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Pine nut pesto

With bread or pasta do choose! The most loved pasto.*\(^o^)/* Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pine nut60g Sweet basil200g Olive oilAppropriate amount Parmesan cheese powderFew

Rolle pine nut pesto pasta

break the boundary edge increases, according to their favorite taste to adjust. Pine nuts in the supermarket to buy the have been fried of open pine husking and peeling after use, if the pine nut kernels, ahead of the best roast cooked or small fire fried and then cooked.Sweet basil3Do the pesto pasta, pasta for slightly wide flat noodles.Sweet basil4, of course, if the favorite pesto and lazy

Sauteed Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts

Story is a love of me, love to eat this dish. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients CornAppropriate amount CucumberAppropriate amount CarrotAppropriate amount Pine nut kernelAppropriate amount The practice steps

Sauteed Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Corn grain450 Pine nuts30g CucumberHalf of the root Red pepperAppropriate amount SugarA spoon SaltA small spoon OilAppropriate amount
Array  - 追梦美食佳

Songren Yumi (Bao Xiangtian)

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pine nut kernelA small CornA tank Carrot Onion Ham Songren Yumi (Paul sweet) action steps 1. Diced

Songren Yumi particle

Fresh sweet and delicious. No other nuts can be used instead of pine nuts. Canned corn Sweet corn Frozen corn can be used. The amount of sugar is appropriate, highlighting the fresh sweet taste. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients
Array  - YUAN品味烘焙

[] -- Italian style famous pine nut pesto sauce flavor unlimited

) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Fresh basil120G Pine nut kernel60G Extra virgin olive oil150Milliliter Parmesan cheese30G Garlic5Flap Black pepperFew Salt6G [] -- Italian style famous pine nut pesto
  - 空心菜

Sauteed Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts

Home and pine nuts, originally wanted to make snacks to eat, but more recently a snack, do not want to dry, and then do the deft dishes in this simple and easy, pine nut corn. Materials Ingredients Waxy corn200GGreen soya beans50GCarrot50GPine nut kernel30G Accessories
Array  - 万山红

Sauteed Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts

Sweet corn1Bowl Pea(Fresh)1Small bowl Carrot1Root Pine nut(Fried)1Small bowl Accessories Olive oil3Soup spoon
Array  - 海蓝澜

Old Paul nuts walnut ice cream

Light cream250g White granulated sugar60g Egg white250g Salt1g WalnutAppropriate amount Pine nut kernelAppropriate amount Rum5ml The practice steps of old Paul pine walnut ice cream 1. Walnut pine150Degree baking15Minutes or so.

Lee Songren Yumi

Put more ingredients into the Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Glutinous rice grain300g Pine nut kernel15g Huang Guading20g Huw Loeb MartinAppropriate amount StarchAppropriate
  - 李超_NV

Bucket shrimp

Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Ingredients Cucumber Carrot Pea Pine nut Prawns Oyster sauce Salt The practice steps of bucket shrimp 1. Shrimp peeled shrimp line

Lazy brunch - pesto bagel sandwich

Ham and cheese can be replaced in accordance with individual tastes Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Bagel1A Pine nut pestoAppropriate amount Italian style dry ham1Slice Macroporous
Array  - 爱美食的娅娅

Red dates Soybean Milk pine nuts

1. Take a few red dates wash, go to the core, slice 2. Wash the beans and soak for a while. 3. Take a little pine nut shell (this step should be more patient) 4. Will these three ingredients in the milk machine

Breakfast assorted cold dishes

Breakfast can also be eaten by the United States and the United states. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Orange Walnut kernel Jujube Pine nut Raisins Egg roll
  - 许_无忧

Italian pesto noodles

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Fresh basil Pine nut Olive oil Parma cheese powder The Italian pesto practice steps 1. The fresh basil leaves and pine nuts, olive oil, garlic, black pepper
Array  - joycecong315919

# missing # killer -- pine crisp cake egg yolk yolk

Ingredients Yolk40g Fine sugar40g Pine nut kernel60g Butter40g Low gluten flour10g #Missing person#The practice steps of egg yolk yolk crisp cake -- killer pine nuts 1. 1Up all the ingredients weighing standby
Array  - Zhai小安

Fish pine

  - 项象

Nut bread

Powdered Milk40g Milk180ml HawaiiAppropriate amount Practice steps of nut bread 1. In addition to butter, the rest of the bread making machine, open and surface mode 2. About20After a minute, put the butter, and the material used to break the nuts, continue
Array  - 12豆果妮

Almond cake

The almond cake is currently doing the best to eat the cake. Crisp, just bite and hardness, sugar crisp, her husband said it is best to eat this cake! Walnut crisp, crisp pine nut, almond, three, is the best to eat almond cakes, followed by walnut crisp, crisp pine is the last. Perhaps because it had many pine nuts, taste covered. Materials
  - Q猪宝宝

Fig almond butter tart nuts -- the taste of summer

Pine nut tart Medium gluten flour450g Pine nuts250g Walnut sesame powder50g Salt3g Egg1Only Yolk1A Butter227g Powdered sugar100g Fig jam Fig450g White granulated sugar60g Lemon (zest and lemon juice)1A Salt2g Fruit wine (peach wine)12g
Array  - 美人小妖

Nut crisp

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Sesame Peanut All kinds of nuts Sugar The practice step of nut cakes 1. All kinds of nuts are ready to go.
Array  - 红绢绿帛

