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Ice powder

Their own in the home to make ice powder taste good Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Ice powder Brown sugar Rock candy Cooked peanuts Cooked sesame seeds Water
Array  - 许_无忧

Raw powder

Nanning pressed raw powder after fermentation, there is a natural sour sour sour taste, like the taste of swill and the smell of swill is the essence of pressed powder, as Nanning sour bamboo shoots, people say that it is acid sweet, are said to be sour, but whether it is acid sweet or sour, for Nanning natives, this natural crisp acidity is heart of love. Materials
Array  - 老鱼家的戏

Lion powder

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Lion powder Practice steps of the lion powder 1. First remove the powder and green vegetables together and then cook, fish out of the bowl. Then put
  - 卤蛋Fancy

Egg powder

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Fresh corn Pea Egg3A Salt Chicken Thirteen fragrant Practice steps of egg powder 1. Put
  - 769519147

Ice powder

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Ice powderA few Practice steps of ice powder 1. Ice powder powder5Pounds of water, cook two minutes until cold, prepared chopped hawthorn, brown sugar
  - 玉儿59

Crystal powder

Ingredients Crystal powder Mushrooms Flammulina velutipes Accessories   Chopped green onion Shredded meat Garlic Seafood SoupDo it yourself Taste of America Laochouwang Salt Fuel
  - 一支筆

Sirloin powder

oilAppropriate amount SaltA handful of CorianderA CorianderA lot of The practice steps of sirloin powder 1. Bought from the market has been cooked beef sirloin tripe, with boiling water boiled once and then in second water and continue to cook(It's too salty),Cook until you like the taste.
Array  - audreyyyyy

Cold powder

Green pepperTwo The practice steps of cold powder 1. Put tomatoes Green pepper Garlic Ginger Cut into small pieces. Tomatoes as small as possible For a while, a good cook. 2. Put the oil pan Add ginger garlic Fried minced meat Stir fry

Chili powder

Chili powder, is chopped red pepper powder mix and steamed incense. Materials Ingredients Rice noodles150GFish150G Accessories Salt1SpoonOyster sauce10GSesame oil5GSoy sauce5GWaterAppropriate amount The practice
Array  - 水青青

Rice powder

Soy sauce, chicken, sugarAppropriate amount Olive VegetableA small spoon Edible fungus can be paired with meat or other vegetablesPersonal hobby StarchA small spoon It could step powder 1. Fungus bubble good, like what vegetables or meat are cut, no request, arbitrary

Meat powder

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Rice noodles, meat, sauce, pepper, green onion, soy sauce, salt, chicken amount, chicken soup Practice steps of meat powder 1. The materials ready, first
  - 步步前进

Threaded powder

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Thread powder250g Sugar5Spoon Water1000ml Practice steps of the threaded powder 1. Put in the pot and wash it.
Array  - xP20101106

Mix powder

Ordinary special love to eat the powder, today I finally made it. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Dry powderAccording to their own preferences Soy sauceAppropriate amount A garlic boltAppropriate amount
  - 薰沁晗

Ice powder

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Ice powder16g RaisinsAppropriate amount Longan meatAppropriate amount SesameAppropriate amount PeanutAppropriate amount MilkAppropriate amount
  - 昊子麻麻

Vanilla powder

This is a nutritious breakfast cake, ages, like the reference. Materials Ingredients Flour100G Accessories Oil2GVanilla extract1GEgg50GPowdered Milk30GClean water80G The practice of vanilla powder

Pumpkin powder

of the onion5GCooking wine15GGinger5GSalt3G Practice of pumpkin powder 1. Ribs cut into inch sections, with salt, sugar, soy sauce, cooking wine, ginger, pickled onion part15Spare minute 2. Hot pot not to put oil, glutinous rice into the frying
  - 蓝冰滢

Curry powder

The usual cooking like some curry flavor Titian, bought some curry block as seasoning. The cooked powder also added a bit of curry soup and special fragrance, colored, looking at all the appetite. Materials Ingredients Rice noodles150GLeaf mustard50G Accessories
Array  - 水青青

Curry powder

11. Cook good curry powder Cooking skillsLike to eat more spicy chili pepper sauce.
Array  - 水青青

Oil powder

fried tofu, until Ding Jinhuang crisp, you can pan 4.In another pan put a little oil, oil heat, fry diced stir pot, white meat after add onion ginger at the end, add a few drops of soy sauce, the spinach and cabbage wok stir fried, add a little salt, fried until the vegetables are broken it can grow out of the pot 5.Take a small bowl of oil powder into the pot, add peanut and soybean, slowly
Array  - 笛子

Powder soup

Powder soup practice steps 1. To boil the broth. 2. Put all kinds of prepared ingredients, cook, 3. Finally put garlic, parsley, onion, a pot. Search powder soup practice
  - 奥菲利亚m

Ice powder

Bean fruit to buy ice powder has always been considered to be a refrigerator Who knows completely without the refrigerator, especially good to do, but there is a better refrigerator! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Ice
  - 木溪荼wld

Cold fern root powder

When looking for peanut, fern root powder accidentally found, already bought, but no one did, so do. A few days ago to do with the rest of the fried bean sprouts, with some dishes, is a refreshing salad.~But recently hot, do the dishes in the refrigerator, better flavor~ Materials Ingredients Fern root powder200GBean sprouts100G

Lotus root powder dumpling

powder dumpling, the emperor after eating much appreciated. A few years later, this...(Open) The circle is the Jiangsu Jianhu County lotus Han traditional snacks, which belongs to jiangsu. A pigeon, reddish brown in color, texture, soft waxy, sweet entrance. According to legend200Years of history. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, a lake pile (now in Jianhu County is located) born

Nanchang cold powder

When it comes to Nanchang Nanchang Food, all people will first recommend Nanchang cold powder. Nanchang breakfast classic cold powder has the characteristics of "tough, cool and fresh, smooth,", because of the rice noodle, plus cooked immediately after entering water cooling, rice made fans without soft, resilient, water filter stem can ensure rice to eat up arrhizus clear, slippery roads, add
Array  - 心清似水淡若