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Quail egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Mushrooms Quail egg Ketchup A small amount of salt Steamer Practice steps of quail eggs 1. Remove
  - 懒人猫猫

Quail egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Quail egg Practice steps of quail eggs 1. Fry the mushrooms and fry the eggs. Microwave oven3Minutes or so Cut strawberry

Quail egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Mushrooms7A Quail egg7A Practice steps of quail eggs 1. 1, the mushrooms washed, go to the pedicle (to the time to get a little deeper hole
Array  - 子茜妈

Soft boiled quail egg

Like the soft boiled quail egg twelve Feng taste. So try to do it yourself, but for a long time to find a paper. Had to turn to a friend. [email protected] and Food, made their own pastry paper. So I began to learn to do. Here special post written recipe is because I am a novice, making write my feelings. I do not directly point caviar, tomato sauce. If you like...(Open
Array  - 水冰凝D

Quail egg Yuba pork

anise1A Chinese cinnamon1Block Caoguo1A Geranium1Slice Garlic1A The practice steps of quail egg Yuba pork 1. To prepare the material, diced potatoes and carrots, Yuba overnight cold water bubble, quail eggs, cooked peeled, then pork cooked, carrot and potato, add Yuba and eggs, add water

Sweet and sour quail egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Quail eggFew KetchupFew Hot and sour sauceFew The practice steps of hot and sour sweet quail egg 1. Quail egg The water boiled away shell
Array  - 会跳舞的姚美人

Braised quail egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Quail egg10A CarrotHalf of the root Fresh mushrooms4A Ham sausageHalf of the root Garlic Ginger The practice steps of braised quail egg
Array  - jean0702

Spiced quail egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Quail egg, dried vegetables, a small piece of cinnamon, Soy sauce, sugar, salt, salt amount Practice steps spiced quail egg 1. Put more

Spiced quail egg tea

Quail egg contains rich lecithin and cephalin. It is of higher nervous activity essential nutrients, the brain is very good, edible also has strong gluten Zhuanggu, Qi Qi, in addition to the efficacy of rheumatism, made snacks to school during the small friends or home for the elderly for. Spiced quail egg tea which is not hot, and well preserved. Mother can try oh.. Materials
Array  - 食尚煮易

Beer quail egg

Quail egg eggs, quail eggs also known as colin. Quail eggs are considered to be "the animals in the ginseng". Appropriate food for nourishing diet. Quail eggs have a unique nutrition, so there is"Egg to share"Said. Nearly circular, the individual is very small, generally only10gSo, the surface of brown spots. No less than the nutritional value of quail egg egg, with good skin
Array  - 水冰凝D

Honey quail egg

This is a relatively healthy snacks, the micro shopping district in Shantou sold crazy, in fact, there is no difficulty, just take time. Teach you, then you can do it yourself. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Quail egg
  - 林冰堇icy

Return the tiger quail egg

Last time the tiger quail egg pretty family like, but pan fried eggs with more trouble. Today I think with air fryer try, the results were unexpected Oh! Neither the costs of oil do not have to worry about you Hua scattered, but also do not worry too much oil is not healthy, because air fryer200At the same time of hot fried quail egg will have excess oil blown into the frying basket below
Array  - 心清似水淡若云

Korean quail egg

This big sweet and sour sauce taste good Oh, used to do Korean fried New Year cake should better eat oh! There is a big sweet and sour sauce, cooking more convenient, fast! Materials Ingredients Quail egg400G Accessories Shallot2TreeEdible oil25GBig sweet and sour sauce100G

Spiced quail egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Quail egg275g Accessories   Soy sauceAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount Fennel3A Chinese
  - yun多多

Spiced quail egg

significant. 2.Brain Quail egg contains rich lecithin and cephalin. It is of higher nervous activity essential nutrients and has a brain. 3.Allergy prevention Eat quail egg can prevent the skin allergies, eating fish, vomiting and wind drug allergy eczema. 4.Relieve insomnia Eat with ease insomnia, neurasthenia, insomnia and other symptoms. Nutritive value 1.Quail eggs contain protein, fat, carbohydrates

Turtle stewed quail egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Turtle1Only Quail egg The practice steps turtle stew quail egg 1. The slaughter of the turtle turtle bile break can be removed from the turtle

Quail egg toast

For the children to do the breakfast, although we can not guarantee that every variety, but it does have often changed the pattern, otherwise they will eat less fragrance, will eat less breakfast must eat, otherwise a morning busy, energy is not enough ah. Quail eggs are not suitable for old people, but young people eat very good. So today with quail egg to collocation method is also simple
Array  - 万山红