Golden Corn

I like to eat corn, corn, pine nut corn, corn the salted egg yolk, anyway, very tasty ah, corn pancake is one of my favorite snack is also very good to get started are less likely to fail. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients CornA
Array  - 萌萌麻麻0407

Nut beef

(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Peanut50g Walnut kernel50g Hazelnut50g Cashew50g Pine nut50g Man Mei Gan50g Powdered Milk200g Cotton candy300g Butter60g The practice steps of nut beef
  - 梓菡妈妈

Nut bread

Array  - 壹笑嫣然

Nut porridge

Do I have to yuesao. When she left, she made her a big pot. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Walnut Cashew Peanut Sesame Brown sugar Porridge The practice steps of nut porridge
Array  - 俏娘娘

Nut cake

A small cake delicious, with some nuts, I like cakes, a prescription to infer other things from one fact. Make chocolate cake, add cocoa powder20g(Matcha taste similar); do roll cake, egg white and sent partial wet sex is good; the nut cake batter on the side of some of the dry, the cake surface micro flaky texture and flavor
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Children do not eat properly nirvana - Thai pineapple rice

must private menu!(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients PineappleA CarrotAppropriate amount Green soya beansAppropriate amount CornAppropriate amount Shrimp meatAppropriate amount Pine nut
Array  - 心情正好

Celery fried pine.

kernel15g Salt, white pepperA few Fried celery pull loose practice steps 1. The first version of hard pine jellied meat, sliced. Other raw material cut diamond pieces, spare. 2. The cashew nut fried golden yellow, loose version of meat, celery were flying water reserve.

Rose Xinjiang nut cake

How much money I sell this dish Xinjiang nut cake? This is not Xinjiang nut cake with my Xinjiang nut cake, the rose sauce of glutinous rice cake. After taste sweet and not greasy, soft and slimy. Ingredients Glutinous rice600g Red bean paste400g Rose sauce50g Sugar180g
Array  - Amy小厨

Rice cooker nut cake

be brought up after the cold liquid, upside down on the pan can be Tips Their own to do a good thing to do, the weight loss of the girls will not have a negative feeling oh ~ ~ ~ ~ Search the rice cooker nut cake practice
Array  - ‖相守红尘

Spicy corn

Pine nut and corn is a very common dishes, before have eaten at the restaurant, at home also done over and over again, and occasionally pine nuts if not buy good, come out to do the dishes taste bad, but the taste is very strange. I usually like a few vegetables together to cook, especially carrots, whether it is a stew, fried, mixed, in my family's dinner table can always see it's shadow, today
Array  - 蓝天1751901

Pesto pasta

Salt1.5g Mushroom essence1g Olive oil30g Pine nut kernelSome Caviar3g The practice steps of pesto pasta 1. The pot of water to boil, add boiled pasta, cooked in the fire5Minutes off the fire 2. Grew up after the saturated pasta2Times
Array  - 夜の猫

Sweet nut Brownie

of nutsAppropriate amount My nut Brownie practice steps 1. The room temperature eggs into the milk, points2Times into sugar, stirring to complete fusion 2. Place chocolate and butter in a large bowl, and sit in a bowl.50In the basin of hot water, stir to no smooth no particles
Array  - 玉米83

A small nut cracker

spoon (about15ml) A small step approach nut cracker 1. Peanut roasted or fried after the removal of the red, walnut almond roasted or fried, with a cooking machine slightly broken (not to play too broken, or can not see the peanuts). Black sesame roasted or fried, with a cooking machine smashed into powder.
Array  - ty98986

Chocolate nut cookies

This chocolate chip cookies, absolutely is in my mind, the best to eat three of the top two, as for the other well, hey, and later announced. The reason with nuts to name, is because the nuts can almond and pistachio and cashew nuts and walnuts, can be a pine nuts and kernels, the so-called wrought iron barracks soldiers well. Different nuts have different tastes and aromas, but the basis
Array  - 西镇一婶

Xinjiang nut cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Glutinous rice200g Red dates50g The practice steps Xinjiang nut cake 1. The rice is washed with water soak two hours, red dates wash Daiyong 2.
  - 幸福熠熠

DIY nut oatmeal breakfast

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients OatFree MilkA box NutFree HoneyA BlueberrySix (fruit according to personal preference) DIYThe practice step of a nut oatmeal breakfast

Small nut milk chocolate

~ Tips Previously said the milk heated to a sticky on the pot, the results were not too uniform, the heat until the stir is really successful. Chocolate nut milk small practice search Daquan
  - M米娜

Macadamia nut cookies

into tortillas respectively. 9. Pan middle oil absorbing sheets, put bread 10. Preheat oven10Minutes, lit175Degree, under fire150Degree, roast15Minute 11. Macadamia nut cookies Drupe cookie
Array  - Na不重要

Blueberry nut milk pudding

and put in a container. 5. Will melt the soy bean milk after filtering into a cup, into the refrigerator 6. Take out and put on a broken nut. Tips Soya bean milk100gThe calories and fat are14Calories and0.7gMilk every100gThe
  - 九阳知食

Spicy fish

Fish dry50g Accessories   Oil100Milliliter Salt2G Shallot2Root Fried peanuts30G Garlic slice2Flap Ginger4Slice Dry pepper3Root Fried flour2Soup spoon Pine nut kernelFew Cooking wine15Milliliter The practice steps of spicy
Array  - 香儿厨房

