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Sesame cake with sesame cake

Mother said that the effect of the spleen is good, is a beauty, so I moved... Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Fu Ling powder3Spoon Glutinous rice flour6Spoon Black sesame powder2Spoon White
Array  - 幽梦无痕水悠悠

Sesame cake

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Sesame paste100g Sugar30g Oil20g Salt1g Milk30g Sesame35g Low powder100g Baking soda1g The practice step of sesame
  - 淘妈小铺

Black sesame

If a furnace is the northeast traditional snacks, square shape, taste crispy. The improved a bit, black sesame join dough, baked furnace fruit, more crisp, more delicious, bite a mouthful of sweet. Black sesame seeds contain a variety of essential amino acids in the vitaminEVitaminB1The role of participation, can accelerate the body's metabolic function; black sesame-Contain iron and vitaminETo
  - 壹笑嫣然

Sesame cake

How can there be so many white sesame seeds? Change the pattern and then make sesame cake. Pure sesame cake as if it is not surprising, add in the Fu Ling, may be able to be valued, right? In fact, Fuling and sesame are classic health grade. But in the daily in sesame and blind, but with little fuling. A label is added Poria sesame cake, may be irksome, look a little more
  - 食·色

Sesame pancake

Black sesame, Runzao, nutrition is rich, is said to it "linseed acid" component, attached to remove the cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, black sesame seeds ground into a powder do for fillings, which can not only increase the flavor, but also can make the nutrients more easily absorbed. After a good tune batter is very fast, can be used as a quick breakfast
Array  - bluefeb

Sesame cake

powderHalf a spoonSesameAppropriate amount Practice of sesame cake 1. Prepare flour, eggs and onions. 2. Flour into the bowl. 3. Add a little salt, five spice powder
Array  - 飞飞2005

Sesame lettuce

Accessories Sesame oil1TeaspoonSaltAppropriate amountRed chilli oil2TeaspoonChilli oil1TeaspoonSesame paste1TeaspoonChicken soup1Teaspoon Sesame lettuce practice 1. Prepare materials 2. Eat lettuce must
Array  - 明月舞青衣

Sesame slice

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Sesame150g Sugar100g Practice steps of sesame slice 1. Sugar, a small fire in the melt to become sticky honey like, pour sesame quickly to mix
  - 火裳冰心

Sesame cake

version will taste better, but to eat yo. Below to see me this little oil version of the persimmon cake practice. Materials Ingredients Persimmon1A, about280GGlutinous rice flour85GFlour85G Accessories Sugar40GWhite sesame seed50GOil10G
Array  - 叶子的小厨

Sesame beef

The weather is cold, people also become greedy, occasionally to eat some snacks add energy. In the winter, the most love of the snacks of beef, delicious and cold. Over the weekend, one can do, do it, home pig has smelling, eat not stop. Good beef grain, quickly hide, to bring colleagues on Monday to taste, we are good. Beef flavor, eat up and have no effort to chew the head, but also sesame

Sesame cake

The streets of Taiyuan sesame pastries are enduring traditional snacks. Usually do this is to use the sesame cracker leavened dough, the dough is fermented to the original2Times greater. This be a semi dough, simple and easy to operate, but also delicious semi baking Flapjack. Materials Ingredients
Array  - 乔桥

Sesame chicken

Turn the refrigerator and pulls out a chicken breast, home who does not like to eat chicken so in that for a long time did not move, think of in the hotel to eat sesame chicken, sweet and delicious, in the hot summer let people appetite open, together with the chicken breast meat fat content low, and cucumber are slimming essential, especially suitable for slimming girls
Array  - 兔小白1111

Sesame fish

children. I also like, crispy, sweet and healthy snacks, Xiafan to send porridge can be.(Stop) Ingredients Red eyes of silver carp5A Accessories   Salt8g Soy sauce1Soup spoon Sugar5g Sesame1Soup spoon The practice steps
Array  - 小五的吃喝玩乐

Sesame biscuits

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Butter70g Powdered Milk20g Eggs (Quan Dan)1A Low surface180g Sugar50g SesameAppropriate amount Practice steps of sesame biscuits
  - lx悦

