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From the literature found some for you 25 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Onion sauce tape (fresh shellfish)

The length in the coastal city, has a special affection for the fresh seafood, like it, it is for us the gift of nature treasures! In the market a lot of tape (Xian Bei), I really like a taste of seafood. Scallop is a rare seafood, also called.;The nutritional value of fresh shellfish rich, delicate, smooth, delicious taste, favored by many people's favorite, and its food...
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Fruit orange ribbon butter tower

This recipe is simple,Quick,Very suitable for holidays.(Easter in North America).Tip is Fish and tape,Both take one. Ingredients Tape(Fish grain) Orange olive oill Avocado Accessories   Salt and pepper Lemon
  - 胖胖美食

Black truffle asparagus band Xing Baogu

AsparagusA bundle of Xing BaoguThree ButterA piece of Steamed fish soy sauceA spoon Truffle fried Asparagus mushroom the band practice steps 1. 1.Asparagus mushroom wash scallops, asparagus cut, mushroom slices, the original tape backup.2.Asparagus mushroom blanch tape respectively.3.Heat butter in pan

Spicy crawfish - delicious with simple processing method []

Give love the taste of spring Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Crayfish1000g Garlic6A Ginger1Block Green Chinese onion1Block Pepper section1Bowl Chinese prickly ash3Spoon Seafood sauce100ml Spicy crayfish-[a simple way to eat with a treatment method] approach steps 1. The head of a CM place with scissors removed, with shrimp shrimp stomach, stomach dirty, 2. The cleaning brush and remove the abdomen, shrimp intestines (the middle of the tail gently pull the intestines is removed) 3. Onion ginger garlic oil, stir fry cook in soy pot 4. Add pepper, pepper, continue to stir fry1Minute 5. Add lobster, fire stir fry10Minute 6. Add seafood sauce, pay attention to put seafood sauce, put a small spoon of salt, the soy sauce itself is salty 7. Add some wine, has the condition to add a little fish sauce, fresh 8. Finally, add the water to the lobster, and don't add too much, 9. After ten minutes, open the pot.3-5Minute 10. Put a little parsley on the pot. 11. This is the taste of spring Spicy crayfish-Video of the practice of the simple good food processing method Tips Simple hygiene Search spicy crayfish-[a simple way to eat with the processing method] practice
Array  - 小木小厨

Minced garlic fan

Go to the seafood market over the weekend.2A big band, the first time to do it, you use a fan of garlic steamed! Feeling a little bit old, no big good! Materials Ingredients Tape2AFans1Small volumeGarlic5A Accessories Salad oil3A large spoonSoy sauce2SpoonFish
  - 麦子老妈

Garlic scallion steamed scallops

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Belt screw9A Suan Rong2Two Shallot2A Garlic scallion steamed practice step belt 1. To put the screw tape intestines, skirt
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Egg yolk baked scallops

The practice steps of egg yolk baked scallops 1. Wash the tape, with yellow rice wine, sugar, salt, salt.Oil, saute onion ginger, add scallops, fry, sheng.Take Xian Yadan yellow, mashed, add a small amount of oil fried small fireInto the fried good tape, mix evenly, so that the egg yolk attached to the tape Egg yolk baked

Fried Scallop with egg and egg

Fresh scallop meat, also known as tape, taste delicious. Belts are particularly easy to mature, so it is generally fast heating can be, can not be long time heating, otherwise, the old, the taste will be much worse. Today I with eggs to stir fried scallops, holding the tape wrapped in egg, so even if the fried time slightly longer point, also will not affect the band taste fresh and tender.
Array  - 万山红

Small fresh scallops have "papaya sauce"

Tape Papaya Romaine Lettuce Cabbage with cabbage Accessories   Salt Small fresh have "practice" the steps of Yuanbei papaya sauce 1. Wash scallops with salt for ten minutes, shredded lettuce, Brussels sprouts boiled water after the break apart.
  - 寶寶-熊

Tongue war = force leek tomato risotto Bo ambition

, later to be father and his comrades named as "leek tomato Bo ambition" is because such moral good troops risotto, and unity between the army and the people of one mind to make voluntary army returned in triumph. These ingredients are our daily diet can not miss Oh! Scallops are rich in nutrition, high protein, low fat, tape easy to digest, is the best food for our meals. Leek is especially suitable
Array  - GODofmercy

Egg "Metamorphosis" - the golden eggs

and other protein foods than more accord with nutritional needs of the human body, which is fast and convenient safe and economic.(Stop) Ingredients Raw egg2A Silk stockings1Only Rubber band2A Scotch tape1Volume The metamorphosis. ""--Practice steps of golden eggs
  - 阅宝麻麻

