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Screw the soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients ScrewBan Jin The practice steps screw soup 1. Well The search with screw approach Daquan

Braised screw

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Screws, ginger, dried chilli, sugar, salt, onion Cooking wine, soy sauce Braised practice step screw 1. Heating oil, add ginger
Array  - 丹丹283

Fried screw

to raise two days, drop a few drops of sesame oil...Do before you need to wash quickly... 2. The screw into the boiling water, add ginger Wine and some aniseed...Boiling water picked up.... 3. A small amount of oil, adding aniseed, scallion, ginger, garlic and hot pepper saute, add screw, stir fry, add
  - 凉凉小姐

Fried screw

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Screw500g Yellow WineAppropriate amount Ginger3Slice Soy sauceAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount Stir fry the practice steps
  - 霖儿5

Screw roll

To make a nice screw, not only to look more beautiful, but also more delicious, to learn it. Materials Ingredients Flour250G Accessories Yeast powder2.5G Fruit of Chinese wolfberry10Grain
Array  - 飞雪无霜

Fried screw

Pepper5g Practice steps of deep fried screw 1. I bought a screw, the meat will be cleaned out 2. To mix all the sugar, salt and other sauces and screw meat, put2An hour or longer, with a toothpick on 3. Heat pan put oil
  - gxgllh

Small screw

Today on the way to buy food, see the roadside has a fellow selling small screws, suddenly came to the interest to buy some home. In fact, the screws have not eaten for a long time, because they are always afraid of trouble, to buy back after to raise, but also a small tail, more complicated. Today bought a small screw, wanted to keep a few days, let screws to the belly of the sand spit clean
Array  - 1粗茶淡饭1

Stir screw

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Chinese prickly ash Star anise Pepper Ginger Onion Soy sauce Soy sauce Sugar The practice steps stir screw
  - jzq8

Stir screw

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Screw The practice steps stir screw 1. The pot and pour oil burst open, add red pepper to stir half a minute, then poured into the screw, liquor, ginger
  - 赵赵娟

Maotai screw

5Block money to buy3Jin River, natural screw Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Screw1g Green Chinese onion Garlic (Shandong native) Ginger (ginger Shandong) Miso (Shandong
  - 查理9527

Spicy fried screw

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Screw2Jin Dry pepperAppropriate amount Ginger OnionAppropriate amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount Star anise Chinese cinnamon GeraniumAppropriate amount Soy
  - 水果大王3

Screw meat sauce

"Qingming Luo, the goose" credit, this is our hometown, this time of the screw is the most fertile, daughter likes eating, but too much trouble, so he picked the meat stir, the incense that beauty ah, a bowl out immediately on the bottom of the Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute
Array  - 银土土

Screw pepper shrimp

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Large shrimp6-8Only Green pepper1A Onion gingerFew The practice steps pepper shrimp screw 1. First, peel shrimp shrimp

Red sauce Italy screw

Get up at noon to eat pasta There is only a screw in the house. Of course, as the favorite pasta family will have a white Jianghong pesto sauce ready-made sauce. To do so fast that is obviously something delicious pasta. Compared with general tomato basil sauce tomato sauce - Basil flavor, in addition to do pasta, Italian soup is a good helper to burn. In fact, no matter what
Array  - Cocoreira

Fried Italy screw powder

No black pepper no tomato, but want to freeze and then screw powder, after pot taste good. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Italy screw powderOne person Baked beans, canned2-3Soup spoon HamAppropriate

Italy surface (screw)

No story, single dog dinner Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients OnionHalf a TomatoesA small KetchupAppropriate amount Screw surfaceAppropriate amount Italy side (screw
Array  - SuMMerSiSi

Spicy fried sea screw

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Conch wire CorianderAccording to personal taste Green Chinese onion Ginger Dry pepper Oyster sauce Hot fried sea screw approach steps 1.
Array  - 一朵小坏花