Spiced quail egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Quail egg Accessories   Soy sauce Water Star anise Geranium Chinese cinnamon Practice steps spiced
  - 小甲虫

Quail egg with tomato sauce

A few simple steps to make the kid like to eat sweet and sour quail egg~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Quail egg15A Ketchup5Soup spoon SaltFew Edible oil1A soup spoon Cooked
Array  - 千姿百色

Vegetable mustard seed quail egg

Ingredients Quail egg5A Carrot1/3Root Bell pepper1A Hotbed chives5Root Accessories   OilAppropriate amount White sesame seed2Spoon Thai sweet chili sauce2Spoon Beautiful and freshA few drops of Practice steps of vegetable mustard seed
Array  - 明月舞青衣

Dinner dishes spiced quail egg ~ ~

Dinner dishes~Spiced quail egg~Procedure steps 1. For a good amount of cinnamon, pepper, aniseed, geraniol; 2. After cleaning in the halogen material bag; 3. Quail eggs into the water, wash away the surface of the dirty
Array  - 随随鱼

Soy sauce chicken quail egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Quail egg8A Chicken wings4A Soybean paste1Spoon GingerThree Salt The practice steps of soy sauce quail egg chicken wings
  - 默爷6699

Gold wrapped quail egg noodles arena []

Quail egg250g Water surface [fine]250g KetchupAppropriate amount The practice steps of gold arena [in] the quail egg noodles 1. Cold water pot2Minute 2. Cooked the fish out in a sealed night, hard shake ah shake, so easy to peel the.
Array  - 小静姐妹

Quail egg pork braised in brown sauce

Pork500g Quail egg15A The practice steps of quail egg pork braised in brown sauce. 1. Will wash the meat, scallion and ginger together into the pot, add water, open water to cook for a few minutes until use chopsticks can plug into the meat. 2. In the cooking of meat
Array  - 小希xx

Quail egg stewed pork braised in brown sauce

Go to the hospital last night see children's grandmother, weekend just rest to send food, buy the quail eggs, refrigerator pork, do a quail egg stew pork, then get a vegetarian, do a good job sent together. Materials Ingredients Pork800GQuail egg200G Accessories Soy
Array  - 子同妈妈

Quail egg pork braised in brown sauce

I was very classic cuisine slightly improved Pineapple and quail eggs into the dish more flavor Pineapple contains a protease can make meat more tender And it can also improve the utilization of protein Better let the human body absorb Quail egg with pork braised in brown sauce mix Can absorb excess oil Let the meat to eat less greasy Ages
Array  - 营养师Lettie

Pig's trotters stewed quail egg

Star powder1TeaspoonRock candy10GFive spice powder1TeaspoonPeanut oil50G Stewed quail egg pig's trotters approach 1. Materials ready; quail egg cooked peeled spare 2. Pig's trotters boiled water remove and control dry; pan
Array  - 菊娜JUJU

The secret of making brine quail egg lazy version

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Quail egg40A Star aniseAppropriate amount GeraniumAppropriate amount Caoguo1A Dry pepper2A Etc.A small Chinese cinnamonA small piece Rock

Spring chicken mushroom quail egg soup

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Bamboo shoots3Root Quail egg7A Chicken5A Mushrooms7A Agrocybe chaxinguA few Red dates4A Chinese wolfberry7Grain SaltAppropriate amount
  - 唐灵均

Chicken general mobilization of quail eggs

Ingredients Quail egg200g Egg1A CarrotHalf of the root Cucumber1Root Black sesameAppropriate amount The practice steps of the general mobilization of quail eggs 1. The quail egg, egg and carrots, carrots cut into small pieces with a knife, and then into a triangular
Array  - 小D烘调儿

Stewed quail egg (pork stew casserole) - Guangdong People's love

Cantonese cuisine can be said is well known, especially the casserole, casserole stew method, the Cantonese is beloved, such as fish porridge casserole, crab porridge, porridge casserole casserole stew... And so on, if you and Cantonese lives together, it must be to practice a Cantonese favorite's specialty, today this dish--Pork stewed quail egg is one of the most loving
  - 小小286

Quail egg Rice-meat dumplings spinach soup

Sudden inspiration Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Spinach ballsA package Dried mushroomsFive Quail eggTen The practice steps of quail egg soup spinach Rice-meat dumplings
Array  - 顶级高端吃货

