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Small shrimp

Ingredients Green Chinese onion The practice steps of small shrimp 1. Collection Small shrimp search practices Daquan

Small shrimp

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Shrimp Green pepper Garlic Salt Chicken Cooking wine The practice steps of small shrimp 1.

Small shrimp

Ingredients Shrimp15Only FlourFew Free range eggsA The small shrimp practice steps 1. Wash shrimp and prepare to strip. 2. I want to peel the shrimp shrimp on the back of the intestines removed.

Radish fried small shrimp

Accessories Small shrimp50GFive spice powder2GOil20GSalt2GChopped green onion5G The practice of small shrimp fried radish 1. Prepare green radish 2. Shredded, pickled with salt10More than a minute, then squeeze out

Stir fried small shrimp

SaltAppropriate amount Stir the practice steps of small shrimp 1. Hot oil, stir fry dried shrimps30According to the second (buy HEMMI determines the size of the length of time oh. I compare only) and then put the pepper, garlic (diced), big hot speculation about salt and a little water (a wee bit can Oh!) , fried dry water can play a pot

Small shrimp spinach

I want to do a clean mouth of the side dishes, they think of this to the side dishes, simple and delicious Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Small shrimp, spinach, fansA handful of small shrimp, a wisp of vermicelli, two kilos
  - ----52

Small shrimp fried zucchini

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Squash Shrimp Salt, MSG Chopped green onion Small shrimp fried zucchini practice steps 1. West of the gourd wash clean, cut
  - Minnie娃娃

Small shrimp braised bamboo

Garlic1FlapOnion1RootStock1BowlSugar1TeaspoonSoy sauce1TeaspoonSalt1TeaspoonEdible oilAppropriate amount Small shrimp stew Zizania practices 1. Material preparation 2. The surface of the old skin to water wash, and then wash the hob cuts, small shrimp, garlic slices
Array  - 紫韵千千

Three small shrimp

Son likes to eat shrimp, but doesn't love peel shrimp so we often eat shrimp! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Shrimp meat100g CarrotHalf of the root Cucumber1Root The three step
Array  - 龙之飞燕

Small shrimp fried spinach

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Spinach Small shrimp Salt Chicken The practice steps of small shrimp fried spinach 1. Small shrimp blisters5Minutes, drain, spinach wash, drain the water
  - 小厨娘艳

Small shrimp baby food

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Big baby food1A Onion ginger garlicAppropriate amount Small shrimpAppropriate amount Gan XiarenAppropriate amount The practice steps of baby food of small shrimp

Small shrimp fried beans

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Small shrimp Fried bean practice steps of small shrimp 1. Shrimp is hand squeezed out, really tired ah1The pot, pour some salad oil (I chose the sunflower
  - 赵赵娟

Small shrimp find spring

Green pepper3A Garlic5A SaltA few CuminA few Small shrimp find spring action steps 1. Bamboo shoots can cut a little thin, add hot water,. Probably once you have it. Then remove to cool water. 2. Pepper can be cut into the shape of like
  - 妮子0405

Small shrimp melon ball

Calcium replenishment beauty food. Materials Ingredients Wax gourd450G Accessories Shrimp100GYellow bean sprouts300GChinese wolfberryAppropriate amountPeanut oil2TeaspoonSalt2GChickenAppropriate amount Small
Array  - 木木的厨房

Spinach soup noodles small shrimp

The steps of small shrimp spinach soup 1. Preparing food: garlic and spinach to wash good, will garlic to cut into filamentous, then cut into small pieces like, chop a knife can be more than a few a few, into the bowl. The stems and leaves of spinach leaves alternate. 2. Acid soup juice: to break the bowl Sheng garlic

Small shrimp fried garlic bolt

River shrimp is not easy, it is in200Kilometers outside the small town bought back. On that day happened to be in town on market day, market entrance has been extended to the side of the road are filled with various ingredients and native products, dazzling, simple and fresh. Price is reasonable, while visiting side to buy, hands each carrying a shopping bag, stuffed to the brim, finger was le
Array  - 食尚煮易

