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Roe tofu

GarlicAppropriate amount OnionAppropriate amount Dry pepperAppropriate amount Chinese prickly ashAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount ChickenAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount SugarA bit of Soy sauceAppropriate amount PepperAppropriate amount The practice steps of roe
Array  - 一笑&而过

Roe Gunkan sushi sauce

Seaweed1ZhangRoe sauce50GSushi vinegar2SpoonCucumberHalf a The practice of roe GUNKAN Sushi 1. Preparation: seaweed, roe sauce (is a small bag, cut a small mouth, the better to reverse. I just come out and do the show. 2. Rice
  - Qiuyue0815

Fried Carp and roe

(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Carp1A RoeAppropriate amount Oil Salt Flour Chicken Fried Carp roe and the steps of practice 1. Carp to the scales. General in the market are. And one step is very important To brush off
  - 燕飞飞燕

On the roe two cooking method

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Mullet Yellow WineAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount The two step approach Ukraine roe recipes 1. Grandma and grandpa Taiwan travel back to Ukraine roe
Array  - kerosenewick

Roe sushi sauce

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Steamed Rice, roe sauce, seaweed The practice steps of roe sushi sauce 1. Good to do 2. Two roe sauce
  - 浮萍152

Grilled mullet roe

mullet roe 1. Stock. 2. Wine. With Ukraine roe surface. 3. Remove surface ligation. 4. 1TSP oil. Olive oil 5. Pot. Small
  - 愛吃小朱

Roe sushi rice

Just to eat the consumption of salmon roe Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Steamed Rice Salmon roe Accessories   Salmon skin Salmon meat
Array  - 八辈之蚕

Avocado fried egg roe sauce

Roe sauce, avocado fried egg practices 1. The avocado cut in half, remove the shell, with a spoon to dig some flesh, leave enough space to place a whole egg 2. Cut a small piece of skin on the back of the avocado, the avocado can be heated evenly in the pan

Good to "scream" roe sushi, you stay in control?

"Buy back I love salmon roe and caviar. Roast eel is the husband's favorite. A little fishy fish, very fresh, salty, cold with boiling water rinse to eat oh! Husband to eat sushi, usually go to eat [], I personally do today's sushi. It's really nice to take it!! Where did I do it myself!" Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate
Array  - 藤崎寿司

Braised fish

to fish there is a sense of love, love bite creak, more chewing the more fragrant feeling. Rarely in the market to buy carp seed, and then to the next, to buy a bass seed, taste is the same. Occasionally, you still can yangkeng, Roe has very high nutritional value, containing egg albumin, globulin, egg kind the mucin and fish scales protein etc. needed by the body of nutrients, but also taste delicious.
Array  - 明月舞青衣

Egg caviar

, in the outer layer of the film roe removed, adding a spoonful of salt, a spoon of cooking wine to mix, pickled10Minute 2. Beat the egg, add a spoon of cooking wine, mix a spoonful of water, under the pan fried until egg freezing immediately after Sheng out of standby 3. Will all the water drained out salted
  - Mr__しν

Braised bean curd

Tofu is the most common dishes, itself is not the taste too strong, but this is a simple ingredients can conjure up lots of delicious, add a little bit of can make a new taste of food. Today, for everyone to send such a crab tofu is from Xiaotao's favorite, salted egg yolk, say the taste and smell of salted egg yolk, with crab roe is somewhat similar, but in terms of price, populist many Oh

Braised bean curd

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients North tofuHalf CarrotFew Corn grainFew Ya DanhuangA The practice steps of crab tofu 1. Material preparation 2. Fried tofu, the best 3. Add corn carrots 4. Remove the duck's egg yellow water 5. Add tofu 6. Add some Japanese soy sauce 7. Take the juice out of the pot. Crab tofu search practices Daquan
Array  - 贪吃的猫熊

Crab Fried rice with egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Egg3A Shallot10g Rice500g Salt5g Vinegar10ml Ginger1A The practice steps of Fried rice with egg crab 1. Beat the egg, add salt. The amount of hot oil stir fried shallot, ginger ding. Add the rice with a shovel to the scattered. After adding three separate rice egg beaten, kept rolling fried rice. Make an egg wrapped each grain of rice, and finally add a little vinegar. Crab Fried rice with egg. The practice of video Fried rice with egg crab Fried rice with egg crab search approach Daquan
  - 兔兔TUT

