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Rice noodles

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Rice noodlesIt just depends. Big bonesIt just depends. Green onion Practice steps of rice vermicelli 1. Cook the bones in a bone

Rice noodles

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Rice noodles3Yuan Coriander5Dime Bean paste2Yuan Mustard.1Yuan Minced meat8Yuan Coprinus comatusSmall two Rice practice steps
Array  - salime

Rice noodles

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Vermicelli, osmanthus sausage, lily, vegetable oil Practice steps of rice vermicelli 1. Water boiling in the rice noodle3A5Minute

Rice noodles soup

The first time to cook for my mother and sister-in-law Full of love. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Rice noodles Sour beans Garlic sausage Chicken Sausage Beef in Brown Sauce
  - 张-niami

Singapore Fried rice noodles

Singapore Fried rice noodles Also called the Singapore fried rice, Singapore fried rice is a fried rice ingredients including shrimp, pork, eggs, bean sprouts, curry sauce and chili wire. Singapore fried rice although to Singapore's name, but not a source in Singapore, but with in Southeast Asia often eat fried ricecake strips (which is to stir your Diao) practices are fairly similar. Singapore

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles

Hot and sour noodles to taste that I told her husband is very like to eat, remember that go out to see, we two is a people eat a bowl, the key is less expensive, also do not think it is so clean, feel that they taste like is not very authentic, generally, I bragged with the husband said to go home to do to him, he is very happy waiting for me to do to him to eat, so there is this hot and sour
Array  - 草莓茶

Fried rice noodles

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Rice noodles5Block CabbageHalf a Tomatoes1A ShallotAppropriate amount Satay Sauce1Spoon Egg3A Fried rice practice steps
Array  - 心随你动2

Fried spicy Rice noodles

The practice steps of fried spicy Rice noodles 1. Put the oil into the pot and heat the pork stir 2. Fried pork3~5Minutes into the hot pepper and then into the cooked rice noodles in Guilin 3. Then add soy sauce and salt in the glass to put into the glass, and then add
  - 微凉88

Rice noodles Shacha soup

Shacha flavor will be on the table, the my improved rice flour instead of noodles, taste also belong to light, but still wonderful. Materials Ingredients Rice noodles200G Shrimp10Only Egg1A
Array  - 烧焦的Apple

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles

pepper, coriander, cut onions. 3. The hot pot of oil, ginger, garlic, pepper and stir fry. 4. Add cooked meat prepared at the end, add a spoonful of soy bean paste Pixian County, according to personal preferences with oyster sauce, pepper noodles, eat not spicy small partners can
  - 方玺儿-

Fried rice noodles

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Rice noodles100g Mung bean sprouts, green vegetables, meatFew Oil, salt, soy sauce, chicken essenceFew Fried rice practice steps
Array  - 千与千寻115

Fried rice noodles sausage

sauce5TeaspoonPeanut oil4Soup spoonSugar5G The practice of Fried rice noodles sausage 1. Prepare ingredients 2. Rice soaking 3. Bubble open, remove
Array  - Calf2013

Xinghua shrimp Rice noodles

Xinghua shrimp Rice noodles practice 1.Beaten eggs into the hot oil in the pot fry Sheng out, shrimp into the hot water blanching discoloration can be picked up, pork with salt, cooking wine and cornstarch, pickled moment stand-by 2.Directly into the boiling water in the hot water3-5Picked up the spare minutes 3.The pot into the oil into the shredded meat fry color 4.Add all
Array  - 寂寞在跳舞

Simple and Rice noodles

oilAppropriate amount Pickled cabbage resembling sauerkrautBan Ke SaltAppropriate amount MSGAppropriate amount PigAppropriate amount KelpAppropriate amount The practice of simple steps and Rice noodles 1. Prepare ingredients 2. The garlic, onion
  - Csunshine

Fried rice noodles

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Rice noodles2Block Green vegetables1The Egg2A Fried rice practice steps 1. Rice noodles and vegetables prepared
Array  - 親親寳呗

