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Purple cabbage

Pretty delicious, refreshing Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Purple cabbage1A SaltFew Aniseed3A Purple cabbage practice steps 1.
  - 青春真好

Purple cabbage

Purple cabbage packet of meat, a good package of meat, steamed, fried can be. For all ages, meat collocation, nutrition and health. Materials Ingredients Pork300GPurple cabbage1A Accessories Salt2GMSG2GVegetable oil15GOyster sauce10GChilli powder10GShallot50GWaterAppropriate
Array  - 水青青

Purple cabbage mixed with corn

The nutrition of purple cabbage is very rich, especially with rich vitaminCMore vitaminsEAnd vitaminsBFamily, as well as rich in anthocyanin and cellulose, is a natural antioxidant, and rich in folic acid, which is very suitable for pregnant women. Main efficacy: fill the bone marrow, run the viscera, Yixin force, strong bones and muscles, organs, removing stagnation of Qi, clearing heat
Array  - 周太靓汤

Purple cabbage fried meat

Give the girl a purple cabbage. Materials Ingredients Purple cabbage1APig pork100G Accessories Onion3GGarlic1FlapChinese prickly ash powder3GSoy sauce1SpoonSalt1SpoonChicken1/2SpoonVegetable oil4Spoon Practice
Array  - 子同妈妈

Purple cabbage fried meat

Pork is rich in nutrition, people standing on the table of meat, can make all kinds of delicious dishes. Can be any collocation, fried, boiled, stewed, stewed, and other cooking methods, both young and old. Materials Ingredients Purple cabbage200GPork200GPepper1A Accessories
Array  - 水青青

Purple cabbage fried broccoli

Purple cabbage stir fried broccoli, cooked food mix. Materials Ingredients Purple cabbage250GBroccoli250G Accessories Salt2GOyster sauce2GLard15GChicken2G Purple cabbage fried broccoli approach
Array  - 水青青

Purple cabbage fried onion

And the daughter to buy vegetables, asked her what to eat at night, she said, eat purple cabbage. Materials Ingredients Purple cabbage1/2A Accessories Onion1BlockOnion2GPork100GFive spice powder1TeaspoonSoy sauce1TeaspoonChicken1SpoonVegetable oil2A soup
Array  - 子同妈妈

Purple cabbage fried meat

Salt2GSoy sauce2GOil15GMSG2G Practice of fried meat with purple cabbage 1. Preparation of pork, cabbage, green peppers 2. First fried meat 3. Stir fried, the meat
Array  - 水青青

Fried purple cabbage

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Purple cabbage300g Garlic2Flap The practice steps of a vegetarian fried purple cabbage 1. 1.Purple cabbage cut, with salt for ten minutes.
  - 鬼蝶魔姬

Purple cabbage pork dumplings

Girls do not eat sauerkraut stuffing dumplings, take purple cabbage juice and surface, the rest of the purple cabbage and minced meat package a stuffing, returned to her bag carrot meat and her own two stuffing, we eat pickled meat, so to eat from the skin color to distinguish. Materials Ingredients Purple
  - 子同妈妈

Purple cabbage salad

VinegarAccording to their own tastes Olive oilA spoon The practice steps of purple cabbage salad 1. Purple cabbage, Huw Rob Che S, with salt for ten minutes, according to personal taste with vinegar,Sugar, olive oil, mix well with ingredients, mix well, sprinkle with a little white sesame seed.
Array  - 微微一笑754

Purple cabbage cucumber salad

Sesame oilA little SaltA little The practice steps of the purple cabbage cucumber salad 1. Slicing and shredding does not matter ~ ~ ~ thickness 2. Also can take two slices of garlic into, Garmisch vinegar, sugar, salt, soy sauce, mix can eat ~ ~ everyone

Purple cabbage salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Purple cabbage, carrots, parsley, peanuts, sesame oil, vinegar, salt The practice steps of purple cabbage salad 1. A purple cabbage washed, half a shred

Purple cabbage salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Purple cabbage500g Salt3g Sugar5g Oyster sauce3g Soy sauce5ml Mustard2g Rice vinegar50ml Sesame oilA few drops of White
  - 抹茶控1995