Crab soup dumplings

~Open the steamer,Smoke,Crystal dumplings,Clip up transparent skin soup ready.Rich and sweet crab soup,Out of the moment,At that moment the mood can not say. Materials Ingredients Pork filling250GCrab ovary100GLard60GEgg1ASoy sauce1Soup spoonSalt1TeaspoonSugarFewCooking wine1Soup spoonOnion1SectionGinger1Block Accessories Dumpling powder200GWater90GSalt1Teaspoon Crab soup dumplings practice 1. About20Around,Depending on the specific number and size of the steamed stuffed bun fillings:Pork filling250G, Xie Huang100Gram, lard60Grams, egg, a spoonful of soy sauce, salt, sugar, cooking wine, onion, ginger; peel:Dumpling powder200Grams of water90G, Yan Shaoxu; the crab is bought and wrapped in the vegetable market to buy crab, lard 2. Cut the lard into small pieces.,The pot of lard consumption~Lard gradually disappear,Finally become oil son~Don't throw away the residue son~When children do also eat oil,At that time is also a food 3. Into the crab,Small fire for a moment~Until the lard and crab fusion,Become the color of the crab butter 4. Crab pot, spare 5. Soup must Roupi Dong,Production of vegetables:(This step is recommended to complete a day ahead of time)Wash hair what the pigskin~~Any meat can be bought,The kind of net to buy white~ 6. Add water,No pig can,If you can fill water is not enough, add a little salt and cooking wine~ 7. After boiling, skim floating foam 8. Simmer for two hours or more,Pigskin will become soft elasticity, this soup is almost cooked.~ 9. Pig don't ha,Filter out the soup.,Packed lunch boxes(So the final cut), cool and then put into the refrigerator, the refrigerator, this step is suggested to make a day before,The soup will be fine after the night. 10. Wait for Roupi Dong completely condensed,Roupi Dong scraped the oil slick,Fall out is a piece ofblingblingThe white and tender meat jelly,Full collagen~ 11. Cut into pieces~If the skin frozen cooked more,Can be used only in half,Rest of the sealed refrigeration,Stay for the next time. 12. Dough making:Mix all the ingredients in the bun,Knead dough.The dough is hard.,Must have patience to have the strength of more than a moment,The dough evenly mixed into a smooth group,Toughness,When will this roll peel will roll very thin leather,Steam will be crystal clear,It tastes good..Kneading dough can be used for bread machine,Husband machine and other tools.I was practicing the arm,A sweat; chef dough package is actually good for foot,You don't mind if you can also use; knead good cover good cloth to wake up and half an hour 13. Making meat stuffing:The meat stuffing in pig meat stuffing, egg, soy sauce, salt, sugar, cooking wine, onion, ginger and required materials into the pot stir 14. Put before making a good crab,Stir well 15. Add diced pork skin jelly,Stir well 16. After the dough is made.,Qie Jizi,Roll the PIHA~ 17. Roll skin,It must be very thin wrappers,To see the front lines through the leather board, kneading it in place,This step is very easy,Not in place this step will not succeed 18. Put the meat stuffing,Bao Baozi 19. Turn pinch pleat, dear old photo to see action,Look at me this time.~~Will not pack the pro,I recorded a packet of buns.,Placed in the micro Bo,Package package~~~ 20. Finally, the middle is not sealed 21. Pack a good dumplings into the steamer 22. In the closing point on a crab as decoration 23. After the upper air,Steamed8-10Minute 24. If no steamer can ha~~~Put the pot on the tray cloth,Can be placed directly on the small steamed bun~~ 25. Just out of the pot dumplings should be like Kazakhstan,The crystal clear skin,Clip up soft,Inside the soup will fall,Seem ready to come out at one's call~~~This effect is to roll skin must be thin 26. Please eat hot dumplings~

Caviar eggs

OilAppropriate amount Black sesameAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount The practice steps of caviar eggs 1. The egg, black sesame, salt, chicken, thirteen incense into caviar inside, stir well. 2. Fire fried fish roe, roe fried fried for a while, hear
Array  - 雪遥

Delicious bread crab (a crab to eat crab fried rice, two: ginger Sauteed Crab)