Nut nutrition cake

) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Egg twoAbout100g White granulated sugar65g Low gluten flour100g Baking powder3g Baking soda3g Butter80g Cheese18g NutsAppropriate amount The practice step of nut nutrition cake
Array  - T&J

Honey nut small package

kernel1BowlBlack sesame20G The practice of small package honey nut 1. Prepare all the materials, walnut and black sesame fried with butter, softened 2. Put the flour, yeast powder, milk and eggs into the bread barrel, salt and sugar
Array  - ┈→べ餹餹

Banana nut horse

spoon baking soda1/2 tea spoon ripe banana2 all purpose flour2-3 cups nuts (almond)depends egg2 butter (not salted)4 oz sugar1 1/2 cups The practice steps of banana nut horse cake 1. The flour, baking soda, baking powder evenly mixed according
Array  - 煎鱼Q娘

Nut lard steamed bread

) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Medium gluten flour300g Peanut20Around Walnut kernel15A SesameA handful of LardAppropriate amount Brown sugar200G Practice steps of nut lard 1. Flour15Grams of sugar,5G yeast dough ball, yeast
Array  - 橙子的天空

Pine mushroom stew vermicelli (moth)

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Pine mushroom (moth)Appropriate amount VermicelliTwo Meat3Two Chinese prickly ashAppropriate amount Star aniseAppropriate amount CloveFew Red

Mushroom fried pine board meat

the meat with electric powder, add mushroom, boil after the release amount of garlic. Fried pine board meat practice video mushroom Mushroom fried pine board meat search practices Daquan
  - 飞车达人

Super simple Nut Muffin Cake

Ingredients Muffin Mix100g Egg1A Milk40ml Salad oil40ml Small walnutAppropriate amount HoneyAppropriate amount Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount Butter10g The practice steps of super simple Nut Muffin Cake
  - seajoe

[the kitchen] pine vine della toon fried rice

This is a vegetarian fried rice, beauty is the taste of meat eating, pine nuts and Toona sinensis mixed bursting with the breath of spring, the most important is time-saving and labor-saving, sweep empty leftovers depends on it. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so
Array  - 蔓德拉

Sweet and sour fish (pine fish practices)

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Anhui fishAppropriate amount Tomato sauce, white vinegar, sugarAppropriate amount Sweet and sour fish (pine fish practice) practice steps 1.

Improvement of Tianjin flavor Xinjiang nut cake

Grew up in the market to buy Xinjiang nut cake, is always buy jujube or red adzuki beans. Do it at home with your own! Ingredients Glutinous rice Red bean Jujube Brown sugar The practice steps improved Tianjin flavor Xinjiang nut cake.

Beijing - the old pine fruit chestnut cake # sweet Chushen #

Is a Japanese chestnut cake and fruit of autumn Kyoto old pine limited things, very delicious! Shape chestnut! There are a lot of Tangchaolizai boutiques in tianjin! So there is often a family, just a moment of chestnut cake! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute
Array  - 草莓漫食

Cantonese fried gristle

pour into the pot and stir fry over high heat 9.Keep the fire"Force"Excess oil 10.Add carrots continue to stir fry, finally add a spoonful of sugar, the finishing touch can out of the pot, into the well of the garlic cylinder, sprinkle pine nut kernels can enjoy Cooking skills 1, starch is divided into fried and fried, fried is the fried food in the pot, raging fire stir fry
Array  - 老鱼家的戏

Pork mushroom pizza

about the flow of saliva. Today with pizza sauce. Pizza sauce is the main flavor of pizza.,Generally have red sauce(Ketchup).Pasto(Rolle pine nut sauce),White sauce(Cream sauce)And other common species,In addition,Pumpkin jam.Squid sauce.Black pepper sauce, etc.. The variety of the bottom of the sauce determines the taste of the pizza. In addition,Pizza sauce and the sauce of Italy GM,So please look
Array  - 国明姐

Nutty nougat

Ingredients Cotton candy160g Butter60ml Peanut100g Raisins50g Xing Rengan50g The practice steps of nut nougat 1. Photograph of the whole family, forget the sun butter, raisins and half peanut with knife crushed, leaving part of the complete peanuts, I think someone

Matcha cashew nougat

Ingredients Matcha cashew nougat The practice steps of cashew nougat tea 1. Matcha cashew nougat Search Matcha cashew nougat practices Daquan
  - MMDJ彭畅

Grilled barbecue sandwich

Love baking dear, may be concerned about the WeChat public number: "Mom bake with honey",There are the most down to earth baking recipes,Creative recipes,Detailed graphics and text production course, in which the "micro community" as well as a professional baking master to answer all kinds of problems encountered in the process of baking,And baking recipes and tips to share.,Every little white can be here....(Open) Love baking dear, may be concerned about the WeChat public number: "Mom bake with honey",There are the most down to earth baking recipes,Creative recipes,Detailed graphics and text production course, in which the "micro community" as well as a professional baking master to answer all kinds of problems encountered in the process of baking,And baking recipes and tips to share.,Every little white can make a delicious food here.(Stop) Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Toast6Slice Ham2Slice Egg1A Accessories   MayonnaiseAppropriate amount Dried meat flossAppropriate amount The practice steps of a barbecue. 1. Material preparation. 2. Toast cut around the edge. 3. A layer of dried meat floss spread on toast. 4. Squeeze the salad sauce, put on toast. 5. Squeeze the salad sauce, put on toast. 6. Then cover a piece of toast. 7. Cut in toast fold. 8. .The dish with foil, and then do the sandwiches on the baking tray. 9. Brush on a layer of egg liquid. 10. Brush up on the side. 11. Preheat oven160Middle level. 12. Roast15Minute or so, the surface can be golden brown. Practice video for a barbecue Tips Oven to adjust according to their own, my oven is a serious high, so can not be the temperature of my oven. Search for barbecue sandwich
Array  - 美味浆果