Screw rotating rolls

much, the next time still needs to be improved. Materials Ingredients Flour600G Accessories Yeast6GClean water300GSesame paste250GBrown sugar100G Turn the screw rolls approach 1.
Array  - 热爱红烧肉

Sweet and spicy sauce screw

SweetAppropriate amount Chinese prickly ashAppropriate amount AniseedAppropriate amount Cumin seedsAppropriate amount Edible oilAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount The practice steps Maotai sweet spicy screw 1. Repeated cleaning snail Will be the case of hair wash off Then change
Array  - neinei12

Spicy screw surface

I am on the first two days, the family tree has something to go home, to cook their own food, do not do it, Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Screw surfaceLook at a couple of people. SesameTo personal taste
  - 傲娇燚

Fried broccoli meat screw

Mother-in-law at home to I prepared some snail meat, with salt water boiled, one by one's own choice, I put it in the refrigerator cold, hungry, take a pouch out of cooking to eat Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Broccoli Screw meat Ginger
Array  - 凌子Magic

Pig's trotters stewed screw

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Pig's trottersSection five or six Bamboo shoots1A Bacon3,4Block Screw1Jin SaltAppropriate amount Chinese cinnamonAppropriate amount Red
  - 譕淚葉

Maotai nail.

1.The first nail screw head with pliers and a short break off, wash. (to buy a good nail Lo is better) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Screw bolt500g Green Chinese onionA GingerAppropriate amount
Array  - 鑫鑫美食

Hua Jialuo

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Hua Jialuo The practice steps of snail 60 1. Spring 60 Lo fat, it is a good time to eat. 2. Prepare the ingredients are onions, ginger, garlic, basil 3. Hot fried onion, ginger, garlic 4. Snail stir fry for about ten minutes can put basil 5. Release of smoke and fry for two minutes, then stir fry sauce, add water to cover and simmer for five minutes after a few minutes 6. Put spring onion, roll can be clean wok, like to eat chili friends can in scallion, ginger pepper together burst, because home baby likes to eat the snails, so do not put hot pepper, pepper will be able to taste Search approach Daquan 60.
Array  - 碧海蓝天917

Nail fried snail

3. A snail in boiling water, boil to all open shell. The water drained Remove Hua Jialuo 4. Put the oil Add ginger Garlic Sour bamboo shoots Pepper Fried the fragrance Put the screw nail stir About two or three minutes. Salt can be put A pot. Fried snail search 60 practices Daquan

Stir fried Ding Luo

onion2-3Root Red pepperAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount GarlicAppropriate amount Edible oilAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount Stir fried snail Ding practice steps 1. Use the knife Ding screw wash tip resection1Centimeter or so
Array  - 顾时千

Spaghetti sauce powder

The night before.PIZZAHere, the tomato sauce, so this evening with the rest of the tomato sauce made with the screw powder Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Screw powder150G Accessories  
Array  - 憷憷动人

A cool twist pear

Lime1A Accessories   HaiyanAppropriate amount Ice blockAppropriate amount The practice steps of pear crisp horseshoe screw 1. Horseshoe joiningV906Juice extractor 2. Join the pearV906Juice extractor
  - 九阳知食

Sydney Lily conch soup

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Large ring1Only Snow pear2A Lily50G Dried tangerine peel1Block SaltFew The practice steps of Sydney Lily conch soup 1. 1And the sound of the shell to take the meat, wash, cut into pieces. 2. 2Sydney peeled, nuclear, clean cut. Lily, tangerine peel wash, peel and cut. 3. 3Inside the cooker, add water, with the raging fire stew to boil, add the raw materials, instead of fire continued to burn3Hours, add a little salt seasoning. Tips This soup has the effect of clearing heat, nourishing Yin, moistening cough of phlegm. Search Sydney Lily conch soup practices Daquan

Old friend Hua Jialuo

frutescens crispaFew HouttuyniaFew Ginger, garlic, rice, pepperAppropriate amount Sour bamboo shootsAppropriate amount Hei DouchiAppropriate amount TomatoTwo The old snail 60 practice steps 1. Buy a big meat spit sixtieth screw, the best in5Point to buy, because5After all is picked
Array  - 新世界☆心梦想