Bread crab is a relatively high on the ingredients, rich in protein, trace elements and other nutrients, the body has a very good nourishing effect. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Bread crab1Only about650g Egg2A Leftovers250g GingerSeveral pieces OnionChopped up Cooking wineAppropriate amount StarchA spoon SugarFew Soy sauce2Spoon Pingguo Cu or white vinegar2Spoon Delicious bread crab (a crab to eat crab fried rice, two: ginger Sauteed Crab) action steps 1. I bought a bread crab is cooked, frozen, ca.650G, thaw, and then open it. 2. Gary has a lot of bread crab crab, very delicious, sorted out, mashed. 3. The pot into the oil, add ginger, a little salt, crab fry, add an egg, a little cooking wine, scattered, and crab together and stir fry until cooked. Beside him. 4. Heat oil, fry into another egg, divided into small pieces, add leftovers 5. Add soy sauce, Pingguo Cu, Steamed Rice fried powder. Add crab fry, add chopped green onion. 6. Fill out a tray 7. The pot into the oil, add ginger, a little more, fire, oil heat, add bread crab pieces, stir fry, add cooking wine, chili powder, soy sauce, stir fry evenly, a little a little hot braised. 8. Add some sugar, starch and mix thoroughly, pour into the pot, thick thicken, add chopped green onion or spring onion. Stir fry pan! Two dishes are made! Search delicious bread crab (a crab to eat crab fried rice, two: ginger Sauteed Crab) practices Daquan
Array  - 淇淇2013

Sea urchin sashimi salmon meal

Very like to eat fish raw rice, sushi shop sold very expensive, but also no technical content, or their own good, a family to buy a box of Canadian sea urchin200Around, you can let go. Unfortunately did not buy big small enough fresh roe. Self adjustment of the sushi rice can according to their own tastes too sweet or sour, sweet and sour ratio is roughly1:2, sweetened
Array  - 喜欢做菜的熊熊


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Laver3Zhang Steamed RiceA bowl Small cucumber1Root Ham sausage1Root DarrenAppropriate amount Dried meat flossAppropriate amount Egg1A Roe
  - H1110


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Steamed Rice250g Laver1Zhang Sushi vinegarAppropriate amount Radish3A Dried meat flossAppropriate amount Roe sauceAppropriate amount
Array  - 筱喵呜

A riot of colours

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Sushi rice80g Red, green crab roe, tempura broken50g Cucumber, ham, dried meat floss Colorful practice steps 1. The sushi rice
  - Kiss食尚


Ingredients Seaweed, glutinous rice, rice, cucumber, carrots, ham, roe sauce, white vinegar, salad Sushi practice steps 1. 1Rice,1/2Cup and glutinous rice2Cup cooked rice2In a large bowl of rice, add salt, sugar pour white vinegar3The carrot, cucumber, ham, cut
  - 毛毛97


Sprinkle with tomato sauce and crab roe on these vegetables. 5. Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll. Sushi practice video Search for sushi practice
Array  - 泽雪2

Crispy fried fish

Fresh fish, full of rich roe. Fish is native to Japan belongs to deep-sea fish, osmeriformes osmeridae. Multi spring fish, also known as capelin, smelt, because many of female fish roe, hence the name "spring" (of the dialects in the south of China, such as Hakka, "egg", "egg" known as "spring"). Including from Japan Hokkaido County yufutsu Mukawa, shishamo...(Open
Array  - 明月舞青衣

Fried fish

Full of people like fish roe, plump, very suitable for children to eat Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Multi spring fishA pound OnionAppropriate amount SaltFew Soy sauceFew
  - 珊珊377

California salmon avocado roll

California roll is a like sushi rolls, materials generally to cucumber, crab Liu, avocado (avocado) plus and laver volume of and and in the outer layers of the rice sprinkled with caviar or crab roe. California volume is said to be the last century70One of the early days of the early days of a sushi restaurant in Losangeles, California, a master of the invention

Delicious sushi, take you into the world of dreams!

Ingredients EggAppropriate amount Steamed RiceAppropriate amount CucumberAppropriate amount Accessories   SugarAppropriate amount VinegarAppropriate amount SeaweedAppropriate amount ShutterAppropriate amount Roe
  - 藤崎寿司

Fried fish

Today we are here to park lake raised the fish to fish out to sell, the fish never feed feed and a lake in the park is living water, and wild fish almost, one is alive and kicking. I bought a good few, get back into the pot, eat in the water also has a two day. Only the common carp and crucian carp and bighead carp, few other fish. Today to slaughter a few carp, and now is the spring, fish roe
Array  - 万山红

Pregnant Octopus

blocks 2. Cut out of a similar pattern. 3. Black pepper and salt. 4. Hot pot of cold oil fry, fish have over, roe, bang around when fried, fry a thick, remember to turn over.
  - 汲美贤


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Steamed Rice, seaweed, sushi vinegar, cooked carrots, ham sausage, dried meat floss, salad dressing, roe sauce, salad sauce Sushi practice steps 1.