Rice noodles minced pork

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Minced pork Wet rice flour, spices Shanghai green The practice steps of pork belly Rice noodles 1. First fried pork smell of urine
  - 等待450

Rice noodles salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Rice noodles, dried radish, garlic, ginger, pepper, soy sauce, soy sauce, millet thirteen spices, olive oil, black pepper The practice steps of Rice noodles salad
Array  - 璐璐妈厨房

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles

, gingerAppropriate amount OnionAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount SugarFew Fuel consumption Zanthoxylum oil Salt Chicken The practice steps hot and Sour Rice Noodles 1. For these materials, more pepper oil, soy sauce, oil, soy sauce, salt, chicken, sugar
Array  - 幸福的猪11

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles

Peanut meat(Fried)20G Soybean20G Sirloin300G Seasoning Soy sauce5G Onion5G Rice vinegar10G Aromatic vinegar10G Chilli oil10G Chinese prickly ash powder5G Coriander1Root Stock1A large spoon
Array  - 宅与路上

Seafood fried rice noodles

, oyster sauce, soy sauce) Seafood fried rice noodles practice steps 1. 1The pho cut section, slice cutting head accessories, spare ingredients 2. 2The fire pan Yin oil, a little salt in the pot, the noodles into the pot fry until both sides yellowish, dish
  - 食德系福

Three fried rice noodles

Three wire fried rice fried rice for a long time, and has been too lazy to do, this time the daughter said that he would like to eat rice, and other do not want to eat, so do a dish, almost all the end of her daughter. Materials Ingredients Rice noodles3AGuangdong style barbecued pork100GCarrotHalf of the rootYellow bean
Array  - 紫韵千千

Lazy Rice noodles

noodlesAppropriate amount Green pepper1A Carrot0.5A Mushroom sauceAppropriate amount Olive oilAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount The practice steps of lazy Rice noodles 1. Green peppers into strips 2. Huw Rob Che S
Array  - 梦幻水晶鱼儿

Singapore Fried rice noodles

Chew it Fried rice noodles 1.Water, add a scoop of curry powder, a tablespoon of oil, a spoon of salt, boiled 2. Put Rice noodles in water, soft boiled after controlling water drain 3. Red peppers, onions, leeks, shredded pork; egg spread into the egg skin, cut into egg crepe 4. The pot put oil, add shrimp, fried after paprika onion, leek, Huang Si 5. Put a little bit of curry
Array  - 豆子K

Rice noodles bean cake

My mother often work, rural does not lack is the rice and later married into the field to sell are flour cake, I try to do, this is the taste of home! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Rice noodles Beans
  - 芃妈2014

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles

The practice steps of Suanla Fen 1. The noodles boil eight mature fish out stand-by in the pot 2. The pot hot oil, add chopped green onion, Hot pot bottom material soy flavor, add water to boil 3. Add vermicelli, sour beans, plus the amount of soy sauce boil turn a small fire
Array  - 勤劳柠檬果5

Fried rice noodles

Like simple and sanitary Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Rice noodles200g Celery100g Chili8A Garlic1A large flap Vegetable oil, salt, pepper oil, chicken, soy sauceAppropriate
  - 一笑21

Guilin Rice noodles salad

Guilin rice noodles is a long history of snacks. Famous for its unique flavor. The exquisite workmanship, the first on good early indica rice ground into a slurry, bagging filtering, Chuai into dough cooked squeeze into Yuangen or flake is a. The circular said Rice noodles said the cut powder, flake, known as Rice noodles which is characterized by white, delicate, smooth
Array  - 秋意濃

Rice noodles rolls

) Time:1Hours above Ingredients ARice noodles, ingredients: Rice150g Water150g Salt1G Boiling water100g B, spices juice materials: Geranium2Slice Star anise2A Chinese prickly ash30Grain Fennel1g Small dry pepper2A
  - 飘雪636