"Sweet and sour appetizer" sweet and sour spicy fried quail egg

" homemade Korean chili sauce "Practice steps" sweet and sour spicy sweet and sour appetizer fried quail egg 1. Quail eggs cooked peeled. 2. Cook quail eggs in a large amount of oil in a pan fry until golden brown. Other auxiliary materials.
Array  - 五行小灶

# beauty smart microwave oven fire # quail egg cup mushrooms

, but also more nutritious. Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Mushrooms5A Quail egg5A Accessories   Salt3G Soy sauceHalf teaspoon Oyster sauce1Teaspoon Chinese wolfberry5Grain Starch1Soup spoon
Array  - tgcyy

Mushroom steamed quail eggs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Mushroom Quail egg Accessories   Soy sauce Pepper Sesame oil Chopped green onion Practice steps of mushroom steamed quail eggs
  - Denna_liu

Quail eggs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Quail egg Tea Practice steps of quail eggs 1. Quail eggs and cold water boiled. 2.
  - 豌豆荚子

Chicken Youpo face

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Quail egg chopped green onion The practice steps of chicken Youpo face 1. Soy sauce, sugar, onion, quail egg
  - 孟家宝

Mushrooms quail cup

1. First step. Buy food 2. Second step. Half an hour later, take out the mushrooms and squeeze a squeeze of water, remove the stalks, and then wipe the salt and wipe a little pepper. And quail eggs. (quail egg has a membrane not good, it is directly used by hand to open.) 3. Third

Stewed quail eggs

1. 1.Cook, peeling, cold water.2.Non-stick cookware release smoke, star anise, pepper, soy sauce, sugar, the amount of water boiled with fragrance3.Add quail eggs, shake the pot to make quail egg color4.Guan Xiaohuo, until dry the juiceFill out a tray Search stewed quail eggs practice
  - qzuser

Steamed quail eggs.

The first time to cook. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Mushrooms, quail egg, green onion, soy sauce, oil, salt.According to their own food to eat. Steamed quail eggs. Procedure steps

Pork braised in brown sauce

1. Sliced pork Wash 2. Quail eggs cooked peeled on one side 3. Quail egg Potato chips first. 4. The pot put oil stir fried pork Then put a little soy sauce Put Quail egg
  - yancko

Braised quail

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Quail bird5Only Ginger2Slice Geranium2Slice Star anise1A Cooking wine1Spoon Braised juice1Spoon Low salt soy sauce2Spoon Rock
  - 零等待2009

Stewed quail

of quail soup 1. Wash the quail with the quail. 2. Sprinkle some salt to quail and stomach disinfection. 3. Cut out a small piece of quail. 4. Into a small pot, which is put into the red

Pearl shrimp group

Ingredients Shrimp500g Quail egg15A Salt and pepperAppropriate amount Suan Rong4Flap GingerFew OnionFew SaltFew Soy sauceFew Cooking wineA few FlourAppropriate amount The Pearl shrimp group practice steps 1.
Array  - 丰盛的餐桌

Orchid with gold and silver egg

For the mothers who are suitable for the prenatal delivery, they have nutrition Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Quail egg8A Minced meat100g Winter bamboo shoots50g Egg
  - 一横l

Mushroom lamp

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Pork filling Mushrooms Carrot Quail egg Green soya beans Soy sauce Cooking wine Salt Oyster sauce
  - SpongeMel

Cartoon birthday

Steamed Rice A slice of bread Quail egg Small tomato Seaweed The practice step of cartoon birthday 1. Rice with plastic wrap to shape the shape of penguin. 2. Seaweed cut a small rectangular elliptic, wrapped Rice and vegetable roll.
Array  - 向日葵DL

Gingko barley Yuba sugar

3. The water boiled quail egg shell 4. Pot into the water, water as far as possible to full pot, join the cleaning after ginkgo and barley, after the fire to boil, then turn in fire stew slowly until barley glutinous rotten 5. Pour the Yuba and quail
Array  - Oo妖妖o

Fresh Yuba treasure

The tooth cheek Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Yuba, quail egg, vegetables (mushrooms)Appropriate amount Step three treasure Yuba practices 1. Dish-Over
  - 马鲲5

Dry pot bag

This dish is the night of the Lantern Festival new special, quail egg everyone called he is gold, nutritious and nourishing, but also lower cholesterol and good raw Oh! Son a favorite, so the new developed the meatball sub quail eggs, first fried and again and garnish with the burning, taste really good ah! Ha ha, good food is to share with you
  - dspdtwcp