Sesame cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Black sesame Egg sugar flourAppropriate amount Practice steps of sesame cake 1. 1Step flour Sesame Sugar amount put together and face, hard point
  - 丹丹187

Sesame spinach

Spring spinach season, my mother said, so every day to buy me Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Spinach250g Sesame pasteOne teaspoon Chinese wolfberry7A Black sesame seedA teaspoon, like
  - 小吹洗

Hollow sesame

In the fried dumplings "family", many varieties, Shiqi sesame balls, Jiujiang sesame balls, hollow sesame balls and so on, but when to Longjiang fried dumplings for the top grade. Longjiang, spherical (reunion implied meaning, "bunk afford" auspicious meaning), made of glutinous rice flour skin, and deep fry until golden, epidermal uniform sesame, burst valley filling sweet
Array  - NOChris

Sesame jelly

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Bean jelly The practice steps of sesame jelly 1. Seasonings: sesame oil sesame jelly ~ fresh soy sauce is a little bit Coupled with the universal old
  - 大航76

Sesame snowball

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Glutinous rice flour, sugar, white sesameAppropriate amount The practice step of sesame snowball 1. With boiling water to open the sugar, add the right
  - ☆三只熊

Sesame popsicles

Some time ago to have a crush on make popsicles, children home and cried all day to eat, so myself to do several times, see the online sesame popsicles this prescription, just my tahini, so I try to do, but also very delicious, because sesame itself is very sweet, so made out of popsicle very sweet mouth, children and her husband say delicious. Materials
  - 草莓茶

Sesame cake

The prototype of a family of bread. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients FlourAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount Edible oilAppropriate amount Sesame50g Sesame cake
Array  - 纯粹的孩纸

Sesame sugar

In the supermarket to buy sesame sugar eating very fragrant, but there is always a little bitter; put flavors or saccharin is not clear, or do it yourself at ease, fragrant and sweet and healthy! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients
  - 拂晓青青

Sesame cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Water mill250g Practice steps of sesame cake 1. Put the flour into the dough and, then wrapped into small portions of sesame noodles, pan fried to golden yellow isokThe.
  - 豆粉856291

Black sesame

To cook with sesame paste paste texture, must fall rice milk; and think a little sesame paste incense, it should be put a little white sesame seeds cooked. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Black sesame

Sesame cake

SesameFew Practice steps of sesame cake 1. Knead the flour into the dough with boiling water. 2. Start to wake up 3. To wake up the dough with a rolling pin roll thin

Sesame lettuce

than. With lower cholesterol, Qingzao Runfei effect etc.. Spring? To eat more vegetables, this dish as long as sesame taste good tune, it is very delicious!(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Lettuce Sesame paste
Array  - 海霞的厨房

Sesame sugar

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Rock candy180g Sesame240 Practice steps of sesame sugar 1. Prepare materials, fry sesame
Array  - 清莲静心

Sesame dandelion

Ingredients DandelionAppropriate amount SesameAppropriate amount Sesame oilAppropriate amount Mashed garlicAppropriate amount Aromatic vinegarAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount The practice steps of dandelion paste 1. Dandelion wash clean pick
  - 冰洁1

Sesame leaves

Usually cook at home to eat Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Italy noodlesFeel Tenderloin shredsFree Dried sesame leavesIt just depends. Green leavesGeneral Fried potato chipsA few Practice steps
Array  - 安然YiaF

Sesame prawn

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients PrawnsTen Egg whiteTwo Starch50g Black sesame50g White sesame seed50g SaltAppropriate amount Cooking wineFew Vegetable oil1500g
  - 蓝海凉梦

Sesame seed

Practice steps of the sesame seed 1. The material was full, steamed potatoes, mash, add appropriate amount of salt 2. Add flour and milk and mix well 3. Method of bag into cheese into the ball

Sesame crisp

Is the full amount of do or half? It is their tangled. In total150Grams of flour, halved75G, Is it right? A bit like a house? Meng teacher20Film, what is the number? A good tangle, and finally chose to press half the amount of production. Thanks to the half, so, the two pan... This does not require the fermented sesame chips are very simple to do. The dough does not need to be rubbed out
Array  - 食·色