With rice noodles are delicious in Pork Chop

Tips No chicken, MSG, salt, fried, stewed as long as3Simple steps will be able to eat the delicious (cinnamon, fennel must, can not have such a pot of basil)8Block, can keep half cooked with tomorrow long noodles, pork ribs soup more flavor! Search with rice Noodles are delicious big Pork Chop practices Daquan
Array  - dodo小鱼

Stir-Fried Rice Noodles

and mix well preserved,10Minutes tasty 2.Shred onion, bean sprouts choose clean, drain water, onion optional wash clean, cut into inch sections, chopped garlic 3.Vegetable oil into the pot, the fire heated to the temperature of the Qicheng hot, add beef slices marinated fried meat to color, Sheng 4.Wok add vegetable oil, minced garlic, onion and fry off raw bean sprouts, add beef 5.Put rice
Array  - 随心煮意

Pickled shredded meat Rice noodles

sauce2TeaspoonGinger2SliceGarlic1Grain Pickled shredded meat Rice noodles practice 1. Prepare ingredients 2. Shredded meat 3. Lean meat with soy sauce, ginger, garlic, oil, salt, stirring evenly
Array  - Calf2013

Black rice noodles Steamed buns

Ingredients Water200GFlour264GBlack rice noodles60G Accessories Vegetable oil7GSugar8GYeast3.3G Black face Steamed buns approach 1. Preparation of black rice and other materials

Nanchang mix (Rice noodles salad)

Nanchang people love breakfast is mix powder and crock soup Ingredients Jiang Suan Salt Soy sauce Chicken PepperAccording to personal taste Nanchang mix (cold Rice noodles practice steps) 1. First essential to the rice, as long as the Jiangxi
Array  - 喬小妞

Stir-Fried Rice Noodles

7. Rice noodles fried hot Fang Xiaodu 8. Put salt, sesame, onion, a few drops of soy sauce 9. Finally put the pepper oil, from the pot 10. The flavor of the noodles ready! Do not like the mountain pepper can not put Oh

Stir-Fried Rice Noodles

the bean sprouts, lettuce fried for a while 8.In fine Rice noodles; (Rice noodles from the fine water to remove and soak the drain) 9.Add appropriate amount of soy sauce, soy sauce, chicken, stir fry until color uniform, you can Cooking skills 1The big fire, fried, fried quickly out of the pot to the smell of food stalls. 2Also, therefore, not a one-time fry a few people, the best1-2For
Array  - 恩泽宝贝

Stir-Fried Rice Noodles

Chicken SaltAppropriate amount Fried the practice steps 1. Boil the oil Add ginger Pepper burst Meat and spinach 2. Add powder The soy sauce soy sauce Salt and mix well Add MSG seasoning pot can be Tips No rice Can
  - 迷你小香

Chaozhou barbecue fried rice noodles

Cooking skillsThere are several rice noodles, wide point and fine, I prefer this kind of thin rice noodles. Lean meat can also be replaced with beef. Lettuce do not buy too much, because only accessories, in fact, do not have to.
Array  - 熊猫当

Hot and sour beef Rice noodles

Hot and sour beef Rice noodles approach 1.The tenderloin and marinate with cornstarch, soy sauce, sesame oil for a moment, pickled cabbage, capsicum, bamboo shoots cut 2.The oil into the pot, add xiaomila, pickled cabbage, fried bamboo shoots 3.The shredded meat into the fried, add a teaspoon of spicy sauce stir evenly 4.A small saucepan of boiling water, add Rice noodles
Array  - 雯婷茜子

Appetizer, rice noodles good choice

the minced meat, put into lobster sauce and dried radish, and stir for a minute, stir flavor, add a little water 4. The rest of the capsicum into, and garlic bolt, stir fryPut sugar, and finally put a little salt and soy sauce, not too much, will be salty Search for appetizer, rice noodles good practices Daquan
  - 呢度有D野