Custard apple

Custard apple cough and asthma, can make the skin better. The main taste is good! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Apple1A Quail egg4A The practice steps of custard apple
  - Tif小巫

Longan quail soup

Quail2Only Red dates5A Longan1Small Candied jujube3A Fig3A Yam (also called yam)5Slice Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount Lotus1Small Lily1Small Dried scallop3A Small fish3A Carrot1Root GingerA block SaltAppropriate amount
Array  - NOChris

Quail soup Qingrun beauty

Quail taste sweet, flat, into the large intestine, heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney; Bu Zhong Yi Qi, clearing heat and eliminating dampness; treating edema, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, anemia, stomach, liver, liver cirrhosis, ascites a variety of diseases. Quail Most people are edible. Is a good tonic and weak disease in patients with hypertension, obesity.

Golden sun

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Lean meat stuffing4 Salted egg yolk2A Quail eggFour OnionFew ChickenFew Oyster sauce Soy sauce Sesame oilFew Chinese CabbageTwo leaves SaltFew
Array  - _琥>堍~鉤

Tiger egg braised pork braised in brown sauce

Here I use is quail eggs after fried is deep yellow, cortex wrinkling, it looks like beautiful tiger, named tiger egg. Don't underestimate the tiger egg not only looks beautiful and delicious. I did the tiger egg pork braised whole family love, the beautiful tiger quail eggs delicious tasty outside Giori tender, attractive braise in soy sauce meat is not oil not greasy entrance that is a ages
Array  - 苏苏爱美食

Tremella red dates longan in syrup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients TremellaA flower Red dates50g Longan30g Rock candy120g Fruit of Chinese wolfberry15g Quail egg200g WaterAppropriate amount
  - 蓝儿飞飞

Tomato loofah chicken noodles (baby recipe)

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Millennium small tomato Towel gourd Chicken breast Chicken Soup (or large bone soup) Quail egg Children Hanging noodles Tomato loofah chicken noodles (baby recipe) action steps
Array  - 山里婆婆

Peanut stewed pig

Quail egg cooked peeled shell; boiled water and wash pig's trotters 4. Will be boiled in a pressure cooker liner pig's trotters, marinated with soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine30Minutes; then add in ginger and garlic, star anise, cinnamon, peanuts and quail egg, start a pressure cooker stew anhydrous procedures
Array  - 菊娜JUJU

College student dormitory version zero failure of the Dragon Boat Festival

Ingredients Minced pork Quail egg Glutinous rice Rice leaf Red bean Sugar Salt Edible oil Soy sauce and other ingredients The practice steps of zero failure of the students' dormitory 1. Glutinous rice in advance for more than three hours
  - 蔡婉纯Eva

Marinated Egg and chicken feet

A holiday, stay at home, think of the outside meat is too expensive, not very sanitary, then prepared at home Marinated Egg and chicken feet Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Quail eggA pound ChickenA pound

Mushroom egg

The mushroom egg feeling is the comparison on the table of the food And it is simple to do. Like oh Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Mushroom8A CauliflowerA flower Quail egg8A Soy
Array  - 妞妞是小妞

Beer stewed pork ribs

Practice of beer stew ribs 1. Materials ready; chop cold water pot, put ginger boiled water bleeding 2. Ginger, garlic slices, cooked peeled quail egg shell 3. Ginger pork ribs into pressure cookers, into the beer, ginger, garlic
Array  - 菊娜JUJU

Ham and egg roasted mushrooms

Yesterday Huotui Chaofan left the raw mushrooms, conveniently, quickly. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Ham100g Egg1A.Quail egg better MushroomsThe amount of free, I used7A left, do fried rice

Sweet and sour duck eggs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Pork filling180g Fresh mushrooms7A Quail egg7A Accessories   SaltFood intake GingerAppropriate amount Sugar2g

Clever girl

) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pork Quail egg Onion Starch Bread crumbs Salt Pepper Salad oil Flour The step wise approach 1. Jiaocheng minced pork
Array  - 大宝的丫头

Children Italy alphabet

Cabbage Tomatoes Quail egg Italy alphabet Cucumber Ketchup Practice steps of the children's Italy alphabet 1. Prepare all materials. 2. Sliced tomato, cucumber slices.
Array  - 小桐儿妈妈

Meng chicken salad

The henhouse, quietly lay a gold egg. Suddenly, there is an egg be split in the middle, a cute chick hatched! You see, the body is still in the egg shell, the head is still on the top of a piece of eggshell! This dish of salad dressing is not ordinary salad dressing, I in the mix into the quail egg crumbled, the salad sauce tastes yolk taste, have a distinctive flavour. The children