The simple version of fried snail 60

into hot pepper and ginger, stir fry for a while 4. His hero, in 60 lo, add a little water, stir fry until the opening of the screw you laugh 5. Add soy sauce, pickled bamboo shoots, oil, stir evenly Tips Like to eat spicy food
Array  - 拼爹

A simple thread Italy meat powder

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Spaghetti Ketchup Onion Salt Minced meat Oil Practice of simple steps of Italy meat powder thread 1. Cook spaghetti, need10More than a minute, put a little bit of salt, said it is more easy to mature 2. To prepare the material, the tomato sauce here is what I do, so I don't see the same! You can buy it! Specifically how much did not say! 3. Cook the pasta 4. Pour oil into the pan. 5. Put the minced pork and stir fry 6. Add onion 7. Add tomato sauce, super uniform. 8. Then turn off the heat and add the pasta. 9. Can eat Simple search Italy meat powder thread approach Daquan
  - happy妺

Fang abalone chicken pot flowers.

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Large fanOne (3-5Jin) Abalone6A Flowers.Ban Jin Accessories   Jiang Li1Bowl Bao Yuzhi1Teaspoon Soy sauce3Teaspoon The practice steps flower pot chicken abalone Fang. 1. Buy back the fan chicken cut into pieces, salt, chicken powder, sugar, flour, peanut oil mix, pickled half an hour to spare. 2. Wash the abalone and the flower snail, dry the water. (there are a lot of internal organs, must dig out clean) 3. Ginger first use the knife cut into granular, smash, dosage, preparing to eat a bowl of the amount of about half a bowl. 4. Modulation of water: Bao Yuzhi1A teaspoon of soy sauce,3Teaspoon salt2Small spoon, chicken powder1Small spoon, cornflour5A small spoon, the majority of the bowl of rice to eat a bowl of rice, spare. 5. The fire pan, heat the oil, put a little ginger tablets stir into the marinated chicken block, and stir constantly until the chicken half mature, into the hot water, the water not too chicken, whole fire, put abalone and flower snail, stirring evenly, cook5Minutes later, in less water, then add cooking wine (if the product is more fragrant, add a high number of liquor), stir well. 6. Into the remaining ginger tablets, cook about ten minutes or so, try to taste, if the taste is more emphasis, can put more salt. Dish can eat, can also put some chopped green onion. 7. Recommended to keep more soup, eat tasty fish Plain white rice. The taste of the finished product is rich, it is a good food for a friend who likes to eat chicken. Fang abalone chicken pot flower spiral search approach Daquan
Array  - 诗74

White flowers.

dip 4. Add soy sauce, mustard Lemon Juice stir 5. In cold water fish would screw plate 6. Start up Search boiled flower spiral approach Daquan

White flowers.

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Flowers.A pound Green Chinese onionFew West.5A Milk300ml Rice wine1ml Pepper4A Garlic1A Ginger5Slice Practice steps boiled flower snail 1. Prepare food, green onions can be used instead of citronella. Lemon is smaller than the ordinary lemon, squeeze juice. 2. Wash the flower snail, and then soaked in milk for ten to fifteen minutes, it helps to take the sand, the meat quality is better. 3. A pot of water, cut scallion and ginger inside, add a little rice wine flavor. Attention! The water boils down to the flowers! 4. The West with a small cut is used to squeeze the juice. Lemon is not required, just like to dip a bit sour water person. 5. Miga pepper, chopped into soy sauce. Attention! No need to refuel! No need to heat! Otherwise it will affect the taste of the dip in the water. Finally, squeeze lemon juice into the west, how to hold their own acidity. 6. Take a snail to dry, you can go to the stage with the dip in the water. Dip to eat sour and refreshing, with a sweet seafood has. Search boiled flower spiral approach Daquan