Purple cabbage salad

cabbage1Tree SaltAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount Red pepper6A Salad oilAppropriate amount The practice steps of purple cabbage salad 1. Purple cabbage cut wash, drain water, sprinkle with salt and sugar for me, for half an hour
  - 浅笑如烟

Purple cabbage salad silk

Purple cabbage, also known as the purple cabbage, purple cabbage contain anthocyanins, anthocyanin although not the human body essential nutrients, but does have the most common antioxidants. Can improve the blood oxygen content, helps the body to burn fat, so as to lose weight. But with skin pruritus, ocular hyperemia diet, inflammation of the lungs were less food, after abdominal and thoracic
Array  - 水青青

Purple cabbage rolls

Purple cabbage rolls at the. Materials Ingredients Pork filling300GPurple cabbage350G Accessories Salt2GCornstarch50GSoy sauce2GChive50GOyster sauce5GChilli oil5GFresh flavorFew Purple cabbage volume approach
Array  - 水青青

Purple cabbage salad

The practice steps of purple cabbage salad 1. Medium-sized 2. Washed shred, salt with uniform. 3. Pickled15Minutes later 4. This step can not, I would like to add carrot rich colors, dear
  - xixiwen

Sprinkle the purple cabbage

Fried purple cabbage, simple and homely. Materials Ingredients Purple cabbage1A Accessories Salt2GSoy sauce2GPeanut oil20GFresh flavor2GVinegar1Teaspoon Sprinkle the purple cabbage approach
Array  - 水青青

Sweet purple cabbage

Like a colorful color Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Purple cabbageHalf a Green pepperA Garlic, gingerFew The practice steps of the sweet purple cabbage
  - 欢欢434

Cold kelp purple cabbage

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Kelp Purple cabbage Aromatic vinegar Sauce White granulated sugar Kewpie salad sauce Japanese taste The practice steps of cold kelp
Array  - 橙木樨栀

Cold purple cabbage black fungus

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Purple cabbage4Slice Black fungusAccording to personal love CorianderAppropriate amount Peanut meatAppropriate amount Salt, sugar, chicken, sesame oil, vinegarAppropriate amount The practice
Array  - 彩虹191

Purple cabbage mixed with bean curd

Silk tofu is blind (1000) shred, here is also called dry silk or silk cloud. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Purple cabbageTwo Silk tofu200g The practice steps of purple cabbage

Purple cabbage radish egg roll

SaltAppropriate amount Corn oilAppropriate amount Practice steps of the egg roll of the purple cabbage 1. Purple cabbage and radish shreds and stir fry until five mature 2. Beat the egg, add flour, stir well 3. Add a good amount of salt
Array  - 莉莉爱吃鱼

Marinated cabbage

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Purple cabbage half, a half of a carrot A green pepper, garlic, pepper, The practice steps of marinated purple cabbage 1. 1 Will be half a carrot Half
  - lynn350

Marinated cabbage

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Purple cabbage, cucumber, carrotPurple cabbage half, carrots and a half, a cucumber The practice steps of marinated purple cabbage 1. 1.Purple
  - 小妖89

Marinated cabbage

The practice steps of marinated purple cabbage 1. The cabbage shred. (better) 2. Then add salt and sugar and chicken 3. From the pan, add ginger, pepper, onion, garlic, stir fry, then the oil spilled on cabbage! 4.
Array  - 羽毛8

Garlic blast

Search for the practice of garlic and purple cabbage
Array  - 酷爱美食DIY

Purple cabbage bacon manual soil surface

BaconFive or six pieces Jinyun manual soil surfaceA bundle of Purple cabbage1/4 Pickled cabbage resembling sauerkrautA small dish PepperFree Purple cabbage bacon manual soil surface approach steps 1. All the ingredients are ready, the soil surface is a friend sent, he did his own home
Array  - 小抠范儿

The trial selected # cyanine purple cabbage # salad sauce

Purple cabbage salad, a small dish of refreshing. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Purple cabbageHalf a Accessories   Soy sauce1A large spoon Vinegar2Small spoon
Array  - 秋天的风

Simple and delicious tomato fried purple cabbage

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Purple cabbage Tomatoes2A Onion1/3A Accessories   Salt Taste very fresh The practice steps of a simple
  - 百食可乐