Fan small shrimp celery soup

) Celery100G Small shrimp30G Accessories   Chopped green onionFew Salt Oil The practice steps of fans small shrimp celery soup 1. Material; 2. Small shrimp with warm water
Array  - 缘豆儿

Salty bean fried small shrimp

The most like to eat this river small shrimp, especially with sour beans fried small shrimp, salty and spicy, eat well. Materials Ingredients Small shrimp150GPepper2ACowpea(Salty)1Bundle Accessories Salt1Small spoonMSG2GVegetable oil20G
Array  - 水青青

Small shrimp fry chives moss

A simple and refreshing dish Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Chinese moss250g Small shrimp50g GarlicA few GingerA few SaltFew The practice steps
  - vodka0751

Taro small shrimp fry garlic core

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Small shrimp25g Nine cauliflower100g Betel nut taro1Only Taro small shrimp fried garlic core practice steps 1. 1Deep fried taro
  - ~美景~5

Fried eggplant shredded green pepper small shrimp

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Eggplant1A Small shrimp1Spoon Garlic2A Green pepper2A Fried eggplant peppers silk practice steps of small shrimp 1. Eggplant peel and shred(Not too thin
  - 小厨娘艳

For the daughter to do tomato small shrimp Eggdrop Soup

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Small shrimpA spoon TomatoHalf of one EggA Sweet potato powderTwo tablespoons Butterfly surfaceAppropriate amount The practice steps for the daughter to do small shrimp Eggdrop Soup of Tomato

Small shrimp mashed garlic steamed eggplant

6Only OnionSome The practice steps of mashed garlic steamed eggplant small shrimp 1. Wash, cut-Strip 2. Sprinkle a little salt 3. Soak dried shrimps, preparing mashed garlic, pepper grain
  - 桃_酥

Oil scraping wax gourd soup -- small shrimp

Ingredients Wax gourd Small shrimp Chinese wolfberry Salt Chicken Soy sauce Oyster sauce The practice steps of scraping wax gourd soup -- small shrimp 1. A large collection of food, melon to nuclear, looks strange
Array  - 爱吃的郭小婉

Sour beans small shrimp Hanging noodles

Sour beans small shrimp Hanging noodles, hot and sour appetizer good entrance. Simple and easy to do, do not need to cook skills. Materials Ingredients Noodles100GSour beans1TheEgg1ASmall shrimp50GPepper2A Accessories Salt1Small spoonChicken2GVegetable oil15GSoy
Array  - 水青青

# selection trial: cyanine soy sauce pork mushrooms small shrimp urine #

Making small shrimp dry pork mushrooms seasonings with soy sauce has been selected cyanine! Province! With rice, even porridge will do. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Hot pepper Garlic Small shrimp
Array  - 火镀红叶

Sam sun dumplings (small shrimp, dried bamboo shoots)

Very fond of eating dumplings All kinds of fillings are loved Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Pork500g Dried bamboo shoots50g Small shrimp10g Mushrooms50g Chopped green onionA
Array  - DORA哚拉

The Dragon Boat Festival small shrimp meat dumplings (super detailed steps)

The annual Dragon Boat Festival package are defiled, because doesn't like meat. But this year I decided to do a good meal of meat dumplings! So I do it, really good! The small shrimp is very good! Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:1Hours above Ingredients
  - 晴安

Big beef powder of fresh beef powder [trial] small shrimp wonton

This is the place in the unit to cook ah, just received to the text of the job. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Pork end500g Fresh small shrimp100g Egg1A Wonton skinAppropriate amount
Array  - 手揉女汉子

Salted shrimp

I live in the sea, this season is the production of shrimp (shrimp), very fresh. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Shrimp climbing500g Salt100g Garlic1Head Onion1A Chinese prickly
Array  - 蓝天269

Fresh shrimp small chaos

Shrimp meatBuy fresh shrimp peeled, remove the shrimp line Fresh shrimp small steps approach of chaos 1. To live well, put the material into the stuffing, stirring evenly. 2. I bought the chaos, it is more convenient. Not expensive! The filling up, let's start packet chaos
Array  - 羽毛8

Small fresh shrimp fried eggs!