Cocoa peach Rome shield

: low powder40G Corn starch10G Butter50G Corn oilAbout40Milliliter Sugar90G Walnut kernelAppropriate amount Peanut butter, malt sugarEach spoonful The practice steps of Rome shield the cocoa nut 1. This is the material for making the outer ring. To do something
Array  - 石绿花青

Beef floss

First in order to give the child a healthy food, later found for threaded bad old man is also very suitable for, finally is do to the threaded bad grandma and grandpa eat, also hope that their health and longevity, now grandma to eat not to do give grandpa eat! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Beef500g SaltAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount The practice steps of beef 1. 1.First the beef is cooked, can be boiled water can also add material, according to the personal taste and set! 2. 2.Will be cooked beef cuts, let cool into the freezer frozen layer, this broken deal! 3. 3.With a grinding machine, hit two can be! 4. 4.Put the oil into the pan, broken beef stir fry until water drained. 5. 5.Stir fry until then! 6. 6.Two polished, suitable for the elderly or children to eat! 7. 7.Box! Tips Health nutritiondiy Search beef song practice
  - Athena/aiq

Red bean pastry cakes.

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Low gluten flour250g Baking powder10g Sugar100g Unsalted butter100g Egg2Only Red bean paste200g Red bean pastry cakes~Procedure steps 1. Prepare the material, if the butter out of the refrigerator, put a period of time, such as butter. 2. A practice:1.Mix flour and baking powder and mix together.2.Put the sugar and butter until the sugar melts (not whisk, hand grater sugar melts, such as a map like, open pit)3.Sugar melts, then add in eggs, egg and butter.4.After the egg and butter is completely fused, the flour mixed with the flour.3Step, pay attention not to be too hard to rub the flour, the flour into the (or flour will be reinforced) 3. Open grain:1.First, put the flour on the table and prevent it from the table. 2.Then the pastry Division3A large, each pastry open5Small grain pastry. Can be opened15A 3.Red bean filling the open method. 4. OtherThe red bean paste wrapped in a pastry, pay attention to the fold position, put down. 5. Remember not to put too close, if the figure is too close, when placed about two finger position, the time will be expanded to roast. In the last egg finished surface, about every one or two minutes, and then sweep again, the egg on the surface. Finally into the oven. 6. Roast probably5The surface of the minute has golden yellow, put the fire down a little, probably150Degree or so. Probably15About a minute or so. Tips Sweep the eggs after baking, the surface fire230C/Primer200The roast can be done. Red bean cake pastry search~Practice


This ready to bring great nephew to eat, so the use of materials particularly simple, if adults eat can add pepper, curry powder ah, feel free to toss. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Tenderloin500g White sesame seedAppropriate amount Green Chinese onionAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount Oyster sauceAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount Pork song practice steps 1. The pork tenderloin wash, cut, add onion ginger wine into the boiling water, cook until the chopsticks can pierce. 2. The beef meat hammer loose, broken pieces, is more conducive to the next step. 3. Put shredded meat into the bread machine, adding a small amount of oyster sauce, sugar, salt, soy sauce and oil, choose a jam program. 4. The jam process is completed, divided into the grinding cup, broken, cool and bagging. Tips Diced meat to be cooked quickly, but also easy to tear. Why spices are moderate, first because I not salty, second for the children to do the taste must be light, but the operation of fragrance but in reality. If only bread jam program, just stiff pork, once put into the grinding cup. It is to witness the miracle of the moment^_^Can also get a little bit of seaweed, after mixing, in short, you want to come. Search pork song practice


Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pork500g Soy sauceAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount Sugar3Spoon Aniseed2g Geranium2g Green Chinese onion1Root Salt5g Pork song practice steps 1. Pork put soy sauce, salt, onion ginger, aniseed, geraniol, cooking wine into the pot30Minutes, remove and cool, with a rolling pin to scatter some large pieces of meat, torn by hand! 2. Into the bread machine, add three teaspoons of sugar, the amount of sesame, soy sauce, salt, transferred to the dried meat floss button, if there is no floss button, transferred to jam button can! 3. The dried meat floss dried into a bottle to eat! Search pork song practice
Array  - 梁爽67

The children love Songren Yumi

CarrotA small cut CucumberA small cut SaltFew SugarA small spoon Pine nutA small Edible oilAppropriate amount The children love Songren Yumi practice steps. 1. Sweet corn, all stripped off. 2. I bought this pine open
Array  - 萌萌麻麻0407


, and stir, do not stick pan5.Put all the ingredients to go down, then stir, until the meat is no water, pine is good (if a little to be crisp taste, put in the oven and cook for a few minutes, temperature is not too high) Search pork song practice
  - 飘沙0