Sliced chicken with chicken

Chicken with cooking wine, salt, starch flooded, and then into the pot boiled together15Minutes, salt, chicken, pepper. 4. Out of the pot, enjoy it! Tips Rice in advance2Easy to cook for an hour. Screw dry pre bubble4Hours above. Search for the practice of snail chicken
  - jiejie1115

Pearl Stud

Is the home of camp, when a pearl harvest season always to receive relatives sent a lot of pearl shell meat, mom likes to add a little oil, add onion ginger can't remember she put the... That's a little time for a mother...... Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Fresh pearl stud200g Lean (chest belly ditch)50gIn Onion1~2A Ginger1~2Small LiquorA few SaltAppropriate amount MSG or chickenA few Cooked in advance Rice CongeeAppropriate amount The practice steps of Pearl Stud 1. 1.Ready to cook Rice Congee 2.Go to the mud snail pearl under water washed leaching with sieve basket packed, lean chopped standby3.Chopped ginger and green onion4.Heat oil in a pan to Luo meat stir fried, then salt down over several ginger (can put more points and wine)5.Rice Congee pour over a few cover to boil then add lean again and then open the good flip can put MSG or chicken and onion...... 2. Next time must be taken every step, and then there is this picture is no meat before the shoot...... Please forgive me for my carelessness, the next improvement. Search pearl Lo lean pork porridge practice
  - 乙娜妈

Spicy snail flower

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Flowers.1Jin Ginger, onion, garlic, bean sauce, chili sauceAppropriate amount The practice steps spicy flower snail 1. Wash flower snail 2. Ginger, onion, garlic cut well 3. Over water to taste 4. Explosive head 5. Stir fry 6. Add bean sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce 7. Stir fry 8. Add a small amount of water 9. Simmer for ten minutes 10. Out pot. You can add a little vinegar before the pot. It tastes great. Search spicy flower snail practices Daquan
Array  - 食全食美男煮厨

Ginseng conch soup

Accessories Lean meat150GRed dates4GrainGinger1SliceWater1200Milliliter Ginseng conch soup practices 1. Material Science Dry ring20G, ginseng (tablets)5G, lean meat150G, red dates4Grain, ginger1Slice 2. Ring the screw
  - 叶子Ivy

Stir fried meat screws

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Leek Perilla frutescens crispa Red pepper4A little Pointed red pepperA Small screw The practice steps of meat stir screw
  - 维尼小厨

Spicy stir.

Spicy stir fried snail approach 1. Use the pliers clamp off screw ass, wash stand! To prepare ginger, minced garlic, tofu milk (tofu milk plus a small amount of water to dilute the reserve) 2. Water, can cover the screw is good! Put the star anise, cinnamon, fried fruit, salt (salt to some

Minced garlic

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Conch meat Garlic The practice steps of the garlic end screw 1. Garlic and salt burst...Lo meat pot.
  - _妹仔.

Pork fried peppers

Ingredients Pork600g Screw pepper6A Pork fried pepper practice steps 1. Sliced pork 2. Chili peppers 3. Put a little oil to deep fry pork
  - 吃货

Fresh asparagus fry conch slices

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients xoSauce5g Conch3Only Cen dew2ml The practice steps of asparagus fry conch slices 1. Open bamboo shoot!! Screw in boiling water

Garlic scallion steamed scallops

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Belt screw9A Suan Rong2Two Shallot2A Garlic scallion steamed practice step belt 1. To put the screw tape intestines, skirt
Array  - AlexandraLiang

Pan-Seared Green Chili Pepper

Ingredients Screw pepper Garlic Soy sauce Vinegar Fermented soya bean Old godmother Salt Chicken The practice steps of Hupi Jianjiao 1. Hot pepper oil under stir both sides become
  - For_Food

Candy shaped banana crisp

Wonton skin Practice steps of candy shaped Banana Cake 1. Prepare some wonton skin, banana peel and cut into small strips 2. Put the bananas strip on the edge of the wonton skin and then roll up 3. Screw down the ends
  - 哚哚7