Sesame Mochi

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Mochi mix200g Whole milk powder5g Water70ml Salt2g Egg1A Butter40g Cooked black sesame15g The practice steps of sesame Mochi
  - 咪子佳

Sesame pancakes

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Flour, eggs, onions, salt, oil, waterAppropriate amount The practice steps of sesame pancakes 1. Flour add black sesame seeds, salt, water, eggs, diced
  - 慧慧474

Pumpkin sesame

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Pumpkin mud100g White granulated sugar10g Red bean paste60g Glutinous rice flour80g Edible oilAppropriate amount White sesame seedAppropriate amount
Array  - 泥泥_鳅鳅

Sesame walnut

Mom: Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Walnut, sesame, Yiwu brown sugar, boiled water Practice steps of sesame walnut 1. Ready to use sesame, Yiwu sugar boiling

Sesame cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Cake powderAppropriate amount Egg Sesame CreamAppropriate amount White granulated sugar The practice step of sesame cake

Sesame jerky

Xiayou1Spoon Honey2Spoon Sugar2Spoon Black pepper ground (grind type)Some The practice of sesame jerky steps 1. The raw material, then chop the meat stuffing more delicate,5Minutes or so 2. In the middle of the photo shoot, the following steps: put
  - -王小牛-

Sesame dots

Do the family to eat small, convenient. Super simple. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Glutinous rice flour Cornstarch Black sesame Red bean paste Water OilGlutinous rice flour 3:1 The practice step
Array  - Initiation

Sesame seed

Sesame150gAbout Sugar or sugarTwo tablespoons Butter100g Coconut meat powder2Spoon The practice steps of sesame seed 1. Group photo 2. Put the butter in the microwave heating to melt, raw sesame grinding, grinding machine grinding machine is available
Array  - 倦倦3

Sesame paste noodles sesame rolls

Like to eat pasta. This is sesame noodles roll, sesame sauce is very fragrant, but not salty, so I added a little salt, a pot of roll surface brackish, mellow, not greasy popular. Materials Ingredients Flour300G Accessories Baking powder7GSaltBan XiaoshaoBlack sesame paste
Array  - 土豆丝卷饼

Low sugar, white sesame, white sesame bread (a)

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High powder50g Low powder10g Milk20ml Light cream20ml Coconut powder6g Trehalose4g EggA little Vegetable oil3ml White sesame
Array  - Leyuanyuan

Sesame Clay oven rolls

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Flour250g Yeast2.5g Salt and pepperAppropriate amount Edible saltAppropriate amount Edible oilAppropriate amount Sesame3Spoon Practice

Sesame Clay oven rolls

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Medium gluten flour(Material ScienceA)300g Yeast powder(Material ScienceA)3g Sugar(Material ScienceA)5g Sesame paste(Material ScienceB)30g Flour(Material ScienceB)Appropriate
  - 樱桃炸弹1

Sesame Clay oven rolls

Flour300g Salt Sesame Five spice powder Baking powder5g Yeast5g Practice the steps with Clay oven rolls 1. Will250gNoodles 5Baking powder.5Yeast powder Mixed Warm water and a smooth dough proofing25Minutes. Wake up the dough into small pieces of uniform size.
Array  - 蕊儿相逢2003

Sesame bean salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Beans Garlic Sesame Peanut butter Salt Sugar Taste very fresh Vinegar Oyster sauce Sesame oil
  - 美雪小厨

Mix sesame lettuce

Spring eat salad, refreshing to dry Ingredients Lettuce or a variety of fresh vegetables Sesame10g Soy sauce5ml Oyster sauce3ml Salt2g Aromatic vinegar2ml Garlic1Flap Sesame oil2ml Mix sesame lettuce
  - 白白haha

Sesame roll Hemp flowers

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Sesame paste The practice steps of sesame rolls 1. Do more of the sesame paste And face Search sesame
  - 美妙的心

Black sesame paste

Has been to the southern black sesame paste ads remain fresh in one's memory, a few years ago, every time I go to supermarket required southern black sesame paste as a breakfast drink. But since I can do I of the food brewing black sesame paste lost interest, and make their own taste really not the same, nothing can be compared. Today introduced the black sesame paste is a soya bean milk machine
Array  - 不愿下楼的猫