# powder of pepper Rice noodles soup # trial set

A lot of ingredients in a bowl of rice, sprinkle with pepper, the big winter to meet a bowl of rice... Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Rice noodles2Slice Lean meat100g Boiled dumplingsAppropriate amount

Boneless spring leek Fried rice noodles

Beijing buy sauce beef tendon, with local leek Rice noodles, a little place. Uncle as a matchmaker. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Rice noodlesAppropriate amount Niu JianziAppropriate amount Spring
Array  - 美食组长

Hazelnut shortbread is Macarons - Rice noodles taste

Look at the photos point like in macaron (and failed), but not really ha, the Pima Kalong simple really, did not so sweet, but also more delicious. Hazelnut like a small partner, may wish to buy some high-quality hazelnut, shelled, oven170Degree10Minutes, roasted the ingredients to do. The cookies with sticky Rice noodles instead of flour, taste crisp, stuffed
Array  - 美人小妖

#Tella light of life # mushrooms Fried rice noodles

I like fried rice noodles. But I don't like the city sale because most of them will be very greasy. Done a few times in the home after the fact that fried rice flour without much oil but more delicious. So as long as the number of vegetables to consider more and more, this is a very good and healthy meals. This big one is only close to500Kcal. Can be at ease to eat.
Array  - Tella陈珊珊

Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef

, the rice noodles stir fry, salt, soy sauce, continue to stir constantly, add beef slices stir fried cooked, add pepper stir fry Tips Stir fry the speed to be quick Search dry fried cow river practice
  - 农家肥宝

Banana Rice noodles (baby food supplement)

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Banana1/4Root Original flavor rice2Half spoon 80Degree or so of waterAppropriate amount Banana Rice noodles (baby food supplement) practice steps
Array  - Li312886783

[meat] - Rice noodles fried stewed housekeeping practices

small spoon Sesame pasteA small spoon Peanut50Grain Onion5Root CorianderA small MustardHalf a pack [meat] Rice noodles-The practice of the housekeeping practices step fry brine 1. First, I use the rice flour is a Jiangxi rice
Array  - Emilyljw

Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef

The practice of dry fried cow river        Beef is Cantonese name, beef cattle refers to the river, the pho. Pho, also known as the Shahe powder, from Guangzhou Shahe town. Stir-fried rice noodles with beef is a kind of Guangdong dishes, with bean sprouts and rice noodles, beef fried into. In Guangzhou, Hongkong tea restaurant, overseas Cantonese
Array  - 紫色透明

Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef

Dry fried cow river is a special kind of staple food in Guangdong area The sprouts, beef, noodles and fried material etc. Cattle from Guangdong pho town of Shahe, it is also known as the Shahe powder, similar to the Fujian area of rice noodles It is usually divided into noodle soup boiled or fried Dry fried is divided into wet and add sauce fried with fried sauce
  - 草西猪猪

Steamed bread machine made Rice noodles

Glutinous rice2/3 Late rice1/3 Cinnamon, anise, spicy, Hu Jiao flowerAppropriate amount The practice steps of bread machine made the steamed Rice noodles 1. Wash all ingredients, add the bread machine, jam procedure. Stir fry until pale yellow. 2. Put
  - 罗冰心

Lemon boiled meat Rice noodles soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Lean meat PigAppropriate amount LemonAppropriate amount Wolfberry leafAppropriate amount The practice steps of lemon meat soup boiled Rice noodles
Array  - _Tree_

Spicy cabbage noodles New Year cake

the instant noodles, that is South Korea's national snack "spicy rice cakes", the kimchi rice cake and noodles cook, a pot of stewed, very little fish and bear paw to eat it. Materials Ingredients New Year cake100G Instant noodles
Array  - 坨坨妈

Mai Jin Zhen Rice-meat dumplings rice noodles soup

2. Rice-meat dumplings and rice cakes. 3. After thawing and cut Rice-meat dumplings rice noodles, a little chopped green onion, take a few pieces of vegetables 4. After boiling in Rice-meat dumplings boil three to five minutes
Array  - ai罗勒叶