Always wanted to do a recipe for their own dishes out, and we exchange of learning, today finally plucked up the courage to upload my first dish. Do this before the other recipes, but no bread machine, do not they so easy. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Lean lean700g Wang Shouyi13Sweet1Box Salt, sugarAppropriate amount Pork song practice steps 1. Wash the pork, diced. 2. Not too cold meat, boiled away. 3. The water boiled meat into the pressure cooker, add thirteen a box of incense, out of the atmosphere15Minutes after the fire. 4. The meat into the fresh bag, with a rolling pin to knock loose meat. 5. Knock the powder meat into the pot, playing piled with food machine 6. Add a teaspoon of salt. 7. Add two tablespoons of sugar. 8. Using electric mixer beat a minute after a small fire stir fry, fry a minute off the fire, then whisk, repeat to complete with the eggbeater is to let the meat more fluffy) 9. Finished product. 10. Put it in a glass bowl and seal it in a glass bowl. Tips Personally think that sugar should not be too much, a little sweet good, until fluffy material is dried meat floss is not good Search pork song practice
  - 黑山老爹

[old skin] banana muffin muffin family kitchen

When the soft banana in the fried walnut, became the children eat banana walnutmuffin, the steps are very simple, not only saves the time of mother, but also allows the child to enjoy delicious and nutritious breakfast.Weekend morning, silverskin family always get up early, in order to enjoy a good breakfast.Millet:Daddy, what do we have for breakfast tomorrow?Old skin:...(Open) When the soft banana in the fried walnut, became the children eat banana walnutmuffin, the steps are very simple, not only saves the time of mother, but also allows the child to enjoy delicious and nutritious breakfast.Weekend morning, silverskin family always get up early, in order to enjoy a good breakfast.Millet:Daddy, what do we have for breakfast tomorrow?The old skin: eat muffins?Millet: mmm.The old skin: we do Banana Walnut muffins!Tips] [the baking needs to use the muffin moulds, if not the muffin moulds can also be common baking mould. But the time to roast30Minutes.(Stop) Ingredients White flour240ml Whole wheat flour240ml The flavor of yogurt4Teaspoon Penuche240ml Walnut kernelAccording to personal preference Banana3Root (slice) Accessories   Baking powder1Teaspoon Baking soda1Teaspoon Cinnamon powder1Teaspoon Olive oil60ml Melted butter2Teaspoon [old skin] banana muffin family kitchenmuffinProcedure steps 1. First, a piece of material 2. Preheat oven to180C.Then the white flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon respectively through a sieve sieve to a large bowl, then stir evenly. 3. The sliced banana melted butter, olive oil, sugar and flavor of yoghurt poured into another bowl, stir well. 4. Article2Bu Hedi3Step the material mix, and make full mixing evenly. 5. Will have to mix the ingredients into the mold. 6. Bake in an oven20Minutes, finally remove the delicious banana muffin. Tips [how to testmuffinWhether cooked? ]Insert with one rootmuffinIn the middle and then draw out, if the chopsticks are cleanmuffinRipe. (use stainless steel chopsticks)[remarks]You can add the chocolate chip, make the taste more fragrant. Can also be4The mixture into the muffin mold, and then the ice, then take out time. Search [old skin] family kitchen Banana MuffinmuffinPractice
Array  - 米皮妈

Cashew cocoa cookies

This cookie is by far the most delicious I have a biscuit, cashew crisp fragrance with cocoa flavor. Best suited to the sun in the afternoon, a cup of rose tea, through a period of sweet tea time! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Low powder75G Butter50G Accessories   Sugar25G Egg23G Baking powder8%1Small spoon Cocoa powder4G CashewAppropriate amount Cashew cocoa cookies practice steps 1. Melt butter at room temperature, add sugar and beat until pale. 2. Branch3Add egg whisk. 3. Sift into low powder, cocoa powder, baking powder. 4. Mix well. 5. Divided into15G a small biscuit. 6. Cashew cut grain. 7. Press on the cookie. 8. Preheat oven180Degree, middle and lower fire15Minutes. 9. Bake a good cookie to cool off after the seal is kept. 10. Fragrant and delicious cashew cocoa cookies. Tips Baked biscuits easy to moisture, please cool after the preservation of the seal.This cocoa cookies do not see the roast, please pay attention to the observation, do not bake paste! Cocoa cashew cookie recipe search Daquan
Array  - tgcyy


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients CashewFree The practice steps of cashew 1. I've got a long time. Search cashew practices Daquan

Pesto pasta

Parmesan cheeseA small Garlic2-3Flap Pine nut1The Olive oil2Teaspoon Black pepperFew SaltAppropriate amount Italy areaAppropriate amount The practice steps of pesto pasta 1. Fresh basil, garlic peeled wash 2.
Array  - 向大可coco

# raspberry flavor food #

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Cranberry100g Pine nut50g Powdered Milk300g Cotton candy500g Butter50g #Strawberry flavored dishes#Procedure steps

Italian pesto pesto

, or you can burn in the Italy area after the other to cook the other mix to add to the inside a little cook, so that will reduce the green flavor. Materials Ingredients Sweet basil50G Pine nut
  - KL乐悠悠

Foundry cashew nuts

It is the most classic cashew foundry, gossip, immediately put on foot. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Cashew White granulated sugar The practice steps of cashew foundry 1. Add water to boil cashew, see the product that can remove larger cashew Hugh dry filter. 2. The other from the pan put oil and cashew, fire and fry until golden yellow immediately remove drain. 3. Syrup: sugar in a small bowl, a little cold water, fire boil15Minutes or so. 4. Until all is a small bubble state, with chopsticks dipped into the water bowl, the syrup can not be dissolved in the state to turn off the fire. 5. The cashew nuts into syrup in repeated uniform continuous fight, this time you will feel the more noise more heavy drops, until the syrup hang dry into cream. 6. Be accomplished, thanksgiving. A cup of green tea.~~~ Tips Boil the water for Cashew brittle. Search foundry cashew practices Daquan
  - 虚拟草