Homemade Sushi

Mayonnaise Roe sauce Seafood sauce Homemade sushi practice steps 1. Large photo materials 2. Rice mixed with sushi vinegar mix evenly 3. Roll the sushi roll on Shanghai moss and lay the rice
Array  - 西疙瘩

Matsu Zushi, sauce ~

floss Cheese Ketchup Ham Cucumber Roe sauce Mustard Sushi A piece of seaweed Radish Matsu Zushi, on the steps of the sauce ~ practice 1. The first meal with sushi vinegar mix, to a hot air, the spare time can put cucumber, ham cut10cmStrip. 2. The meal is cold, put the meal
  - youlinyao09

Fresh and tasty sushi roll

Cucumber (a lettuce)1A Carrot1A Pickle Ham (a crab roe sauce, salmon and tuna Pickled radish Egg Practice steps of refreshing and multi - flavored sushi roll 1. First, to ensure that the Steamed Rice tile, Steamed Rice can keep your material, then turn into the material, roll up
  - ScorpioX

American Fried Eggs

on the fried eggs. Can also be a vegetable, roe sauce Tips Delicious and soft eggs are very delicious. Fried in the process of small and medium fire! "The fire fierce as a tiger" should not be The American search Fried Eggs practices Daquan
Array  - 小姿饭儿

Egg soup

3. Boil the water, will hold the egg easily into the water, cover the lid, transfer the fire, steam8Minute 4. Out of the pot, sprinkle a little bubble of shrimp, roe or onion flowers can be, this time I put the wolfberry, multi point, in fact, put a few pieces of enough Video of the practice
Array  - 布語

Muzi: the baby loves sushi rolls

Accessories   MayonnaiseAppropriate amount Roe sauce Dried meat floss Sesame Muzi: baby love sushi rolls of the practice step 1. Sushi rice quick wash good dip1In an hour330gThe boiled stew15Minutes. 2. While the heat
Array  - 我叫木子

Fragrant fried fish

Good feed collect buy Multi spring fish, belly full of fish roe, deal with the, it can be fried, very deft dish, but also very delicious, nutrient rich, suitable for adults and children eat Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients
Array  - 翘胡子洋芋片

Carp Laoshan shoots

4. Put the fish in the pot. Must not be in a hurry to flip 5. Cooking wine, vinegar, salt, sugar, adding a. Add water to boil after bamboo shoots, roe, float into the pot with a small fire15To20Minute 6. Pan Pan Tips I
Array  - Jolly0

Egg fried fish

This approach gives the fish magic taste, golden surface, meat tender, caviar explosion, fishbone melted. The child can eat fish roe, Mingmu, contains trace elements required for the skin, protein and other mineral salts. Ingredients Multi spring fish Cooking wine Ginger powder
Array  - 小姿饭儿

Nutrition shrimp noodles

Shrimp noodles taste delicious, is a high nutritional value, is the southern Anhui traditional snacks, nutrition and delicious fishQShrimp roe noodles bomb, with the upper yellow egg and sweet chili sauce, easy to learn, what are you waiting for! Materials Ingredients Fish2SliceEgg1AGold card of Hongkong shrimp noodles1BundleBaby
Array  - 冰鉴宝宝

Harbin Nian Yefan essential big home fish braised beef powder trial

6. Add two bowls of water,After the fire boil stew,The fire cover stew the soup 7. Sprinkle with parsley before the pot,Fish stew pan, 8. This is the relatives sent roe deer meat,Every year I do not eat heavy smell fear,Dad first fried to do the feeling of walking meat section,I

Dry pot potato shrimp

5. Before the pot shrimp powder wrapped. 6. The pot of oil,7Hot shrimp roe. Scrambled to shrimp turn red, then under the ginger and garlic. Burst. 7. The shrimp must stir into shrimp skin is like coke, eat fried chicken flavor.
  - 蔚续