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Free range eggs5A Fresh live shrimp150g Shallot1Root Cornstarch water20g SaltAppropriate amount PepperAppropriate amount ChickenAppropriate amount Small fresh

A modified version of fresh shrimp small chaos

Ingredients Sandwich meat200g Shrimp13A Onion gingerAppropriate amount Black fungus6A Dried mushrooms2A CarrotA Salt.CornstarchA spoon Egg2A The practice steps of a modified version of fresh shrimp small chaos 1. Chopped meat
  - 禁欣

Fried shrimps with small green pepper

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Small green pepperFree Small shrimpFree Small shrimp fried green peppers practice steps 1. First pepper shrimp and washed, and then chopped
  - 沫月儿

Small chaos

The son of love Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Chaos skin15A Pig pork, onionAppropriate amount Small shrimp, seaweed, corianderAppropriate amount Salt, chicken, sesame oilAppropriate amount
  - 义灏妈妈

Small - - - - - - -

1. Egg with sugar stir 2. In order to add a sieve low gluten flour, corn oil, baking powder, milk, salt continue to stir evenly, no powder~ 3. In the small cake cups, don't put too full~~ 4. 210Degrees.18Minutes
  - 塍塍妈...

White radish shrimp balls

, pepper The practice steps of white radish balls shrimp 1. The radish shred washed into a small shrimp egg, in slightly put some noodles, salt and pepper as well. 2. Because the ball made shape, but the fear of trouble so a little fried, fried into golden on both sides will0KThe.

Simmer shrimp melon

Wax gourd cold taste Gan, with good heat Sheng Jin, diuresis and relieve summer heat Chufan function, eat in the hot summer is very suitable and a simple approach for every novice. Materials Ingredients Wax gourd300GSmall shrimp20G Accessories Chopped green onion1Small


4. The salad sauce spoon wrapped in plastic wrap, a small hole, and then into the crowded in Shrimp balls, coriander, completed Search prawns practice
  - ljm6


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients ShrimpAppropriate amount Shrimp practice steps 1. Salt can be put on the right amount, not too many oh!Rice cooker jump to the insulation can
  - 欧阳紫莹


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Shrimp The practice steps of shrimp 1. Shrimp clean, with cooking wine for ten minutes 2.


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Shrimp Garlic Ginger Red, green pepper Cooking wine Soy sauce Oyster sauce The practice steps of shrimp 1. Shrimp bought head


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Shrimp10A Shrimp practice steps 1. Shrimp 2. Shrimp to line, ginger and garlic mince. Cucumber


Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients ShrimpMore than half a catty Daily necessaries of onion, Cucumber The practice steps of shrimp 1. Clean prawns
Array  - 微风对脸颊轻抚

Mini shrimp

of mini shrimp pizza 1. Self raising flour and milk and dough, fermentation two times 2. A small cut, roll thin, with holes, brush the oil into a pan pan, fermentation30-40Minute 3. Bake dough15Minutes, then remove the brush
  - 叶子Ivy

Delicious shrimp ravioli

White pepper powderAppropriate amount Cooking wine3Spoon SugarAppropriate amount Wonton skinAppropriate amount The practice steps of delicious shrimp ravioli. 1. Wash fresh ingredients; 2. Shrimp head to shell with a toothpick to sand bars
Array  - 百斤小妞

Small fried shrimps with leek

The practice of fried prawns with Chinese and Chinese 1. Clean cut section of Chinese 2. River shrimp wash 3. A pot of oil, saute ginger slice 4. In a small shrimp
Array  - 融妈妈

Melon shrimp

Like to eat dried small shrimps, because of lack of calcium, so the shrimp into the bed table regulars, the small shrimp to eat for a long time tired, recently replaced by a large shrimp Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Wax gourd Shrimp Salt
Array  - 静子946

Fried shrimps

Practice of fried shrimp small steps 1. Heat oil in wok into the small shrimp, add cooking wine over senbai crispy shrimp. Pack up. 2. Put some oil in the pan, add onion ginger stir fragrant put shrimp, add soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, vinegar, stir fry dish. Put some chopped green onion ornament.
Array  - 橙石

Super simple shrimp porridge!