Fried mango snail

water, boiled mango lo, directly under the fire will have similar sand fried impurities. 2. Boil the oil, after the heat, stir fry chopped ginger, garlic, millet pepper. 3. Under the mango snail, fry sauce, screw opening, no salt. 4. Put onions, from

Classic spicy radish

6. Screw off moisture 7. Put chicken, chili oil, pepper powder, sesame oil, soy sauce, a spicy radish is complete

Boring stone

Five spice powder The practice steps of the boring stone 1. Screw is mom and dad go fishing, raises two days, let it spit out clean, with a pair of pliers pliers to screw the ass, cooked this way easy tasty, but also to facilitate smoking 2. The ingredients are, garlic, red
  - baogmwwg

Wine steaming

1. Screw water sand spit what, people get spare garlic peeling garlic. 2. Screw and drain, pot into the amount of vegetable oil, in hot spicy garlic (don't overdo), pour all screw turn the fire, pour high spirits (don't be afraid of alcohol, alcohol cooking process are volatile finished), cover the lid etc.3-5Minute or so, now and then look
Array  - 懒虫凌子Daisy

Chicken soup

2. Car wash 3. Water boil, put ginger, add chicken,5Minutes after the screw into the car, a little wine. Open the water boiled chicken, crispy skin and tender meat. 4. Small fire stew10Minute The practice of car Lo chicken soup video

Lemon squash

2. Lemon slice 3. Sprinkle sugar on the lemon 4. Preserved5Minute water 5. Screw out the rest of the water 6. Add lemon water and sugar and lemon slices
  - 舒克89

Tremella red dates mung bean soup

Mix all the ingredients together pour rinse 2. Poured into the electric pressure cooker, screw the lid, press the button to jump to the porridge, holding keys. 3. Finished product! Red dates itself has a sweet taste, so I don't like sugar, sweet friend can add sugar or rock candy
  - _____以以

Put the meat pickled bean curd

Now is the season and eat bamboo shoots screw, two kinds of delicious mix, fresh. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Bean curd, pickled cabbage, pork, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, screw, soy sauce, sugar
Array  - 凌子Magic

Fried flour

The first to do the fried, fried, usually are cooked with the food, the taste of the switch to a completely changed, the spiral powder into a pie, add vegetables more nutritious. Materials Ingredients Screw powder70GCorn(Fresh)Half aGreen soya beans50GCarrot1/4AEgg1AFlour3Big spoon
  - 紫韵千千

Red bean bread roll

a knife to cut into the picture in the middle of this, two heads do not open, like a screw like screw up Hemp flowers, 4. Ready to put in the oven two fermentation to twice as large as the time out brush with egg wash, 5. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, oven.160Degree preheating10Minutes
Array  - 落幕悲伤

Braised shredded potatoes

1. Potatoes, carrots, shred. 2. Do you want to get a crisp, crisp potato? This step is very important, to cut the screw by adding water, water can drown is appropriate, then add two spoonfuls of vinegar, soak for three minutes. And then wash it with clean water. 3. Put the potatoes
  - 潮州小吃

Fried whelk

1. Wash the conch, garlic chopped green pepper, pickled bamboo shoots free cutting method 2. Put the oil in the pan, add the garlic, stir fry the garlic and stir fry the fragrance. 3. Put it into the pot and stir fry. Sixty plus pepper, add soy sauce, the screw opening can Zhuangpan
Array  - 天亮.说晚安!

Bitter gourd soup

4. A cold soup boiled clam, oil and salt, ginger 5. Cook the car after the screw opening, under the bitter gourd and boiled wine 6. Then the next green onion soup. Search for the practice of the bitter gourd
Array  - 天涯孤客3

Cartoon snack

step of cartoon 1. Add carrot juice and carrot juice, then add sugar and mix well. 2. Steamed13In the minute hand, hand over a bit of cooked oil rub the sticky dough. 3. 1/5 of sticky rice, placed in the film, the ball screw
  - 辰记