Spiced tea egg

FennelAppropriate amount Star aniseAppropriate amount CloveAppropriate amount Soy sauceFew SugarFew Chinese prickly ashA few grains on the line TeaAppropriate amount The practice steps of tea leaf eggs 1. The quail egg and dove egg wash, stand-by.
  - 云间客

Braised pork ribs (egg baby recipe)

Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Ingredients Fresh pork, ribs, quail egg Braised pork ribs (egg baby recipes) practice steps 1. Pork skin and small ribs wash, cold water for more than an hour to go.
Array  - 山里婆婆

Piece of cheese toast for breakfast

6. Doesn't like egg can extend dear5-10Branch Tips With the bottle cap imprint and pour in quail egg, egg to prevent overflow. Search cheese toast cereal practices Daquan
  - 任兰亭

Cold roast

Northeast street always see cold roast small house. Do it yourself is also particularly good.More clean sanitation. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Cold (cold plate northeast cold roast)2Slice Quail egg
  - 盛大仙er

Stewed duck

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Chicken neckFour Quail egg200g Fish tofu200g Accessories   GarlicTwo flap GingerTwo or three pieces Aniseed pepperAppropriate amount GeraniumAppropriate

Fermented meat & backhalide dry

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pork250g Quail egg15Only Rose Sufu4Block Onion, ginger, star anise, garlicAppropriate amount Oily bean curd15Only Yellow bean sprouts200g White
Array  - 荔荔猫

Spinach salad

' 3. To remove the spinach from the pot, and then over cold water, over three water control net, 4. Mashed garlic salt, stirring inside the vinegar, pour spinach inside, and then pour the taste very fresh, thirteen spices, sesame oil, mix well and dish 5. Quail egg with a knife cut three hole
Array  - 渠兴超

Greedyguts (baby food supplement)

Salmon1Block Asparagus1Root Quail egg1A TomatoHalf a Seaweed1Slice CornThe number of tablets greedy guts(baby food supplement) practice steps 1. Food preparation! 2. Quail egg yolk Cut up the tomatoes and asparagus
Array  - 文森的小日子

Canned fish meat mustard soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients NoodlesOne person MustardHalf a pack Cured pork150g Canned fishAs you like Peel cooked quail egg5A Green vegetablesFew OnionAppropriate amount

Backscroll gimbap

The same content as the volume method. Simple ingredients, rich flavors. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Steamed Rice Cucumber Ham sausage Quail egg Great red letter big beef powder Sesame oil
Array  - 斐然

[method] cheese stick egg crisp cookies quickly high yen value

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Quail egg4A Baguette1Section Cheese1Slice [method] cheese stick egg crisp high Yan value practice little steps quickly 1. Cut
Array  - aSU唷

Coconut crisp ball

3. Mix well. 4. The coconut with a finger into quail egg size globular, will not be too exert oneself, otherwise blank surface too hard the, bad taste, not crisp. 5. Oven160After the degree of preheating, up and down the fire160The degree of roasting20Minute to golden brown.
Array  - Haxx0220

Pearl Balls

on, then stir onion, water chestnut. 3. Start group ball, smaller than the egg, than quail egg, then wrapped with dried glutinous rice. The cage is soaked with water, and it is steamed with water.30Minutes. 4. Thick pot! 5. Dish

The dinosaur baby creative playful breakfast

of Purple cabbageFew Quail egg4A The practice steps of playful baby dinosaur creative breakfast 1. Spinach pie(Blanch spinach juice into the egg, salt, baking powder) cut into the shape of a dinosaur 2. Carrot slices boiled before dinosaurs back
  - 铵哥Baby

The tomato Marinated Egg surface

Under a light rain outside, to a bowl of hot tomato Marinated Egg, life just so so! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Tomatoes2A Hanging noodlesAppropriate amount Quail egg20Only Rock candy50g

Pepper Vegetable Salad

blanching and pseudo ginseng seedlings 4. Carrot slices cooked 5. Huw Rob Che Martin cooked, peeled and cut into two halves quail egg, chopped salad juice and pseudo ginseng seedlings 6. And then to a little bit
  - 万山红

Rabbit play pearl

) 6. That piece of cut down, cut a knife from the middle, but don't cut it! 7. The rest of the quail egg piece from the edge flat, at the end of the quail egg head gently cut a knife. Also don't cut in the end. Under the knife knife slightly pointed to a little oblique side. 8.
Array  - 丹丹/aiq