In the school dormitory party, only a small case, can complete a simple yo ~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Shrimp2The Northeast rice100g Ginger1Diudiu SaltAppropriate amount
Array  - 四口二又

Shrimp wonton meat carrot

6. Put the small shrimp wonton seaweed, cook, eat Shrimp wonton meat carrot search approach Daquan

Shrimp fried cabbage

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Chinese Cabbage500g Longkou vermicelli1The Small shrimp100g Salt1.5g The practice steps of Chinese cabbage fried shrimp
Array  - 灰羽7

Small small small banana cake

Corn flour1Soup spoon The practice steps of small small small banana cake 1. Egg yolk in a bowl, banana peel and cut (>^Omega^^Omega^

Shrimp with preserved vegetables

GarlicAppropriate amount The practice steps shrimp dried radish 1. Preserved vegetable cut and then cut into small cubes 2. Soak in water for half an hour Multi change water The water can shorten the time 3. Garlic cut
  - 心随你动2

Small meow secret crispy prawns

Ingredients Prawns Cooking wine Flour Bread crumbs Egg Salt Black pepper Small meow secret action steps crispy prawns 1. Prawns tick tendons cut.
Array  - 小喵的围裙

Seaweed and shrimp soup

Seaweed and shrimp soup though inconspicuous, but very good, and very significant effect. Now the people cried the high calcium, drink milk, eat calcium, in fact, dried small shrimps known as calcium pool said, rich in calcium and protein content is very high. The heat is very low, for lowering blood lipids, cholesterol has a certain role. Interested friends may wish to try this classic soup
Array  - 粉竽粘糖

Fried shrimp

Stir fried shrimp, very traditional of Hunan, with fresh river shrimp with pepper, ginger fried, taste fresh, fragrant, coke, spicy, very enjoyable, and small shrimp price cheap, can be called is the real price, at home to do their own, the cost but10Block money. In addition, shrimp contains rich in protein and calcium, meat is tender, nutrition is easy to be absorbed by the body, so
Array  - 杉妈苹果

Steamed egg with shrimp

SaltAppropriate amount ShrimpA few ShallotTwo Sesame oilA few drops of The practice steps of steamed egg shrimp 1. According to the amount of three, ready three small stew, each one. 2. Beat eggs, add warm water, stirring after mixing. The total amount of water
Array  - 吉祥69

Spinach fried shrimp

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Shrimp Spinach Oil, garlic, vinegar Spinach fried shrimp practice steps 1. Shrimp with blisters on the removal of salt
  - 瑜82

Dried leaf mustard

2. Dishes, wash clean, cut off, drain water 3. Pot of hot oil, oil heat, add garlic and shrimp fried to golden 4. Into the dishes, plus a small amount of salt, a little over can pan, in particular, sweet, very delicious oh Tips
  - 芯琪盛

Shrimp and broccoli

shrimp 1. Washing water for ten minutes, boiling water with a little salt, boiled out flower green broccoli 2. Heat wok cool oil. A little oil, broccoli and stir fry for a while adding dried small shrimps, pour a little oyster sauce, salt, this dish is five minutes out of the pot
  - 豆粉899621

Small chicken small hammer

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Chicken wings Soy sauce Cooking wine Black pepper Sugar The small sample of chicken whip action steps 1.

Shanghai green soy oil

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Shanghai green Small shrimp Salt MSG Shanghai green soy oil practice steps 1. This is particularly simple, oil hot
  - 张二二哦

Shrimp and leek

As a way of90Later, I am more diligent, hehe. Enjoy the process, do a happy kitchen girl. Ingredients ShrimpFew LeekSmall The practice steps of leek shrimp 1. Wash leek cut, to soak the dried shrimp, clean.