Rice noodles [Chiffon Cake] -- rice can do Chiffon you made it

Rice can do chiffon, with me500Grams of washing free organic rice, broken "grinding machine directly". Finished look at the section you absolutely do not want to do, very special! Slightly crisp, completely different from the low powder Chiffon mouthfeel, and Rice noodles do more than flour pastry health.~~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
Array  - 空心菜

TiMi 6M+ "Mashed Potato hemp food Rice noodles"

3. Diced 4. Steam cooked 5. Steamed potatoes with cooking machine polished into mud 6. 70Warm water transfer rice. Pumpkin mud added to the rice flour, stir well TiMiHemp
Array  - TiMi小姐的麻麻

Heyuan Rice noodles fried egg vegetables vegetable dish

I can't cook This is the first time you can eat. Very happy Hope to share with us in the study Come on! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Heyuan rice2Block Green vegetables Egg2A Soybean paste
  - JeSlin_

Private stir-fried rice noodles with beef powder

Tomatoes1/2 Private practice steps fried cow river dry powder 1. The hot oil, stir fry shredded beef in the fire into the fire in color, put onions carrots stir fry.Add soy sauce, soy sauce, white pepper, and tomato slices turn fried, sugar, salt, vinegar.The small fire stir after adding rice noodles. In the fire and stir fry tasty, even

Big beef powder trial of Chaoshan beef meatball rice noodles

Beef balls8A(Can be increased) Great red letter big beef powderAppropriate amount Rice noodles(Pho)Ban Jin CeleryA tree Big beef powder trial of Chaoshan beef meatball rice nooles practice steps 1. Material group photo Celery cut 2. Take
  - 心随你动2

Home Chao Hefen

6. Pho is finally put into, 7. Open fire, take a shovel about stir fry, add soy sauce must first put soy sauce poured on the shovel and then sprinkled around, so soy sauce with rice noodles fried evenly, salt to add a little. Can try the taste of their own. 8. Fry quickly cooked

Chao Hefen fragrant sauce

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients PhoBan Jin Lean meatOne or two Bean pasteSmall spoon CorianderA small Oyster mushroomOne or two The fragrant Sauce Fried rice noodles practice
Array  - 可乐柠檬姐

Chao Hefen egg vegetables

Egg vegetable Chao practices Hefen 1.Use chopsticks to pull out, add a small amount of salt; egg scattered; bean sprouts and rape were washed; red pepper shred 2.The pot hot oil into the egg, stir fry, dish and set aside 3.Bean sprouts, small rape, red pepper stir fry dish and set aside for a moment, 4.Add rice noodles, pour a little soy sauce, salt, chicken powder, stir evenly
Array  - 恩泽宝贝

Chao Hefen (shredded meat classic version)

6. Pho down, diligent, keep stirring, so as not to paste pot, put to the amount of salt, soy sauce5gHe Shengchou10G, the amount of chicken, reconcile it, then scatter in Pho above. Turn fry evenly, add chili powder, continue to stir, until the rice noodles dry, oil - glamorous Ze, you can add chopped green onion into, stir fry evenly, off the fire tray. (like sesame oil, can drop a few drops
Array  - 秋意濃

Fried rice noodle

Originally like eat Baita Road Cobra opposite a barbecue fried rice noodle, because his family not to put bad peppers, pickles, who knows suddenly on the demolition. After a long time to eat... After a long time, eat at home mom fried meat, fried feel try it yourself... Oh, it tastes good.. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
Array  - ¨佬岢¨

Fried rice noodle

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients SausageA Rice noodles100g CucumberA short Garlic bolt, salt, pepper, soy sauce, oilAppropriate amount Egg1A Practice steps of fried rice vermicelli
Array  - 沁_xlh

Fried rice noodle

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Rice noodles Accessories   All kinds of food Practice steps of fried rice vermicelli 1. Pot put the oil
Array  - 忆月歌