Salted fish and eggplant

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Eggplant3A Onion1A Salted fish4Block Red pepper1A Quail egg10A Garlic rice6A The practice steps of salted fish and eggplant
Array  - 弘洋


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Egg water Egg practice steps 1. Eggs and boiled water 2. Bite it like this.
  - 静心72


Since I was a child, I love to eat eggs. Fried, boiled, fried, steamed, how to eat are not greasy.70Time is the lack of material, with a limited ticket is unable to meet the needs of all the people. Eggs at the time also belong to one of the luxury and a fried egg can let me Meimei eating a bowl of rice, as for the egg is noble of the eggs, because a few eggs to to do...(Open
  - 弯弯139

Salad with oil and vinegar - the garden on the table

Tomatoes Onion Quail egg Olive oil Red wine vinegar Black pepper Salt Oil vinegar salad---The steps of the garden on the table 1. The washed and cut into small pieces 2. Appropriate dimensioncAnd proteins
Array  - 小姿饭儿

Mei food Rice-meat dumplings

Quail egg1A StarchHalf a spoon The practice steps of Mei food Rice-meat dumplings 1. First the quality of Shaoxing pickled vegetable. 2. Pork, pickled onion, chopped ding, 3. Put the ingredients into the pot
Array  - 钱樱心

Santa Claus

Claus 1. Quail egg into the steamer steamed, shelled, spare 2. Wash the carrots and peel. Cut the carrot and the rose intestine respectively into pieces, and then cut them into a flower or star shape. 3. Broccoli
Array  - 琳子

Boring pork braised in brown sauce

in brown sauce 1. The pork cut into one centimeter long wide2The meat section cm, cold water with the meat together under the pot, left Momo, boil five minutes. 2. Quail egg, boiling water pot easy peeling. Boiled water into the quail eggs, boiled for five minutes, then remove immediately with cold
Array  - 姜小飞

Forced whole tomato scrambled eggs

career salute!(Stop) Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Quail egg16A Small tomato12Around BrineA bowl Onion gingerAppropriate amount Dry pepper3A Chinese prickly ash6-8Grain SaltA
  - sunny麦田

Wake up and stomach

yourself] put quail egg. Boiling2Stir next minute. Put the cooked vegetables New Year cake. Half a minute or so! Sesame oil according to their own taste to join. Salt MSG final release Tips I like mash two quail egg! The egg yolk and the iron are very good. Search and practice Daquan Yangwei wake

The Dragon Boat Festival the whole family loves to eat also want to eat the Marinated Egg

in the drink. Now it's hard to feel the festive atmosphere. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients EggA number of Quail egg2Jin Halogen materialA package PepperAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount

Double dates run Mi Lu snow

1. Sydney peeled to the heart, white fungus bubble hair removed Huanggen were cut into small Ding Kuai. 2. Jujube to cut into the core(Baicheng small), as long as the rose petals, for Chinese wolfberry. 3. First boiled quail egg to egg stand

Angry birds

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Steamed RiceAppropriate amount Thick ham1Slice Quail egg1Only Egg1Only Leg mushroom1A BroccoliAppropriate amount CarrotAppropriate amount
  - 玉米83

Pork braised in brown sauce

:1Hours above Ingredients Pork500G Quail egg20A Accessories   Salt1Teaspoon Vegetable oilAppropriate amount Rock candy30G Soy sauce2Soup spoon Soy sauce1Soup spoon OnionAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate
Array  - 橘子小厨房

Pearl Balls

of glutinous rice, then put in the steamer,6.The steamer placed in boiling water pot, steam20Minute. Tips Tips: white glutinous rice can be replaced with purple rice, black rice, is also good. Meat stuffing may be put into a quail egg, to attract the eye. If the white glutinous rice, meat stuffing mix attention don't use soy sauce, steamed to ensure
  - 小厨神lzh

[article] the baby food supplement salt free mushrooms chicken meat stuffing dumplings

(^_^) 2. Roll into a round dumplings ~ very pocket. 3. Chicken with mushroom and pork onion ginger are chopped mix together, adding a quail egg and mix well, whipped with gusto, add appropriate amount of foam dried shrimp in water together with shrimp mix into the stuffing. 4. Dumplings
Array  - 宝玉zc

Salami string

salamiItaly sausage,Can be used instead of leg square, etc.. Ingredients Quail egg Green olives, black olives Cherry Tomato Red peppers, green peppers Sour cucumbers Small corn shoot radish(Small radish) Accessories
  - 胖胖美食