Nuts sauce pizza

highly arbitrary, as long as the cake at the end of the successful, what ingredients can brought to try do stuffing, sometimes to try new flavors, regardless of what kind of collocation, never too failed. I personally like some cake base thin pizza, roasted crispy outside and tender, hold a lot of fillings, it is fun to eat. Fill the pizza fillings, catch the happy nuts and nut Rensa above, only more
Array  - Nicole

Reduced sugar, no shrinkage, loose and soft Sponge Cake

I baked on the road the first attempt of a sponge cake, but always fail to want to own the best state, or is too hard or too dry, or is retracted or cracking, various tragic, after several failed attempts, today was finally able to hand in a satisfactory answer, share to everyone Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Low gluten flour200g Egg6A Fine sugar90g Milk20g Butter50g Reduced sugar, no shrinkage, loose and soft Sponge Cake action steps 1. For sponge cake, the most important is to lay eggs, the freshness of eggs is very important, the temperature is more important, the whole egg to pass in40Degrees is the most suitable, so a pot of hot water on your eggs at the bottom in begin. 2. Once opened, beat egg machine will not be able to go back, but do not be too nervous, slow cooking secret agents to bake the perfect cake, cooking is a state of mind, now put your eggbeater drove up to the maximum speed. 3. High speed pass almost12Minutes, the egg began to visibly swollen pale, then it transferred to low speed (2Files or so) to play three minutes time just a reference, or to see your protein, such as figure this fine texture, lifted the eggbeater flow lines will not disappear immediately. 4. Sifted low gluten flour branch two to three times into the pot, each time turned mixed evenly, be sure to remember is stirring, do not circle stirring, if you don't understand fold, very simple, directly from the bottom two direction zoned to the eight o'clock, and then to nine o'clock backhand batter into bowl can be, this process must be quick, decisive, mainly to avoid egg defoaming 5. And then the solution of butter milk (forget to shoot) into the same way as the cake mix20So, mix evenly, the mix the good cake liquid into the bottom spread a layer of oil paper mould, flattened and on the table earthquake two, shaking out the inside of the bubble, you can into the oven 6. My oven temperature up and down the fire180Degree15In a minute160Degree10Minutes, a toothpick inserted with the cake, you can, get out immediately after the upside down on a cooling rack, cooling after cutting. Oven temperature is only for reference, you must find your own oven temper, principles of color fast the transfer a small fire, cracking that get angry too high in the above plus a roasting pan or aluminum foil... You can watch a start point, a few will have roast 7. Finished the United States and the United States, raw egg skin is the point of view, in fact, from the very far, just to give you a look at the specific use of egg Reduced sugar, no shrinkage, loose and soft Sponge Cake practice video Tips This is a ten inch round amount Search by sugar, no shrinkage, loose and soft Sponge Cake practices Daquan

Homemade chicken

The chicken breast made of dried meat floss, with soft, crisp, soft and not greasy, fragrant and delicious, and more easily digested and absorbed by human body, nutritional value higher than general chicken products. Chicken breast is belongs to a part of the protein content of more chicken, tender meat, delicious taste and rich nutrition, nourishing the self-cultivation. The higher the chicken breast meat protein content, easily absorbed into use, there is the role of physical fitness. Chicken breast meat containing phospholipids, is an important source of human growth and development. Chicken breast meat is beneficial to the five internal organs, complement deficiency, deficiency of stomach, strengthening tendons and bones, promoting blood circulation, regulating menstruation, leucorrhea check. Materials Ingredients Chicken breast meat400G Accessories Oil1Soup spoonSalt1Small spoonSoy sauce1Soup spoonFine white sugar5Small spoonGreen Chinese onion2SectionGinger2SliceStar anise1A Homemade chicken loose practice 1. Chicken breasts cut into small pieces, soaked with cold water1Hour, every15Minutes for a water, it can be blood in the meat bubble 2. Chicken meat will drain into the inner container of electric pressure cooker, water and chicken flat 3. Add cooking wine, soy sauce, onion, ginger, star anise 4. Start the electric pressure cooker, press25Minute 5. Pressure good chicken breast has been very loose 6. Remove and cool 7. The chicken breast into the bag, with a roller flattening 8. Pour into the bread machine, add1Salt salt 9. Join5Small sugar 10. Join1Spoon oil 11. StartACAMenu of bread machine12Jam function 12. 1After an hour, the chicken will be ready. Cooking skills1, if there is no electricity pressure cooker, can be used to cook the meat, and cook until the meat can be used to tie the chopsticks; 2, if there is no bread machine can pan to fry, but need to master the furnace, and requires patience, the chicken dry fried dry, become loose.
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Shrimp pesto pasta

A refrigerator in basil, because when the growing good time to eat, it is frozen! Specially bought1Jin Songren, do you today pesto pasta! Materials Ingredients Shrimp meat100GSweet basil60GItaly area180GPine nut kernel20G Accessories Olive oilAppropriate amountCheese
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"3 minutes" quick meal banana cashew milk