Zheng Yuntun

Screw it up again 10. Good package wonton 11. Water vapor 12. Steaming15Minutes, steamed so far 13. Steamed dumpling, like spicy with chili sauce
Array  - 水青青

Wheat bread

The flour rub into three dough, it is best to use the wrist force, so the more chewy dough twist. 3. Cover screw dry wet gauze to two times larger, with a hand on a small hole does not collapse without a rebound that is successful. 4. Will be a good fermented dough, shaping the shape
Array  - 安然厨谱

Fried river snail

WithleeStudents learn, he said he do screw is Tianxiadiyi delicious. I don't know if I can't catch up with him, at least in my family is like. Materials Ingredients Snail500GZi Suye5Slice Accessories Ginger3SliceGarlic4FlapSalt1TeaspoonYellow Wine1Soup spoonSoy sauce1/2Soup
Array  - 优妈美食

Onion salt and pepper bean rolls

When the first rolls, rolls or twist since that is good, but also full of tricks. Say one hundred percent, but in fact it is so few. Recently has been done hanamaki. Screw out the flowers always spread in the final proofing, and made people very upset. Now put the dough to toss bean dregs, screwed up rolls. Do not know will not be out of the situation? Moreover, soybean dough lack of toughness
Array  - 食·色

Fried river snail

Accessories Vegetable oil1SpoonYellow Wine1A large spoonMushroom essence1Small spoonGarlic1/2HeadPepper1APour the food300GFlourAppropriate amountSaltAppropriate amountWaterAppropriate amount Fried snail approach 1. Peanutfield screw head bought with the flour and salt scrub
Array  - 镜花水月na

Avocado egg

the center of the stone to the left half right and half screw can be opened. 2. 2, the pulp is used to make the pulp out of butter juice, if you use the egg to dig out the flesh above the egg, if you use the quail eggs that only need to dig a little part of it. The avocado put a little salt, then the egg into the avocado back on the baking tray.
  - fairy囡囡

Colored Froude dumplings

filaments Salt Screw dry moisture Spare Egg Scatter Stir fry ChoppedThree ingredients together Salt Scallion flower Sesame oil Dry ginger powder Adjustable filling 3. Vegetable juice And surface 4. Green Red Yellow Purple White Colored dough With Vegetarian stuffing Dumplings

Delicious strawberry jam

juice to 1/3 or so. 8. Continue to simmer, stirring constantly Oh, careful splash of juice, boil to ropy basically completed. 9. Poured into the sterilized glass bottle, screw the lid placed in turn, return to normal direction to jam after cooling.
  - 文文839

Black pepper salt roast chicken

200Degrees.1Hour20Minutes or soOK.!Out of the pot and then screw in black pepper, you can eat it! Tips Everyone in the Roast Chicken when, can pack on the foil pointed wings. I was anxious to bake forgot it, so there is a little bit chicken wing tip paste. Search black pepper and sea salt roast chicken
Array  - 小珊妮儿33

The memory of the school --- Sausage Bread

High school boarding school, remember school breakfast there is always called a screw roll of steamed bread, later graduating from high school never seen, pretty miss Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Wheat flourAppropriate
  - 厨娘焦糖

Old lady 's secret system of Italy.

Soy sauce.A little. Salt.A little. Garlic.A little. Old lady 's secret system of Italy. Procedure steps 1. Boil the screw in a pot, cook it, then rinse with cold water and soak for a while. 2. Three onion, pepper, dices.
Array  - 墨笙。

Snail and claw pot

drain 5. A clean brush, the best time to buy a day this snail will be more clean 6. Wash the snail into the pan without you stir fried, know the screw cap 7. The fried snails after washed with water to fill out the screw cap
  - 多多604

Jiang Hua taste song lo

, put oil, fried snail, to fry dry water and screw cap. After seeing the pot has a lot of screw cap or bottom water frying pot, you can spare the time,4Minutes or so. This time a pot to wash clean, because the pot has a lot of fishy odor. 2. Fire, burning dry pot, put oil (than usual cooking slightly more points), after the heat put star anise
Array  - lxycyc