Small meat wonton

into the ingot shape on both sides of pinch. 10. The pot boil water, cook until under wonton, wonton float, transparent, simmer for a few minutes. 11. Soup: seaweed and small shrimp boil, add salt and sesame oil seasoning. Search small meat wonton
Array  - 拾光机

Sea cucumber porridge shrimp

A refreshing, nourishing! Materials Ingredients Sea cucumber30GShrimp20GShallot10G Accessories Millet1/2Bowl Sea cucumber porridge shrimp approach 1. Sea cucumber
Array  - 我是晶晶姑凉

Spinach fried shrimp

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients ShrimpAppropriate amount Spinach500g Spinach fried shrimp practice steps 1. Spinach wash, small spinach without a cut, a long spinach cut a knife

Leek shrimp fried egg

Fried egg leek shrimp practice steps 1. The main figure. 2. Wash and control the water, cut into4Cm of the segment. Egg. Dried small shrimps soaked in water5Minutes, then control the net water. 3. The pot into the hot oil, stir into the egg
Array  - 橘子小厨房

Fresh shrimp and scrambled eggs

Even in the seaside city, the fresh small shrimp, is not through any processing of dried small shrimps, could also be met but not finding, met, must buy to early adopters, seven dollars a pound, fresh, delicious, nutrition is high and than dried small shrimps cleaner. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
Array  - 萍0120

Garlic bolt shrimp wonton

The practice steps of garlic bolt shrimp wonton 1. Garlic bolt clean, uniform cut short 2. Shrimp washed cut into small pieces, big bad package. Minced meat, chopped green onion 3. Egg, meat, shrimp, egg, salt, monosodium glutamate, thirteen spices

Green peppers fried shrimp

Soy sauce2A large spoon SaltAppropriate amount Oyster sauceAppropriate amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount Green peppers fried shrimp practice steps 1. Prepare raw materials, shrimp wash,(I bought a large shrimp today, in fact, a small shrimp more delicious)I put the spines on shrimp feet
Array  - 闲月梳影9

Mix shrimp onion

Shred 4. Shrimp with pure water rinse, mainly to remove dirt, most of the shrimp are salty, rinse can remove some salt 5. In a small bowl, put a little soy sauce to eat, mix well Cooking skillsMake a very very simple, generally used to do

Homemade wonton

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Green onion, ginger, minced meat, egg, seaweed, soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, small shrimp Homemade wonton practice steps 1. Buy the amount of lean meat
  - 3D双双

Coconut small

Once I was so lazy a man, I would rather go hungry also don't want to cook. Now as the baby's growing learning and improving their cooking. Hard to themselves feel incredible, baby finally18Months old, although still not give him to eat salt and sugar but snacks inside the sugar will let him try, affix in a nursery school to the small square of coconut, tried and tested
  - 心的硕

Small potatoes

Potatoes probably every child likes food, every time I change the pattern to the baby do, this time and another approach. Bold innovation, in order to make delicious food up Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Small potatoes500g
Array  - 钰锈

Small slip

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients SquashHalf a CarrotHalf of the root EggA FlourAppropriate amount Small slip of the practice step 1. Will be ready
Array  - 赵姑娘0

Small seafood

Ingredients Fine vermicelli~Cucumber Shrimp meat~Torikai~Crab legs~Fungus Accessories   Green and red chili~Garlic Seafood sauce~Mature vinegar~ The practice steps of small seafood. 1. The thin noodles
  - 影子yang

Small tomato

If the home to the important guests, you do the several specialty meat dishes, and feel too much meat in the match what vegetables can and delicious and beautiful, the best in the5Within the minute you get it? That's the cream! No matter what dishes can collocation it, then have dined and wined to satiety2A small tomato cream sugar Taiqing mouth! Materials
Array  - 杜鹃花美食

Small screw

Today on the way to buy food, see the roadside has a fellow selling small screws, suddenly came to the interest to buy some home. In fact, the screws have not eaten for a long time, because they are always afraid of trouble, to buy back after to raise, but also a small tail, more complicated. Today bought a small screw, wanted to keep a few days, let screws to the belly of the sand spit clean
Array  - 1粗茶淡饭1

Small bread

it was a bit too big Tips Cold later melted Search for the practice of small bread
  - 成俊妈

Small ribs

The number of days in a small noodle shop in Chongqing Road, it really touched me. And friends chatting and eating the sun is warm feeling at the quiet. Go home to try the taste, do a few times is always not very satisfied. Today, I think of the time when the pepper grinding into powder and then add a little bit of beef stew before the small data to do not think the taste
  - 卢柒七