Super fast cold purple cabbage fungus

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Purple cabbage Fungus Salt1Spoon Soy sauce2Spoon Vinegar2Spoon HoneyNail cover size Fish1Spoon Spring onion and corianderA few
  - 恍惚时代

Purple cabbage Dragonfruit Juice Juicecleanse3

12:00-13:00Supplementary fiber, full abdomen. Purple cabbage, red cabbage also called red cabbage, purple cabbage, a variant of cabbage species in Brassicaceae, brassica. Is a type of cabbage, because of its outer leaf and leaf ball is purple red, named. Purple cabbage also called purple cabbage, purple leaves, leaves with wax powder, suborbicular leaf ball. Nutrient rich
Array  - 郭燃的后花园

Nutrition and fast purple cabbage surface line

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Purple cabbage3-5Slice Ham sausageA Garlic4Flap Face lineA Salt1Small spoon Chicken1Small spoon Fish1Small spoon Nutrition
Array  - 恍惚时代

Fried carrot cabbage

Fried carrot cabbage, is also the first attempt at a mashup. Materials Ingredients Carrot1APurple cabbage200G Accessories Salt2GMSG2GOil15GSoy sauce2GPepper wire50G Purple cabbage fried carrot flakes
  - 水青青

Cool crisp cabbage salad

Purple cabbage with physical fitness, maintain skin health Burning fat, weight loss and other effects, nutrition. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Purple cabbageHalf a Green pepper1A Sugar10g
Array  - 青松碧煜

Bean sprouts

Coumaric purple cabbage, summer cured a lot of bean paste and pickled bean sauce, as a condiment, below, powder, cooking tune taste very sweet and savory. Materials Ingredients Purple cabbage500GBean paste30G Accessories Salt2GMSG2GOil15G
Array  - 水青青

Meat fried cabbage noodles

Just done out of fresh noodles, simple add meat fried out is very delicious Oh, gobble, gobble, Zai Zai, wipe one's mouth: Mum, this is I eat the most delicious noodles!! I praise, is the most beautiful language in the world. Materials Ingredients Purple cabbage100GFlourAppropriate amount
Array  - 美美家的厨房

A touch of purple

,Appropriate amount A touch of purple 1. 1.The purple cabbage washed and shredded.2.Bacon cut piece.3.Heat oil, fry soybeans, and then put into the Bacon, and then into the purple cabbage, stir fry, add salt, chicken powder, sugar, can. Search for a touch of purple

Fruit plate

Ingredients Small tomato Cucumber Purple cabbage Fruit tray practice steps 1. Wash Cut Wobble With a bottle of soy sauce dip to eat Search fruit plate practice
  - 给自己吃

Big dumpling

Spinach, purple cabbage washed juice, used and face, and then the normal package of dumplings Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients SpinachA small Purple cabbageA Wheat flourSome

Pitaya Vegetable Salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pitaya Purple cabbage Apple Mayonnaise The practice steps of Pitaya Vegetable Salad 1. The fruit washed dice

Northeast cold dishes

The salad is simple, can be arbitrary combination, the collocation of the ingredients, mix seasonings like fresh and titian. Today is the purple cabbage and egg silk, pepper mix and purple cabbage, shredded over broken or cooked with boiling water boil for a short time and then mix. Materials Ingredients Purple cabbage
Array  - 水青青

Assorted cold dishes of noodles

Ingredients Noodles Sesame Soy sauce Korea Purple cabbage Mayonnaise Shallot The practice steps of assorted cold dishes of noodles 1. The cooked noodles and divided into three group, a group
Array  - Shannon妮妮

Avocado Salad

yummy! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Avocado Cherry Tomatoes Purple cabbage Onion The practice step of butter salad
  - 豆粉253472

Glutinous rice dumplings

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Glutinous rice flourAppropriate amount Purple cabbage juiceAppropriate amount Purple sweet potato, lemon juice, sugar, milkAppropriate amount The practice steps of Nuomici
  - 果粒晨

"Melon" grape""

1. Melon peeled! Using milk spoon pressed round melon 2. Then use a spoon to scoop out the ball! 3. Dug open water melon till liao! Remove and drain the water melon! 4. Purple cabbage wash clean cut to put the milk machine