Peanut sesame paste

Sesame paste, always is in autumn and winter very traditional folk health food can be nourishing and strengthening, longevity, calories, delay aging, embellish of black hair. Now from the supermarket, dessert house to buy sesame paste, and then did not have a childhood that taste, why not and me, go to the "look for" the flavor of the taste. Materials
Array  - 粉竽粘糖

Black sesame cracker Melaleuca

the light has been a few pieces of light into the stomach, ha ha Materials Ingredients Butter135GFlour200GWater100GBlack sesameAppropriate amount Accessories Salt2GEgg liquidAppropriate amount Black sesame cracker Melaleuca
Array  - 零零烘焙

Sesame pasta salad

Summer, to a fresh pasta.~ Materials Ingredients Noodles100GChicken breast150GTomato1/2ACucumber1/3A Accessories Sesame paste1Soup spoonSaltFew Sesame salad sauce noodles recipe 1.
Array  - 菊娜JUJU

Black sesame toast

; Accessories Raisins Water Black sesame powder   Step 1.There is no high gluten powder, with this substitute, the difference is big ah! Because the flour gluten degree is not enough.
Array  - 幽香私家菜

Sesame sweet potato cake

Like to eat sweet potato Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Sweet potatoA SesameThree. MilkA box Flour Practice steps of sesame cake
  - 花掩月

Walnut peanut sesame sugar

Molar Bunao snacks. Materials Ingredients Peanut150GWalnut50GBlack sesame50G Accessories Peanut oil15GWater150MilliliterSugar200G The practice of walnut peanut sesame sugar 1.
  - 0西葫芦0

Three wire with sesame oil

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients FansAppropriate amount Scindapsus, wireAppropriate amount CarrotAppropriate amount Sesame oilAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount The three step
  - 钰锈

Crispy sesame Chicken rolls

During the festival, toot very want to eat egg rolls, but sold outside the cone color color too deep and thick, taste can be, but too bad taste, really delicious, so want to do his own at home, then toss out such a crisp incomparable sesame omelet, thin crisp crisp, soft colors, tastes great, everybody likes it, if the pro like these gadgets, also do...(Open
Array  - 嘟嘟love小悠悠

Black sesame bread

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Flour6The big spoon Sugar1A soup spoon Black sesame2The big spoon Practice steps of black sesame bread 1. All ingredients and mix

Toast sesame carambola

Butter20g Salt5g Egg1A Yeast4g Black sesame10g The practice steps of toast sesame carambola 1. Remove the bread bucket, pour the milk into the bread bucket, pour eggs scattered in. Put the white sugar in a corner of the bread barrel,Salt,Black sesame, peach juice and Yang, to squeeze the juice machine
  - 朱丽娅

Sesame seed potato

2. Mix with sesame sauce and salt Search for the practice of sesame seed potato
  - hansons*

Sesame crisp biscuit

120Degrees.15Minutes, a little bit high. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Egg liquid2A Low powder ten corn starch40gTen10g Sugar25g White sesame seed60g Salad oil35g

Lemon Chicken with sesame

Sesame is beauty good ingredients, it can help to keep out the cold, cold season should eat. Fresh delicious with soy sauce, can make it more attractive delicious lemon sesame chicken. Materials Ingredients Chicken breast meat300GLemon1A Accessories Cooking wine1TeaspoonSoy
Array  - 娅米厨房

Walnut sesame paste

I personally grinding sesame paste may not have any outside to buy so many variety, but everything has its own quality control and clean, the winter, the first gift to the parents, this. Materials Ingredients Sesame100G Glutinous rice flour100G
Array  - 嫣紫Midi

Black sesame walnut milk

Walnut greasy slippery bowel, diarrhea, Shensi; addition of walnut easy to Shengtan wind to help the fire, phlegm heat cough and heat diet. In addition: walnut is rich in lecithin and lysine can supplement nutrition, brain, brain puzzle. Materials Ingredients Walnut20GBlack sesame
Array  - 紫韵千千