Spring leek snail meat

be like a little put more, when Dad speculation is put more sticky feeling, according to personal preferences. 4. Screw the meat, the sensual aroma mixed spring leek mouthful fragrance, how a fresh zile! Tips A child's favorite dish. Qingming before the best. The concentration of starch

The next meal is coming: salted beans with minced meat

Next meal coming: practice steps pickle bean minced meat 1. Material Science 2. Mince the lean meat (the more pieces the better) bean abluent cut short, washed chopped pickles (leaves cut end to chop) followed by blisters light for a while (not salty not bubble), and then screw stem

Leaves cake

The practice step leaves cake 1. Sesame, peanut, white sugar and mix well. Like sweet can add sugar 2. AI leaves with soft, cold water. Screw in hand 3. Chopped leaves 4. Brown sugar water
  - 佛洛莱

Lobster sauce spicy chicken rice

Chicken breastA block Xun DouganA whole block Screw pepper6A Old godmother lobster sauce2Spoon SaltAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount Soy sauce1Spoon Black Hu JiaosuiAppropriate amount Cumin crushedAppropriate amount Garlic boltAppropriate amount Ginger powderAppropriate amount
Array  - 奶茶家的猫娘

Pumpkin mutton Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings

, ginger, pepper, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, sesame oil, sugarAppropriate amount A water filling preparation of pepper The practice steps of pumpkin mutton Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings. 1. Squash wash Zi standby 2. Squash screw squeezing water reserve
  - 766462厨神

Shave jelly

Changsha Street has many tempting snacks, stinky tofu, sugar, oil Baba, Baba scallion, taste shrimp, instigate screw and so on and so on, and summer, the most popular Mo too bean scratch the, as long as you are directed at the stall called a "bowl of bean scratch!" Stall will deftly took the mold, soon will blow out with strips of slender white and tender and smooth jelly, put into a bowl
Array  - 杉妈苹果

Spicy snail

snail spit mud, keep for about two days, during which to change3~4Water~ 2. Keep good snail, wash clean, stay clamp 3. duang~The clamp screw drive artifact~ 4. Tail artifact cut screws, or when a fried is not good tasty
Array  - 翘胡子洋芋片

Night market snacks, spicy escargot

snacks--The practice steps of spicy snail 1. Market sellers will dispose of the screw tail, scrub the shells. The seasonal river snail clean, if the summer to buy the home to use light salt water, a little sesame oil, soak a day and a night, to be spit out the remnants, cooking. Now I'm ready to deal with it.
Array  - 小姿饭儿

Coconut bread

off the head and tail knife, pay attention to 13. Both ends slightly elongated, screw shaped knot, Hemp flowers, a plastic figure pattern 14. Two on the baking tray. Two hair can be carried out in the oven, which put a bowl of hot water, to maintain a certain humidity

Chinese hamburger

, to wash the meat into cubes, then add appropriate amount of water to boil the meat to poke, the foam to write about, then add onion, ginger, pepper, star anise, delta flavor, soy sauce, boil the fire appropriate to put some rock sugar, screw small fire stew, I stewed about more than an hour, can taste the taste of soup, he is very satisfied. Salty taste sweetness can according to their own taste

Bacon shrimp Pasta

Butter shrimps onion mushroom sauceAppropriate amount Bacon shrimpPastaProcedure steps 1. Cold water put some butter, salt, boil. 2. Add pasta, a hollow screw to see their own preferences, set up a mobile phone10Minute countdown. Make the sauce, sauce also do good.
Array  - 虫儿飞73

Italy area

Milk100ml Italy cheese sauceA box Shui Shaoxu Screw pasta200g Italy approach steps 1. Carrots, diced onions 2. Cut pork 3. Hot tomatoes
  - 涂涂73

Fancy Dousha Bao

6. Cut. Pay attention to head do not cut 7. Screw up. Can be set with chopsticks 8. The rest can be made of ordinary Dousha Bao 9. 2Secondary fermentation40Minute,2Secondary fermentation humidity to reach80%. You can put
Array  - selimah

Fried mushroom (stem)

, the root of a torn part of adhesion. You can soak into the bowl, soak. 2. After changing the water soaked mushroom, cleaning. Screw dry moisture after washing. Burning amount of boiling water, after boiling water into Agrocybe aegerita, boil again after boiling for about half a minute remove and cooling water, then wring the water.