Wild rice porridge

First of all, thank you for your support! Ha ha! Some time ago in [] Glutinous Rice Balls funny show post winning prizes, I can say that I have almost finished? Cooked porridge especially delicious, soft waxy fragrance, very chewy, boiled Steamed Rice soundly, deserves to be called grain in roe sauce. Ingredients
  - 范小米儿


steps 1. Half of the rice cooking rice as normal as half cooked, don't cook thin. 2. Buy online seaweed 3. Home only roe sauce and salad, squeezes in tomato sauce Mustard and so on, the Internet has a ready-made sushi vinegar to buy, my sushi

Boiled chicken

called 3, Chicken in Soya Sauce. Later, the Shanghai Hotel and deli are operating Baizhan Ji, not only fine materials and boil cooked shrimp roe soy sauce along with the chicken on the table dipping for eating. This dish is golden in color, crisp tender, abnormal taste delicious, eat too long. Although now chicken dishes there are countless, and most people feed not tire of it is Bai Zhanji, authentic
Array  - 空心菜菜子

Wild rice fried rice

is the guest of honor is top grade, with wild rice cooking, soft and waxy, fragrant. Many poets are interested in it, and leave the eternal sentences. Wild rice sweet, cold, nutrient containing high, known as the "cereal in roe sauce". Wild rice protein contains rich amino acids, vitamins and minerals and trace elements, the dietary fiber is much higher than that of rice is a rare health food, and can
Array  - 优妈美食

Steamed fish

Mr. Sun has caught a fish.55Cm long"North American shad"This fish, foreigners generally only eat it because too many fish roe. But in the shining eyes this is a very suitable for steamed fish, steamed fish methods are mostly the same, flower particularly want to say is the wobble plate, for particularly large fish, change a way to wobble plate as for vacuum.
Array  - 白花花的白花花

Good food, or beans fruit fried fish in Norway

Deep sea fish from Norway. Because the belly full of roe is all the seasons of the year, so the name "spring fish ', fresh meat, rich in calcium, eyesight, brain, simple fried, you can enjoy the whole fish Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients
Array  - 午夜芊芊

Three bags

the weather is cold, the waking environment need to pay attention, the general most appropriate temperature is28C, if not up to this temperature will need to extend the time, otherwise the product will not be soft, this must be noted. 3And carrots are fat soluble vegetables, cut into filaments to oil to fry, I used the shrimp sauce, fried carrot and fresh yellow, taste with crab roe have a spell, very
Array  - 涓涓小厨

Assorted Sushi Rice

Sushi meal for myself.Daily life cannot do without these little things of daily meals fuel, is the foundation of happiness~ Sushi rice is very casual, very family Japanese food, food is not to buy so much can be used~~There can be no sweet shrimp, salmon roe can also, do not put lotus no problem~~Like to put a little more, especially with personal preference, introduction of material:Mirin: Often used
Array  - 翻糖MM-白之猫猫

Hot and sour fish

1. Ready to crucian carp, crucian carp to the scales, to internal organs, roe into another dish, wash the fish spare spare. 2. Prepare a bottle of jars of flavor were chopped pepper, garlic, ginger, coriander, green onions, wash. 3. Carp cut, put into the container, add a teaspoon
Array  - 秋意濃

Grilled seafood

is not turned over.Saury generally30MinuteSmall yellow croaker20MinuteMulti spring fish15~20Every minuteThese fish inside the saury oil rich baked special fragranceFish roe greatSmall yellow croaker too reactive, look at each online shopping gifts are only used to eat his job...... 4. Squid:Squid best choiceBBarbecue sauceIt's the normal kind of squid.What
Array  - 咖喱土豆牛腩饭

[original wheat breakfast] soft method of flax seed

materials prepared, flax seed soft law smear cream, code smoked salmon. Garnish with lemon piece, with mango dices, roe and dill collocation decorates. 8. Combination3Effect chart 9. Combination3Effect chart 10. Combination4: raw
Array  - 向大可coco

Mushrooms wild rice lamp

, the leaf such as pampas grass, the generation of seed called wild rice. It is the history of the famous "six Valley" (rice, millet, millet, sorghum, wheat, rice) of. It is said that the mushroom rice, fragrant, soft and waxy. Now, although bamboo can decorate the dining table, but wild rice can be said to be very rare, called "grain in roe sauce". This dish approach is quite simple, pork, bamboo shoots
Array  - 肥小菇