Sesame chicken wings

ChickenFew SaltFew Fuel consumptionFew HoneyA spoon The practice steps of sesame chicken wings 1. Thirteen fresh, sesame, ginger powder, chicken, salt, oil, have a little. 2. The night of the stir pickled chicken wings on the back of a few

Black sesame paste

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Black sesame100g Black soya bean100g Black rice100g Glutinous rice flour100g Red dates2A Walnut2A HoneyFew The practice steps
  - Tom大婶

Garlic sesame oil

Search garlic sesame oil

Black sesame walnut porridge

Run Fa, beauty Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Black sesameA small Corn flourFew Walnut2A Chinese wolfberryA small Practice steps of black sesame walnut porridge
Array  - 微如尘埃2

Garlic sesame oil chicken

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Chicken wings6A Garlic2A Ginger2Slice Soy sauceAppropriate amount Oyster sauceAppropriate amount Sesame oilAppropriate amount White granulated
  - PopoKli

Homemade sesame paste

With the popularity of the soya bean milk machine Oneself at homeDIYSesame paste becomes very simple Such a system of black sesame paste Want to take it out when you want to brew Very convenient Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients

Black sesame biscuits

All the cookies I do is reduce sugar, if not very sweet, sweet love can be a little more. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Low gluten flour130g Butter20g Powdered sugar30g Black sesame
Array  - 静思雪

New sesame cake bar

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Low precision flour200g Sugar or sugar60g Egg1To2A Butter20g Edible oilA bit of SaltA bit of The practice step of the new sesame cake bar
  - 亮娃妈

Black and white sesame cakes

This cookie is simple and easy to do, but the taste is very good, crisp, sesame flavor in the mouth around, they do not eat greasy. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Low gluten flour40g Cooked white sesame
Array  - 广东海之韵

Sesame bean salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Carob350g Garlic5Flap, beat SesameAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount MSGAppropriate amount Sesame bean salad practice steps 1. Long beans wash
Array  - 加一小厨

Black sesame pumpkin pie

Pumpkin is good for the elderly, the mother likes to eat black sesame, I put these two things together, like a simple dish Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients PumpkinHalf a Black sesame powder Dry Fruits

Black sesame bread.

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Flour amount.Black sesame paste amount.Filial mother powder three grams. Black sesame bread. Procedure steps 1. Black sesame paste3G filial mother powder
  - 麻烦精呢

Black sesame bread

Five one home no matter to do, then want to do food, before the bread is always unsuccessful, this time again the challenge, brown sugar, steamed breadQ, beyond expectation, like black sesame I decided to do sesame bread, call me a little chef Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above
  - 念伊岚

Orlean sesame bread

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Bread flour,cook100Orlean barbecue Orlean sesame bread practice steps 1. Take a dough, roll out, sprinklecook100Orlean barbecue.
  - 小酷100

Black sesame biscuits

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Low gluten flour150g Butter30g EggA Milk20gAbout Fine sugar20g Cooked sesame seeds20g Salt2.5ml Baking powder2.5ml
  - 心之悦兮

Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce

Ingredients Noodles100g The practice steps of Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce 1. To prepare the amount of ice water. The water in the pot is boiling, and the following2Minutes, do not cook too familiar, too. Remove the surface in ice water cooling. After cooling

Sesame cake banana

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Banana2Root Glutinous rice flour130g Condensed milk25g SesameAppropriate amount Gifford little triangle cheese2Block The practice steps of the sesame
  - Nana大人

Black sesame bread

Water220ml Egg1A Whole wheat flour70g Accessories   Oil38g Salt4g Sugar26g Yeast3g Black sesameAppropriate amount Practice steps of black sesame bread 1. Will be in addition to the yeast, oil, all the ingredients
Array  - ZY轩然

Black sesame carrot seedlings

I eat really sweet pea Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Hei Doumiao100g Carrot0.5A Black sesame5g The practice steps of black bean sprouts sesame carrot
  - 魔女蕾

Black sesame ball

Ingredients High gluten flour250 Water150~160 Fine sugar15g Cooked sesame seeds15g Olive oilA large spoon Accessories   Salt3g Yeast3g Unsalted butterAppropriate amount High gluten flour (surface
Array  - C大小姐太傲娇