Low fat and low sugar energy bar

^_^ 7. Screw in the noodles with a thin layer of egg liquid.180Lower stratum160Preheating, middle20Minutes (I'm so hot in the oven, so the temperature can be adjusted properly) to the surface.OKOh 8. Finished product Tips This biscuit because there is no water, only the egg liquid
Array  - 露露学厨

A happy day to bear children and owls.

Steak sauceA small bag Italy screw250g Tenderloin200g OnionFew Mushrooms3A TomatoesA KetchupFew SugarFew Sweet pepperFew A happy day of the bear's child and the owl 1. Prepared ingredients

Chinese hamburger

after the juice to add salt Practice steamed: 1.Knead dough evenly. 2. Rub the next agent 3.Will each twist strip rolled screw roll 4.With a rolling pin roll into a small round cake, in a bowl shaped hands into the pan, bake bread to Peng, Jin Mei flower to ring back Hamburger production: 1.Good pork mince sauce 2.Stir in onion, coriander 3.Will bake a good cake. 4.Clip into the home
Array  - 金山茶

Peanut crisp

into the pot and stir fry the oil. Fry the peanut peeling into plastic bags, rolling pin screw into particles. 2. The room temperature of butter into a spoon can be easily compressed, sent into a fluffy white. Add sugar and stir well 3. Egg yolk mixture into the butter, stirring evenly, then the egg yolk
Array  - 仨虫虫

Heat lungs soup

Submarine coconut2g Overlord flower2g Ring screw2g Beishashen2g Polygonatum2g TremellaSome Lily2g Candied jujube2g Flammulina velutipesSome Spareribs3Block Bamboo shootsA Ginger3Slice The practice steps of heat lungs soup ribs
Array  - 了了....

No water Yi toffee

12. Wrap up 13. Well, put it in the box. She is cold, my hands warm, not hot enough, or too hard. In the paper, like a rabbit like screw up! 14. Made a lot of Tips Don't burn it. The sugar is placed at room

Cheese spaghetti

11. Seasoning salt, sugar, vinegar, oregano, the proportion of sugar and salt is a, the cooking of Shunde's people will add salt and sugar, not terrible, a half tablespoon of vinegar, oregano two teaspoons of 12. Italy is familiar with, because there is no strip of pasta, instead of using the screw surface
  - JuicyEvaaa

Purple sweet potato dregs rolls

18. You can roll into strips screwed into the rolls. 19. Twisted into the steamer steamed bread. Before to do the time just to catch up with her mother in, is the mother to screw. This time to do not in, their own twist, a bit ugly. 20. Into the steamer after the first open fire
  - 祺祺_麻麻

Double color biscuit

mixed with a sieve, add the butter, stirring evenly, do not rub the gluten, the dough into a dough 7. Two the dough ready respectively. 8. Take a small piece of the original dough and chocolate dough, respectively.15G) 9. Screw
Array  - 小D烘调儿

Green onion roll

pressure;;; the screw; the twist; the pinch;
  - 银大咩

Beanflour hele

;   The big bed hele is now rare, are small, replace sb. plastic tools~The cylinder filled Xing good dough, two screw buckle side is rotating the handle, while there is a leak of export~Advantages of small volume, convenient, drawback is that too little time to do the hele, and leak good cleaning, occasionally take out good fun~
Array  - 绿野仙踪olivia

Depp oven recipes -- chocolate bar

7. Screw thread Put in the pan; 8. Depp quickly heat the oven to stall170Degree Baked20min Can. 9. The finished product is probably that. 10. We welcome the attention WeChat subscription number, absolutely no advertising
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