I heard the cashew milk are low in calories, cashew almond milk milk is probably the < < < < coconut milk soy skim milk "milk Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Cashew30g Banana1Root WaterAppropriate amount "3Practice steps quickly minutes table "banana milk cashew 1. Cashew water drained into the blender, breaking short bananas into the blender, add water, good enough.Juice for half a minute to a minute, probably no obvious particles.Come out and enjoy.Bananas have a sweet taste, can not add sugar, of course, sweet people can add a little honey, which is relatively healthy.The picture for the skim milk base, plus2Cashew milk and banana oat layer. Tips With a juice machine to get out of the more viscous and there will be granular texture, if you want to dilute a little more water, if you want to smooth the taste can be filtered. Cashews before soaking1Hour, I use the raw cashew nuts, more fragrant, if it is cooked cashew is even better. Cashew select flavor is good, salt and pepper and other taste not. Search "3Quick meal "banana milk cashew minute practice Daquan
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Baby food supplement 10M+ chicken floss

Qian Bao has been insisting for handmade food, from the beginning of a white kitchen, with Qian Bao grow slowly Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Chicken breast250g AniseedA Green Chinese onionAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount Baobao10M+Chicken loose practice steps 1. Chicken with microwave oven, or room temperature thawing 2. Green onions and cut into sections, ginger shoot loose, into a star aniseed flavor, pressure cooker boil water, add seasonings and chicken, chicken 3. The pressure of good meat, remove and cool 4. Good hand dry meat shredded meat according to the texture, the better, the picture is a semi-finished products, you must be better than the fine 5. No water and oil in wok, add chicken, open the smallest fire, stir fry 6. More and more fluffy shredded meat, continue to stir fry until dry, shredded meat 7. Fried shredded meat to completely fluffy, Nabechi Ryo, broke with food bar 8. After the completion of loading box or a sealed tank, congee cooking a scoop, very convenient 9. Finished product Tips Meat to tear the more detailed the better, stir fry when not urgent, small to keep the fire stir fry, the last step break to Liang Liang, dried meat floss every step really need care and patience to do Search for baby food supplement10M+Chicken loose practice

Pumpkin pizza with pesto sauce

Flour200GYeast3GSaltFewWater125GButter5G Accessories Pine nut30GBasil50GFragrance1SmallSalt2GOlive oil30MilliliterKaf cheese powder10GBlack pepper1/8TeaspoonPizza cheese120GPumpkin200GHam60GCelery50GRed pepper20GButter5G Pumpkin pesto pizza practice 1. First step,Knead
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Pingguo cherry walnut milk

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Cherry, walnut, Pingguo, milk.Cherry10One, a walnut, a little Pingguo, milk. The practice steps of Pingguo walnut milk shake cherry 1. Go nuclear 2. Pingguo 3. 1Minutes. Can taste. Search Pingguo cherry walnut milkshake practice Daquan
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Homemade pork

Before and after the test.PE6800A toaster bread function. Today I will try to do the pork floss, simply too worry, cooked meat and seasoning into, the choice of a good "Rousong" program, do not have to worry about, "drop drop" sound, healthy, without the addition of dried meat floss is made. Lean pork, I used, feel tenderloin, or leg of pork will be better, pure lean meat, no fascia, the piece of meat with some fascia, the knife, I would have no, spent quite a while to remove clean. Do you know the next dried meat floss, choose what kind of meat. Two green cypress bread machine although the previous can do dried meat floss, today is the first day I can do, the feeling is very simple, mainly bread machine awesome, don't have to keep. Before no bread machine, it is too difficult to bake in the oven, and some also used to stir the cooking, the steps are very complicated, there is a bread machine is still hesitant to do, afraid of their own do not taste good. But today, cypressPE6800The bread machine produced pork floss and gave me a big surprise, did not expect to do their own, can also be very tasty dried meat floss!! This will often do to eat later, a bread dried meat floss what, delicious and nutritious! A small baby dear family, is not something to give the baby to eat dried meat floss! Pork480The final product is grams, dried meat floss165G,800mlThe box is close to a box. Boiled mutton pressure cooker is the most time-saving, cooked meat pinch broken, I estimate is not Ganmian stick beats, directly into the bread machine is the same agitation, a few minutes can stir up very broken is broken. I feel a variety of seasonings is put, there is no specific amount of salt, cooking than usual to put too less. When in the toaster, dried meat floss stir baking, aroma floating out from under the cover, it is to let people slobber.~~ Materials Ingredients Pork(Thin)480G Accessories Onion10GGinger10GCooking wine5GLee Kum Kee braised secret sauce3GSalt3GWhite granulated sugar5GOyster sauce6GPeanut oil15GSoy sauce5G Practice of homemade pork 1. Fine lean meat, onion, Jiang Xijing 2. Remove the meat of the fascia, cut square pieces, the amount of water, into the meat and onions, ginger, add a little wine 3. After the fire, the fire continued.2Minute 4. Remove the meat. 5. Wash in warm water 6. An electric pressure cooker, add appropriate amount of water, wash the meat into the, add a few slices of ginger, function selection "meat, pork ribs", begin to work 7. After the gas after open, remove the meat, washing 8. Dry to warm, into the bag, beat again with a rolling pin, broken line 9. After beating the meat into the bread barrel, add a little salt. 10. Put a little white sugar 11. Put in the right amount of peanut oil 12. Add the teriyaki sauce, braised without juice, with soy sauce instead 13. Finally, put the amount of oyster sauce 14. Start the toaster "dried meat floss" program 15. 7Minutes later, the meat has stirred very broken. 16. An hour later, "the end of the program, dried meat floss dried meat floss" well 17. Put in a fresh box after the cool.
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Black rice

rice,2Cup glutinous rice1.5Cup juice, stir evenly, soak3An hour 3.Soaked rice bowl together into the steamer and steam30Minutes, and then stew5Minutes to boil, a nut.(Macadamia nut, walnut and pine nuts)And red dates chopped 4.After the rice is steamed, the rice will be taken out, while the chopsticks take advantage of the heat, the rice is basically dry cold, then into the chopped nuts and red
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# Panasonic magic world # galesaur baking spring (Huw Rob Jan Huo pound cake)