Fancy steamed bread

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Medium gluten flourAppropriate amount Pumpkin, yeast, sugar, purple cabbageAppropriate amount Practice steps of fancy steamed bread 1. Purple cabbage
  - 果粒晨

A riot of colours

A healthy, color, flavor and taste, and taste of the dishes, really good husband, children are like Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Purple cabbage, mushroom, pepper, yellow, green Colorful practice steps
  - 羽卒3

Lard double color shredded cabbage

Like purple, so from time to time to buy some purple food back to raise seductive, the winter home never lack of purple sweet potato, summer turn cabbage!! Purple cabbage, did pretty delicious. Materials Ingredients Purple cabbage3SliceCabbage3Slice Accessories LardA
Array  - 美美家的厨房

Colored dumplings

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Chinese meat The practice steps of color dumpling 1. Carrot purple cabbage juice 2. Meat
  - 蕾蕾1983

A bean bag of vegetables

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Tenderloin100g Purple cabbage, white radish, Gan Lang A bag of vegetables beans practice steps 1. Okay

Mustard Salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Cucumber Purple cabbage Chrysanthemum Coriander Red pepper Mustard Vinegar Sesame oil Soy sauce Sugar Mustard Salad practice steps

[color] a dish three

Ingredients Purple cabbage Carrot Cucumber Corn grain Chicken meat Bean curd skin Salt Vinegar Sugar Chicken Pixian watercress [color of the heart] a dish three eat the practice steps 1.

Seaweed cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Purple cabbage1A Practice steps of seaweed cake 1. 1.Purple cabbage wash clean, cut into small pieces2.With a juice extractor, cut the good purple cabbage

Fried cabbage cabbage vermicelli, vermicelli

, the name of the place of Chinese cabbage. I use the green cabbage, purple cabbage heating will change, only suitable for cold. Fried cabbage cabbage vermicelli vermicelli search, practices Daquan
  - 小五后

Nutritional dumpling

Ingredients Pork Bean curd Chopped green onion Mushrooms Egg Purple cabbage Nutritional dumpling practice steps 1. The meat is minced meat, tofu, tofu, mushrooms, onions, purple cabbage cut foam.
  - 依吃货

Healthy low calorie breakfast dinner [vegetable cheese salad]

Recently keen to food and fitness, wanted to study Yan value high enough nutrition can help slimming food is definitely a great pleasure, and recommend this homemade vegetable salad, really is delicious and healthy and low calorie ah ~ Purple Cabbage120gOnly23Kcal, all add up to197Kcal ~ Purple Cabbage raw nutrient rich super carrot, egg and low-fat cheese I
  - Smiling小璐

Colored dumplings

Want to live like a flower, to do all kinds of delicious, family eat happy I am happy Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Purple cabbage, carrots, spinach The practice steps of color dumpling
Array  - Melinsa

Sixi dumplings

Figure one Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Starch Pork Winter bamboo shoots Purple cabbage Carrot Pumpkin Spinach The practice steps Sixi dumplings 1. Purple
  - Sse7en7

Sweet aftertaste

This dish is simple, beautiful women to lose weight good food. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients White radish1A Purple cabbage leaves4Slice Chili6A VinegarHalf a bottle Cold
Array  - 东方龙1

Marinated cabbage vermicelli

Have the Spring Festival lardo meat at home... Now see the meat, both eyes are the stars. Mom cried like something light, no way, have a clear stomach salad.. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Purple cabbage200g Fans20g Dry pepper2A
Array  - 安静的美大婶

Steak sandwich

to 2. I made a purple cabbage salad. 3. Fried eggs 4. Ha ha, you can eat. Steak sandwich search practices Daquan
  - Air丶9

Vegetable Salad

Vegetable salad steps 1. Small tomato, cucumber, carrots, purple cabbage washed, cut into small pieces, stir in yogurt Tips Slimming beauty salad Search vegetable salad practice
  - QueenJunior

Open stomach acid

) Chili sauce (rice chilli sauce)Appropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount Soy sauce (soy sauce)A few ChickenFew Sesame oilAppropriate amount Mature vinegarThe right amount (like a lot of acid) The practice steps of opening the stomach acid. 1. Purple cabbage cut into small