Seafood Pizza

, coated, oven200Degree, roast6Minutes, dry. In addition to the shrimp over hot water, red can be picked up, shelling. The tape is not glued to the pot, add a small piece of butter, and then gently fry the water after heating. 5. Exhaust air ready dough, fermenting at room temperature15Minutes. Place the dough on the eight inch pizza pan
Array  - 广东海之韵

Bird's-nest stew

water4In the middle of an hour or so.3A water bubble open, fault finding, tear tape 4. The bird's nest with a proper amount of water, can add a few wolfberry, red dates (I was the last time the global bird's nest with water stew.) The iron pot to boil water, put Dunzhong cover, small fire20In a minute
  - rosa1028

Breakfast toast

Breakfast baked oatmeal, a lot of people do breakfast the most afraid of the red tape, it is not a simple production of a simple and nutritious delicious food? Must have ah, the following is a very popular and widely praised the Internet, the well - baked oat, pro test is really good, in this re - recipe to share with you. As long as you get up in the morning for a few
Array  - 瘦子安哥哥_

Youpo surface

7. The pastry into wide2Cm noodles, stacked in the flat plate on the surface, and then coated with a layer of oil in the noodles, wrap up, wake up face40Minutes or so. 8. Chopped carrots and vegetables boil water reserve. 9. To wake up a tape into the boiling water boiled, remove.
Array  - 豆粉796375

Spicy sausage

The practice of spicy sausage 1.American outdoor shop, such asBass Pro Shop Buy the tape to buy pork stomach do casings, soak in water, wash clean 2.A dozen pounds of pork, preferably with a little fat, so that the sausage is more moisture, the meat cut into strips 3.Sichuan“Golden Palace”Brand spicy sausage seasoning, to taste, stir in chopped meat 4.&ldquo
Array  - 轻舟一叶

Tomato and egg noodles

noodles, the most. This noodles is a civilian level, there is no expensive material, there is no red tape, the production method is simple and convenient, save time, so by the office workers and the mother's favor. Search tomato egg noodles practice
Array  - 逸趣翩翩

Super delicious cheese chicken roll (exploding)

). 3. Then the two sides of the chicken breast with a little salt and black pepper, each piece of chicken breast into two slices of ham and cheese 4. Roll up from the bottom, and then use the plastic wrap tightly to form a cylinder. If it is not tight enough, you can use adhesive tape to stick a few layers outside the film. Put in the fridge

# beauty smart microwave oven fire # steamed eggplant salad

out of the water. 6. The eggplant tear tape, put chopped onion. 7. Garlic shoot broken. 8. Burning wok oil, add Pepper Fried pepper oil. 9. The fried hot pepper oil
Array  - 悠然小家

The summer Seafood in Casserole porridge

Fresh abalone8Only Tape4Only MAppropriate amount GarlicAppropriate amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount PepperAppropriate amount CoconutA The practice steps of summer Seafood in Casserole porridge 1. Fresh shrimp washed, cut to the sharp head.

Egg bake cake

Egg bake cakes, one of the famous snacks in Chengdu. Began in the Qing Dynasty, with the egg, fermented flour and brown sugar water and mix thoroughly, in the pan fried and baked. Last time on TV to see the egg bake cake practice, I have done a few times at home, try a different approach. There are steps to the red tape, but also simple. Today to share this practice should be very simple, like
  - 我爱厨房

# quickly ChangDi e Bake Internet of durian # oven

#ChangDieA.BakeThe Internet quickly Crispy Durian Pastry oven#Procedure steps 1. Material photo, eggplant hit~ The most popular pastry, a bakery has. Sanya brought back the big durian meat, wrapped3Layers of adhesive tape before being driven out of the plane. The egg is so as not essential. 2. Cut4Block. You have
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Crispy yellow croaker pie

Finally pour in a good egg milk 21. Preheating180-190Degree oven, bake30-40Minutes; with a toothpick inserted, pulled out without adhesive tape, can be taken out 22. Release is very simple, do not touch the mold, a little bit out, while hot food

"Milk yellow" cookies

Sugar and cream to mix (no water has it, is actually adding the liquid material into the best time!) I have been worried about the bad weather will squeeze cookies, with honey instead of sugar, more simple steps to screen 3. Sub sieve into the low gluten flour, mix well, scraping into piping bag (I use silicon tape, bags can also use cloth
Array  - Mi_manchi

Purple glutinous rice tea cutter

, variable in shape easy dregs, if need to carry out or gifts to friends and relatives, it is recommended cling film retained do not reveal. Can also be wrapped in a circle of transparent adhesive tape fixed. Tips 1About quantity. The formula I had eighteen, but because without baking tea towel wrung, do not need to pursue the unity of size, so
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