 2. All chopped 3. Face water
Array  - 文森的小日子

[vegetarian] in sea food and poultry

Vegetarian sea food and poultry, materials are readily available, affordable, nutritious! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Mushrooms66Only Seafood mushroom1The Dictyophora6A Xing Baogu1A
Array  - 曼珠沙华14

Under the food of the duck leg

to lose weight.*^o^* Search under the food of the broken duck leg practice
Array  - 吕大大

Sweetporridge (baby food supplement)

Today's dinner In order to quickly use the rice ha ha ha A porridge for lunch. This time you have a cold two days. I think you have a great relationship with food nutrition! Keep on keeping on. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients
Array  - 文森的小日子

Garlic soy baby food

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Baby CabbageA Suan RongjiangTwo. Steamed fish soy sauce3Spoon The practice steps of garlic soy food doll 1. 1Wash baby food Cut
  - 小的爱

Pastoral baby food

of the garden baby food 1. The spinach and carrots boiled, a few drops of olive oil will keep vegetable vitamin loss less and beautiful color. 2. The carrot strip as the sun of the sun, fried egg with tomato, a small rabbit, grape ant, cooked corn 3. Mushroom boiled
Array  - 火星嘎蹦豆

Chicken Bread -- dog food

Search Chicken Bread--The dog food practices Daquan
  - ayalucifer

Spring Food - mulberry milkshake

Efficacy and function: Mulberry can be into the food, and medicine, Chinese medicine mulberry flavour is acerbity, sexual micro cold, into the heart, liver, kidney, nourishing and strong, Yangxin intelligence good fruit. With blood and Yin, thirst and moistening dryness efficacy, attending Yin and blood deficiency caused by dizziness, palpitations, tinnitus, insomnia
Array  - 乌龙素

Colorful oatmeal (food)

Ingredients Oat (fast)Appropriate amount Ham sausageWhere appropriate Egg liquidFew CucumberFew CookiesA SaltFew Colorful oatmeal (food) practice steps 1. Prepare oats, add the right amount of hot water. Not too much, can be drowned
Array  - Jane雫儿

Pumpkin Nuomici -- Food slimming

Glutinous rice flour150g Pumpkin200g Red bean pasteAccording to their own tastes The practice steps of Nuomici -- the Food slimming pumpkin 1. On the pot steamed pumpkin, about20In a minute, you can use chopsticks to plug in. 2. The steamed pumpkin into mud, like
  - 美食Duang

Homemade healthy food

homemade dog food 1. Wash all the materials and prepare the material. 2. Vegetables and meat are chopped, some particles as small as possible. 3. Meat, vegetables and flour, grains mixed powder, adding calcium powder, two handfuls of baking powder, scoring two
  - PixieFarewell

Garlic fan baby food

Oil2SpoonOnion1SectionGarlic1HeadFish1SpoonSugar1SpoonChinese prickly ashAppropriate amountSteamed fish soy sauce2Spoon The practice of garlic fans baby food 1. Ready for baby food 2. Fans with hot water bubble 3. Baby
Array  - Mua淡如菊

Fried eggs with baby food

Ingredients Baby food radish egg The practice steps of fried egg with baby food 1. Wash and stir fry The practice of baby food fried eggs fried eggs Search for baby food radish fried egg practice
  - SuperCai

Their Food ~ Guangdong Choi

As a Cantonese, every year the home-made Poon Choi, Choi nutrient rich, more or to the traditional food of their own inheritance. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients White radish500g YubaAppropriate amount
Array  - 鱼鱼晴天

Soup and baby food

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Baby Cabbage3A Preserved egg1A ShrimpFew SaltFew The practice steps of soup and baby food 1. Baby wash

Warmheartedstelline (baby food supplement)

Yellow pepper1Angle Onion1Angle Frozen chicken velvet1Block Star surface1Spoon Homemade broccoli mud1Spoon warm hearted stelline(baby food supplement) practice steps 1. Food preparation 2. The stars face the cold water Purple