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From the literature found some for you 20 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Braised shark

Then cattleX East to China is also on the table of life Oh....What is this You're right The shark, the shark that you see on your TV. Shark's food is a lot of, today is the home of a common practice to hope you like Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients
Array  - 豆帝煮

Shark soup

Ingredients Small shark1A Celery4Strain The practice steps of shark soup 1. Remove the celery leaves 2. Boil a pot of boiling water, pour a moment on the shark, peeled
  - iMecoer

Fried shark fillet

The shark is not the shark, very small, local call white, I do not know what is the name of. After the skin to the bone, the whole block is meat, very good entrance, the elderly are very suitable for children to eat oh. This dish is the spur of the moment. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute
  - 琉梨

Braised wing

The practice steps in shark fin 1. Wing in water 2. Put the oil, green onion 3. Fin in stir fry wok sauce, ginger, pour into Yellow Wine, boil a small fire, sugar, cook until the sauce become thick Practice of shark fin in search
Array  - 爱蹦极的蜗牛

Braised fin root

Cooking wineHalf a bowl SaltAppropriate amount Soy sauceTwo. Chinese cinnamon3Section Geranium3Slice The practice steps of shark fin root 1. The pot of water to boil, the fin root is put into boiled, the blood inside the foam are cooked, then remove and clean water, spare "do not like eating

Steamed fish head

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Fish head700g Steamed chicken, fish, shark's fin oil The practice steps of steamed fish head 1. Fish with onion ginger stir fry, add

Delicious steamed bean worm

The coastal fat really let people drool with envy, steamed delicious let you can'tforget. The succulent crisp, delicious taste, better than the sea cucumber, shark's fin. Because the sea cucumber and shark itself has no taste, so when cooking must add chicken or lean meat and other ingredients, or dull. Has the taste, does not need to add other ingredients
  - 淇淇2013

Fin bowl

Features of dishes        Bowl Aberdeen wing is now one of Hong Kong's most common street snacks, used by the vendor in the street selling, because with a small bowl containing named. Although the bowl is not true of the shark's fin, but the origin is really from the shark's fin. In the 1940s and 1950s some Hong Kong street block with restaurant food left wing head fin tail
Array  - 雯婷茜子

Super simple braised chicken wings.

The shark fin I refer to spareribs with brown sauce almost, did not expect a success(A_A) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Wing Garlic Cooking wine Pepper Soy sauce, salt, oil
Array  - 鱼鱼某某

Hunan sugar oil Baba

Sugar oil Baba is in Changsha City in Hunan Han traditional cuisines, sugar oil Baba cheap cost, the main raw material is glutinous rice flour and sugar. Although it cannot ascend the place of refinement, more not with delicacies and shark's fin paws comparable, but it is because of its cheap identity, it can access to the home of common common people, by the people love, become a folk long
Array  - 0西葫芦0

What fried Oreo saw

Ingredients Oreo, a thousand layer cake, crisp crisp shark, Jin Sha, green bean cakeAppropriate amount Flour: Starch: egg and water5:1:4 Deep fried Oreo The To see what the practice steps 1. What want to bomb but to remove what fried, * *, packaging

The original monkey mushroom chicken Cordyceps flower

Tender flavor of Hericium ranked China four big famous cuisine and bear's paw, sea cucumber and shark fins in the same column, "delicacies, Hericium, seafood bird's nest", "stroke," said. Monkey mushroom stomach, especially for the person with bad stomach! Have the Spring Festival food, a delicate nutrition food should be very popular
Array  - 虎小妞妈妈

Low - fat and delicious cod vegetable porridge

, and meat fat and shark only0.5%Salmon, than low17Times, low ratio of hairtail7The liver oil content is high, in addition to the ordinary fish oilDHA,DPAOutside, but also contains essential vitamins for human bodyA,D,EAnd a variety of other vitamins. The proportion of these nutrients in cod liver oil is the best proportion of the body's daily needs. Therefore, the Nordic people will it be called
Array  - 火箭菜

[vegetarian] in sea food and poultry

taste good. 4. Have a look, like a mushroom like, Dictyophora maw scallop, sea cucumber, fans like mushrooms like shark's fin...... 5. First a bowl of taste [search] vegetarian vegetarian sea food and poultry practices.
Array  - 曼珠沙华14

Pepper Basa spicy mouth

In the kitchen, Chen Yu will eat a dish, people with the shark meat, the outside is to buy the fish, only without a thorn Basa instead of cottage a a new dish [pepper Basa spicy mouth surface], spicy and delicious! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients
Array  - ANN2011

Mushroom soup of sturgeon

and bone marrow cancer factor, known as the "shark's fin, sturgeon bone food, prolong life, Yin Yang" said. Materials Ingredients Chinese sturgeon1AAgrocybe chaxingu100G Accessories Ginger5SliceVegetable oil1A large spoonSalt2Small spoonChinese wolfberry1SmallShallot1Root
Array  - 优妈美食

Papaya milk stew of peach

than the shark's fin bird's nest, can be called the "bird's nest civilians". Peach gum and Tremella fuciformis Berk, papaya, Gleditsia meters mix together, very delicious nourishing, peach taste lubrication, itself is tasteless, very wild! Materials Ingredients Papaya1A
Array  - 空心菜菜子

Stewed chicken and fish maw.

[] it is can eat cosmetics and skincare products. Fish maw with the bird's nest, shark's fin par, is one of the "eight treasures", known as "sea ginseng" reputation, protein content is very high, and low fat content, Meimei who without fear of fat, and rich in collagen is beauty "Rubik's Cube", this soup is to prevent the skin, and nourishing Yin, the function of fixing the kidney function
Array  - 周太靓汤

Curry fish balls

coconut milk or water. 5, the curry dish to eat a better taste. Features of dishes        There are two types of fish. First class fish balls with deep fried, golden brown on the outside, produced by cheaper shark meat, usually with a bamboo stick strung several grain to sell for cooked food from the street. Another kind of white, the more expensive the price of fish
Array  - 粉竽粘糖

Hericium Yangwei Decoction

Hericium, sea cucumber, shark's fin bear the same column "four big famous cuisine". Bacteria meat is "vegetarian meat," said. The effects of Hericium, stomachic, tonic, anti-cancer, kidney essence. Ingredients Hericium erinaceus Dictyophora Cordyceps flower Lean meat80g
Array  - 小姿饭儿