Rice cake

Left the rice, play creative Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Steamed Rice300g Purple cabbage20g Practice steps of rice cake 1. The leftover rice is packed
Array  - ミ日光あィ傾城

Croutons shredded vegetables

There are three types of purple cabbage, with rounded cabover, as well. The two varieties of food ball, firm and fat, the vegetable rate high, taste good, and will send some tip type. Purple cabbage contains anthocyanins, anthocyanin, although not essential nutrients, but it is one of the most common antioxidant substances. Can improve the blood oxygen content, helps the body to burn fat, so
Array  - 水青青

Rouge radish

Carmine radish is to buy a white radish, purple cabbage soaked through, with sweet and sour and tasty, a beautiful color of radish tasty dishes table, let people in a good mood. Materials Ingredients White radishHalf aPurple cabbage100G Accessories
  - 子同妈妈

Sweet and sour radish

4. Purple cabbage wash clean cut to put the milk machine add little water juice 5. Bubble radish drain water, juice and pour into 6. Then pour vinegar stir, purple cabbage juice began to turn red 7. Add sugar amount, like

Beef and onion wonton

Buy a sirloin, doing sirloin potatoes, beef wonton dumplings left frozen, early cook warm good wonton. Skin with purple cabbage staining, but no kind of rouge color, live end surface color became very pale, but beef ravioli is really very sweet. Materials Ingredients Beef200G Accessories
Array  - 子同妈妈

Celery beef and vegetable dumplings

Ingredients Flour Beef Mutton Carrot Cabbage Purple cabbage Celery Soy sauce Horseshoe The practice steps of celery beef and mutton dumplings with vegetables 1. Will celery

Colorfulsalad colorful salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Purple cabbage Spinach Lettuce Sweet corn Small tomato Chicken breast Black pepper Thousand Island dressing Thirteen
Array  - bravezoey张大妮

Italy rice wine

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Purple cabbage, cheese, wine (wine can), garlic, salt, rice, sausage. The practice steps of Italy wine Risotto 1. Add in turn, garlic, chilli, purple


No story because you can't eat it.nachos All youdipFor salmon. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Salmon1Block AvocadoHalf a OnionA Lemon1Slice Purple cabbage
Array  - 文森的小日子

Noodles in Scallion, Oil and Soy Sauce

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Shallot Purple cabbage Lettuce or cucumber Pork tenderloin The practice steps of scallion noodles 1. Chopped onion
Array  - 合言悦色

[a] small time to taste.

Today is suddenly very want to eat salty food, when my grandmother very love to do to me, try to remember the taste of the small, to do the salty food to eat! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Sausage Purple cabbage
Array  - 爱吃的郭小婉


of cabbageAppropriate amount Purple cabbageAppropriate amount JellyfishAppropriate amount Diet practice steps 1. Cabbage head purple cabbage cut well 2. In the modified delta jellyfish add chili oil do not eat spicy food or not is gaga soy sauce and sesame oilokI have
Array  - 安果而

Fried carrot

Cover a stuffy for a while 6. Into the cut of the hot pepper, purple cabbage and fungus 7. Add chopped garlic salt, stir well, the smell of garlic, dish out of the pot off the fire
Array  - 雨涵9681

Color Glutinous Rice Balls

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Tang YuanfenAppropriate amount Pumpkin100g Purple cabbage100G Dark green vegetables100g The color Glutinous Rice Balls practice steps
  - 徐子墨

Three color silk oyster sauce

Do the dishes - Oyster silk, in the summer, simple quickly, with a good partner. Materials Ingredients Purple cabbage200GSweet potato200GCarrot200G Accessories Salt2GChilli oil1Soup spoonSesame oil5GVinegar5GOyster sauce10GSoy sauce5G
Array  - 水青青

Glutinous rice balls

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Glutinous rice flour250g Elizabeth50g The skin of PitayaHalf a Spinach4Tree PumpkinAppropriate amount Purple cabbage3Slice Red bean pasteAppropriate
  - 彼岸繁花7

Oil vinegar salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Fruit cucumber Romaine Lettuce Onion Purple cabbage Ingredients: olive oil, black pepper, sweet vinegar, lemon juice, salt Practice steps for oil and vinegar salad
  - 兰文