Fried rice noodle

Grass for several days, today can not pull up weeds! Ingredients Shredded meat Fungus Green vegetables Carrot Egg Onion Soy sauce MSG Salt Practice steps of fried rice vermicelli
  - 花謝夕颜

Authentic Xinjiang fried rice

Eat for many years, or the taste of memory. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Rice noodles (rice with coarse fine source Rice noodles or water Rice noodles)250g OilAppropriate amount CeleryAppropriate
Array  - 灰嫦石腚

Black soya bean milk fried rice

Fried rice noodles with soy milk is Fujian Putian characteristics of a snack, generally with the soybean milk, looks better, not so dark the, uh... Home often wear some grain soya bean milk, sometimes did not finish and a leisurely and carefree mood can be a family version of the rice milk, colorful, Za not picky eaters, ha~Ingredients also can be freely combined, can sprout
Array  - 开心的五谷杂粮

Chao Hefen assorted

, mushroom, green vegetablesAppropriate amount Ham, sausageAppropriate amount Mustard, salt, sugar, chicken essenceAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount Assorted fried rice noodles practice steps 1. 1.Soak with boiled Pho, drive, and cold water, less oil.2.Prepare dishes, egg, vegetables, edible

Chao Hefen Home Edition

(Or the Chinese and the Chinese.)Appropriate amount OnionHalf a CarrotHalf of the root Green pepper2A EggA SaltAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount Oyster sauceAppropriate amount Old godmother oil beanA spoon SugarA few Home fried rice noodles practice steps

Chao Hefen shredded meat

amount SaltAppropriate amount Shallot2Tree GarlicHalf a head Shredded meat fried rice noodles practice steps 1. Shredded meat 2. Salt and pepper, chili powder, salt15Minute 3. The oil pan, stir fry onion, ginger
Array  - Camille1987LL

Seafood Noodle

Seafood rice practice 1.Prepare all the materials, Rice noodles to use hot boiling water first, into the cold water soaked and remove reserve 2.Will be mushrooms, fungus and other wash clean, to change the knife. Crab sticks, fish tofu wash 3.Lettuce wash, remove old leaves. Tear open by hand 4.The pot of boiling water 5.In turn into the crab sticks, fish, tofu, mushrooms
Array  - 凡鸟

Chao Hefen satay sauce

Cantonese love pho and northerners like to eat pasta. Almost every household to do different dishes of noodles, fried rice noodles, rice noodle soup, steamed rice noodles, Hengli soup ingredient is rice noodles~~~Chao Hefen, the barbeque sauce I do today a lot of Hong Kong style tea restaurant has this Food. The practice is simple, ten minutes can be enjoyed~~ Materials
Array  - 食尚煮易

Fried rice noodle

5. Carrot fried soft sausage and then add in Scallion stir fry dish off 6. In addition to put the oil fried rice noodles and rice are eating oil can be a little more, salt must be put first, if put the speculation is not open) and then into the previously prepared ingredients and stir fry, put some soy sauce, and finally into the bitter
Array  - wanqi1005

Fried rice flour

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Rice noodles300g Carrot150G Celery stalk80G Practice steps of plain fried rice 1. Rice with water soaked in water, if time is short
  - 一笑21

New Year cake Hand-Pulled Noodle

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Cheese New Year cake24A Korean chili sauce200g OnionHalf a The practice steps New Year cake Hand-Pulled Noodle 1. The onion cut into pieces. 2. A little salad oil, oil heat, fry until golden brown. 3. Quickly add water, boil after adding hot sauce, add chili sauce to taste, completely melted into New Year cake! 4. Familiar with Hand-Pulled Noodle New Year cake, sauce, dish, eat! Search approach Daquan Hand-Pulled Noodle New Year cake
  - 喵喵120

Fried rice meat

sauce5GThirteen fragrant5G Practice of fried rice noodles 1. Diced meat 2. Seasoning: salt, cooking wine, thirteen spices, chili oil, soy sauce 3. Tune the tune in the meat
Array  - 水青青

Shrimp egg noodles / rice

Arctic sweet shrimpLook at Arctic prawn headDitto The rice soupLooking at Chinese CabbageLooking at Chopped green onionLooking at MushroomsPut more Carrot DingPut more EggA Shrimp egg soup rice/Procedure steps 1. Shrimp head and shrimp separation, shrimp head
  - LorraineK

Italian noodles (rice).