Sesame Clay oven rolls

There is a shop selling Clay oven rolls on the way to work, when you pass by the way to buy a savory Clay oven rolls for breakfast. Later road, shop removed, home every day to make their own breakfast, the taste of Clay oven rolls will soon forget. A few days ago chat small friend inadvertently said, sometimes after school will go to house near the home of biscuits queuing to buy sesame seed cake to eat, ask

Homemade sesame paste

Sesame is rich in nutrition, calcium content is also high, especially suitable for growing children to eat, today I made of sesame paste added several other auxiliary, more comprehensive nutrition, do a good job in a variety of ingredients cooked, very fragrant, my baby before sesame paste, cooked all kinds of material are used as snacks, when the snacks are indeed very good, chewing slowly
Array  - 叶子的小厨

Walnut sesame seed

The steamed stuffed bun makes full use of the walnut and black sesame collocation, this is simply a perfect match, with walnut soy beans and noodles, made buns skin is bean smell, with brown sugar, women eat blood beauty, taste sweet, children and old people like. Materials Ingredients Flour250G
Array  - ┈→べ餹餹

Peanut sesame sauce beans

Summer eat cold dishes, cold dishes to eat more fresh, hot hot but also eliminates the need for cooking. Materials Ingredients Beans350G Accessories Sesame paste1SpoonPeanut butter1SpoonCooked sesame seeds10GRed chilli oil2A large spoonHot chicken soup50GSugar1Small
Array  - 紫韵千千

Homemade black sesame paste

Practice of homemade black sesame paste 1.Black sesame wash control. No oil into the pan fried side cool 2.Fried sesame direct fried glutinous rice powder, small fire fried to glutinous rice flour and yellow 3.After the black sesame cooling with a cooking machine to break into a fine powder (will become a bit sticky because of the oil) 4.Will wear black sesame powder and glutinous
Array  - Lily兔兔

Sesame Clay oven rolls

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Flour200g Yeast1/2Small spoon Sesame paste3A large spoon Five spice powder1Small spoon Salt2g SesameAppropriate (decorative surface) Water110g
Array  - 红袖舞九天

Sesame pumpkin pie

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Pumpkin Honey Flour Glutinous rice flour Bread crumbs Edible oil Practice steps of sesame cake

Sesame oil chicken noodle

White pepper10A Practice steps of chicken oil 1. Ginger slice 2. Chicken chestnut peel, wash, boiling water.2Minutes remove and control water. 3. Heat wok put sesame oil

Simple sesame Flapjack

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients FlourAppropriate amount WaterAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount Practice the simple steps of sesame Flapjack
  - 慧慧474

Sesame candy cake

Crispy outside and soft inside, a bite a mouthful of sweet sesame flavor, I do eat three times to calculate the solution of greedy. Ingredients Common flour300g Yeast5g SugarTwo tablespoons WaterAbout160g Accessories   Sack
  - 红米酥

Taro sesame cake

) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients FlourTwo SesameHalf a bowl Taro3One of the points Minced meatFew ChiveFew The practice steps of taro sesame cakes 1. Good batter, not too thin and not too thick, just.
  - 香香670

Sesame candy cakes

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Wheat flour350G Accessories   White cotton candy100G Black sesameAppropriate amount Butter or salad oil15G The practice steps of sesame sugar cookies
Array  - 胖嘟嘟的妈

Black sesame paste grains

The fast pace of modern life, stress, premature white hair will grow out, release the pressure is on the one hand, can also with Sibu way to alleviate the contradiction, the black food accounted for the majority of the sago 10, and black sesame with beat into a paste, is simple and convenient. Materials Ingredients

Hot sesame oil

Spicy food is hold out, eating a shares similar mustard piquancy, straight into the forehead, drivel tear this will do not listen to the command, splinters to take; the most important "sesame oil spicy dishes, cries a hair a bowl", is to tempt me to do an important factor in this dish. How much I change a little, less straight forehead fresh hot. Materials
Array  - youhaha0的厨房