Fried rice

PorkFew Steamed RiceTwo small bowl Purple cabbageFew Snow peaFew Pickled radishTwo small pieces ShallotTwo Salt.OilFew The practice steps of fried rice 1. Purple cabbage shred.The dishes Qie Xiaoding.From every kind of dishes cooked dish out after.Steamed Rice pot
Array  - Sweet_day


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Potato Carrot Purple cabbage Garlic y Salt Flavor powder Pepper surface Cumin powder Five spice powder
  - 已注销

Creative hamburger

Ingredients Minced pork Minced shallot Purple cabbage salad with red wine vinegar, honey and salt, Italy Homemade yogurt Fried chilli sauce Fermented dough Creative practice steps hamburger 1. Fermented dough
  - Shannon妮妮

Meat color

purple cabbage, become blue. 5. Slice, loading. Delicious, good-looking. Three meat search practices Daquan
  - lilith80

The purple cauliflower

The flower is a kind of color cauliflower, the whole name is called the purple ball cauliflower. Other yellow cauliflower, green cauliflower, broccoli pagoda shaped, taste than crisp white cauliflower, nutritional value more abundant. Production methods and color of the same, Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time
Array  - 黄河水-zz

Purple potato

Today I made of purple potato, because less made by soon ate up, not fried, if fried sprinkle some sesame seeds, chili powder, cumin powder, that is sweet the! Don't mention it! Materials Ingredients Purple sweet potato750G Accessories WaterAppropriate amount

Weight reduction of the St

of large dishes 1. Sauce, sesame oil, Pingguo Cu, steamed fish soy sauce, sugar ratio3:3:1:1 Modulation uniformity 2. Cut the vegetables here, endive, cucumber first put a little salt, soup drained after in tomato, peppers, purple cabbage 3.
Array  - 楠木的木

Purple olive

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Purple olives, white radish1A Purple olive practice steps 1. Beautiful Search for purple olive practice

Have the Spring Festival colorful Boiled dumplings

Ingredients Dumpling powder1000g Tomato1A Pumpkin70g Purple cabbage100g Spinach100g Pork600g Celery600g Thirteen fragrantFew SaltFew GingerFew The practice steps have the Spring Festival colorful Boiled
Array  - 中道口小火锅

The color of fruit and vegetable Boiled dumplings

amount Five spice powderAppropriate amount The color of fruits and vegetables Boiled dumplings practice steps 1. Rape, purple cabbage, carrots, fried into a juice to knead into a dough 2. Knead to wake up ten minutes

Assorted mix fish dial

Vinegar Coriander Garlic Purple cabbage Egg skin Salt Practice steps assorted fish dial mix 1. Shred 2. Egg skin1A 3. Vegetable egg shred.
  - 766462厨神

Rose vinegar radish

vinegar 1. The first step: the necessary ingredients, radish slices, purple cabbage cut into small pieces 2. The second step: purple cabbage mill smashed filter juice, the juice poured into the radish slices, try to drown the radish. 3.
  - 非同亦非

Rainforest (baby food supplement)

Ah ha ha cucumber celery like trees Pea corn like the lake A feeling of a forest Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Cod2Block Homemade carrot jelly1 Homemade purple cabbage1 Homemade sweet corn

Colorful eggplant

4. Put shredded meat, starch sizing, oil, ginger and garlic, cook in soy pot, put shredded meat stir, spray a little wine. Add sauce, soy sauce, salt seasoning. 5. Garlic cut foam, coriander cut foam, purple cabbage shred. 6. The encoder, are placed on the bottom of eggplant, garlic
Array  - so小厨

Choking mix of cabbage, cabbage

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Cabbage Choking mix of cabbage cabbage, practice steps 1. Cabbage cut, boil the water off, a pot of cold water, control dry vinegar, sugar, sesame oil1
  - 楠木的木

Purple ginger

Brief introduction Absolutely authentic to Hunan people's purple ginger Very good to eat purple ginger, why is called purple oil? Oh, is the soy sauce, red bright, shiny bright purple ~ ha Well, here is a picture of the practice! Very crisp, very delicious, very appetizing! Not hot at