Salt SugarAppropriate amount Minced garlic, gingerGarlic4,5A small slice of ginger. Italian noodles (rice) sauce practice steps 1. Potatoes, carrots, onions, green peppers, diced tomatoes also chopped into paste! 2. Heat the oil pot, add ginger, garlic, a little
  - 妞妈学吃

Scallion noodles (Shanghai rice road)

4. Until the boil 5. The noodles are boiled and the water is boiling. 6. Sauce shop! Praising Search scallion noodles (Shanghai rice road) approach Daquan
  - 淡淡木香

Rice-meat dumplings noodles

Rice-meat dumplings cooking practices 1. After the water is boiling pot noodles 2. And then down into the heart of the pack. 3. Cook until boiling 4. At last, you can

Homemade fried rice noodle

Rice, also known as Rice noodles or vermicelli, rice is very fine, taste full, you have for breakfast Lunch is a good choice. Materials Ingredients Rice noodles2PersonPork50G Accessories Vegetable oil2SpoonChive3RootLeek2RootCelery2TreeCarrot70GJiaobai70GSalt2Soup
Array  - 小雀雀

Baby love Rice-meat dumplings noodles

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Rice-meat dumplings Spinach Noodles Baby love practice the steps of spinach Rice-meat dumplings 1. Cook in soy pot after adding water, after
Array  - UPUPJ

Rice-meat dumplings cooked tomato noodles

Vermicelli incenseand refreshing, cooked with tomato and Rice-meat dumplings, meat collocation uniform, but also enrich the taste. Materials Ingredients Vermicelli300GTomatoes200GRice-meat dumplings300G Accessories Salt3GOnion30GCelery20G
Array  - ZUICHU6

Chinese noodles - fried glutinous rice cake

) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Glutinous rice flourAppropriate amount Warm waterAppropriate amount White granulated sugarFew The practice steps of Chinese noodles fried glutinous rice cake ~ 1. Glutinous rice flour and water, white granulated
Array  - 甜橙90

Egg cooked instant noodles Glutinous Rice Balls

Glutinous Rice BallsFive SugarAppropriate amount Egg cooked instant noodles of the Glutinous Rice Balls practice steps 1. Boil water, put Glutinous Rice Balls 2. Put an egg 3. Put face, put sugar! After boiling
  - 绮姗

Assorted fried noodle

Assorted fried noodle practices       So the next day, the rice noodle in my home on the frequency of growing, and breakfast a bowl of chicken soup cooked rice noodles, warm and smooth, fell to the stomach good comfortable. Dinner is not to eat greasy, but also to ensure balanced nutrition, then to a fried rice noodle, a variety of colors, all kinds
Array  - Nicole

Meat powder

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Rice noodles, meat, sauce, pepper, green onion, soy sauce, salt, chicken amount, chicken soup Practice steps of meat powder 1. The materials ready, first
  - 步步前进

Steamed rice flour

Steamed Rice noodles is suitable for breakfast with supper to eat oh! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Lean meatAppropriate amount CarrotHalf of the root Rice noodles3Person Soy
  - 北極尖叫

Chicken soup

My favorite breakfast, delicious and easy to do ~ ~ ~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Chicken breast200g Rice noodles Chicken Soup for the practice steps 1. The chicken breast strips, add

Noodles with soy sauce

Remember the taste of soy sauce? Is there a different feeling for the different? Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Rice noodles, carrots, onions, pickles, soy sauce The practice steps of fried soy
  - 沐沐149