Small fish

Red pepper3A Small fish practice steps 1. The prepared ingredients, the onion ginger garlic slices, cleaning the fish, big fish braised spare Lishui, night 2. Will100Grams flour into the prosperous fish bowl, shake with flour to fish wrapped; wok cool oil, oil put some oil
Array  - 闲人很忙

Small fresh

Ingredients Tenderloin200g Flammulina velutipesAppropriate amount Green pepper silkFew CarrotFew Marinade2Spoon Shallot1A Oyster sauce1Spoon Small fresh approach steps 1. The tenderloin sliced put barbecue material and oyster sauce marinated

Small bread

Ingredients High powder400 Sugar40 Egg55 Powdered Milk30 Water150 Oil25 Salt3 Butter15 Accessories   Yeast5 The practice steps small bread 1.
Array  - 冰妖妖cc

Small pizza

of the plate 5. Use a fork to put a small hole in the bottom. 6. The surface of PI Put in an oven180Degree Roast8Minute Come out and brush up on pizza. 7. Bottom in cheese
Array  - 西瓜244

Small bread

Milk30g Yeast5g The practice procedure of the small food package. 1. Put all the bread and other ingredients except the butter into the bread machine and open the kneading mode. 2. Kneading15Add the butter and then rub the dough.25Minutes, into the fermentation mode
Array  - 球宝mama

Small potatoes

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Beef500g Small potatoes500g Chinese prickly ashAppropriate amount Aniseed2Block Miso1Spoon The soy sauce and soy sauce2Spoon SaltAppropriate amount
Array  - 寧67

Scallion noodles (small M specialty)

Chive200g Kaiyang (Jin Gou, dried small shrimp)50g Salad oil100g Soy sauce50g White granulated sugar8g Scallion noodles (smallMThe specialty of the practice step) 1. Onion wash, cut into sections 2. Oil into a pan, small fire heat
Array  - 美人小妖

Pork & Shrimp wonton

4. So the material is fully stirred evenly 5. The first half, then a pinch, my bag is relatively large, ah, I eat It is very 6. Wrapped in. 7. I like to eat spicy food, gave a lot of pepper, small shrimp fried oil above me
Array  - 一笑&而过

Small potatoes

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients SaltAccording to personal taste add PepperTwo Salt and pepperA few Edible oilAppropriate amount Potato or potato3A The practice steps of a small
  - 寇三三3

Small Rosemary

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Beef tenderloinAppropriate amount RosemaryAppropriate amount Red wineAppropriate amount Salt black pepper oil lemonAppropriate amount The practice steps of a small
Array  - 虫儿飞73

With "small octopus"

SaltHalf a spoon The practice steps of "small octopus" in tomato sauce 1. Take a piece of sausage, mid cut, cross cutting knife on the top, don't cut off. (pictured) all such a sausage processing. 2. Pot into the amount of peanut oil, till the Qicheng hot, add all chopped sausage.

Small bread

! Search for the practice of small bread
  - Sky_Aquarius

Small package

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Flour280g Butter50g Egg25g Milk160ml White granulated sugar25g Salt10g Yeast5g Small package practice steps
  - 潘三石

The small milk

85DEGCSell, a box10Yuan, only a few small pieces, the first time to eat like a. From small to large, always like to drink milk, like all dairy products and even pregnant milk when drinking water did not dampen my love of milk, has been claiming from birth had broken no milk. Prefer this prescription, because there is no need to pad the plastic film on the container, after
Array  - 小米554

A small hamburger

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Minced pork250g Small meal package5A Tomato1A Romaine Lettuce2Slice OnionAppropriate amount Cheese slice Mayonnaise SaltAppropriate amount

Small bread

Small bread is very suitable for children, both health and nutrition, is very suitable for breakfast, let the baby sunshine every day! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High gluten flour400g Low gluten flour100g

Small crayfish

into the shrimp, add water and cook. 5. Boiling shrimp 6. Just fine. Search sample crayfish practices Daquan