The name of this cake is called "the spring of Totoro", cake carrot nut pound cake, chocolate pale cream plaster, handmade sugar decorative accessories. To like carrot nut cake decoration into the roots and chinchilla with playful, naughty globe, with leaves and small flowers and small mushrooms, a spring playful overflowing cake scene.
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Homemade pork

Done a pork floss, finished OK. Finally, dried meat floss bread to eat, the old man did not know until later that is to do their own dried meat floss, yesterday, the second time to be dried meat floss, taste better, and to share to you more easily put meat get loose methods, detailed look at the following steps. Materials Ingredients Lean meat500G Accessories Sugar 40GSoy sauce2SpoonFish sauce1/2SpoonSalt4G Practice of homemade pork 1. Material, pig meat, try to pick no rib meat like plum meat, to a star a little onion ginger pepper; the meat along the lines of division, cut into small pieces, cutting lines are short end of speculation will be shorter, try to cut a little longer; the pork pepper octagonal onion ginger added to the pot and add cold water, boil destroyed floating foam and uncovered a small fire cook2Hour 2. The cooked meat, fish out with a rolling pin roll thin, and then rolling pin against the grain rubbing back and forth, without a hand to tear, all rubbing good throw into bread machine barrel in, add soy sauce, sugar and salt fish sauce 3. Open and face the program to stir a few minutes, so that the distribution of the uniform, and then open the jam procedures, my bread machine jam procedures are1Hour20The middle, can open a few times out of water or the lid open, jam last program20Minutes of baking, then observe the floss dry humidity, can stop the program to restart programs jam, depending on the circumstances, fried to the likes of dry humidity when turn off and then. I'm about speculation and the thirty minutes, and had to take out a bread barrel cooling Cooking skills1Don't pick pork ribs: don't have to go to the bar, meat should be cooked rotten enough to boil the sauce, so time will be longer; 2: cut the lines are much shorter and the final fried will be shorter, as far as possible to cut a long; 3With the rolling pin: after thin lines of inverse back rub will Chengdu, do not have to slowly tear into; 4Want some more velvet: dried meat floss can be used, and a more stirring procedure; 5: floss well take out, because of the toaster and heat, and bread machine cooled in dried meat floss will eventually be baked to partial dry.

Homemade pork

Pork floss with soft crisp, soft and not greasy, fragrant and delicious, and is easy to be digested and absorbed by human body, nutritional value higher than general pork products. The main nutrient components of pork are carbohydrate, fat, protein and various minerals, low cholesterol, high protein content. Minced pork with rich flavor, taste delicious, nourish appetizer, dry soft crisp, easy to digest. Dried meat floss processing, not only the concentration of nutrients, but also concentrated a lot of minerals. Pig meat itself contains a certain amount of iron, after concentrated to the iron content of the dried meat floss twice as much as pork, and therefore is good iron supplementation of food. In the meat processed into dried meat floss in the process, in addition to heat damage some vitaminBThe other nutrients were almost no loss. The process of frying is a lot of water, but the water is reduced, which is just concentrated. Therefore, the protein, the fat content of dried meat floss were higher than that in the pig meat. Due to the process of adding sugar, making the original lean meat in a very low concentration of carbohydrates has also increased a lot. Materials Ingredients Pork400G Accessories Oil 1Soup spoonBraised in soy sauce1Soup spoonCooking wine1Soup spoonFine white sugar1Soup spoonGreen Chinese onion1RootStar anise2AChinese cinnamon1BlockGinger2SliceSalt1Small spoon Practice of homemade pork 1. The pig hind legs remove fascia, cut into small pieces 2. Soak in water1Every hour15Minutes for a water, will remove the meat in a bubble 3. Electric pressure cooker in the inner join200Ml water, add4A spring onion,2Slice ginger,2A star,1A half teaspoon of salt, cinnamon,1A spoon of cooking wine 4. The soaked meat into the drain 5. Starting electric pressure cooker/Soup key, press25Minute 6. The pressure pieces, some white color 7. To pick out the meat water with chopsticks, the meat is very bad, the clip will feel very loose 8. The good control of water cut, into the bag 9. With a roller flattening 10. The compressed inside the bucket into the bread machine 11. Plus1Spoon oil 12. Plus1Tablespoon teriyaki sauce 13. Plus1Salt salt 14. Plus1Spoon sugar 15. To start the bread machine's jam function 16. 1An hour after the dried meat floss is done Cooking skills1, if there is no electric pressure cooker available on the other pot cooked meat, and cook until the meat can use chopsticks to pierce can, if there is no bread machine can pan to fry, but need to master the furnace, patience; 2If, like eat sesame, can mix in the dried meat floss some cooked sesame, tastes better.
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Shanghai three Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings

filling250GCorn50GPine nut kernel15GEgg1A Accessories Cooking wine2SpoonSaltFewSoy sauce2SpoonGinger juice1SpoonSugarBan XiaoshaoSalad oilAppropriate amountOyster sauce1SpoonSesame oilFewBlack sesameFewChopped green onionAppropriate amount Shanghai three Pan-Fried Meat
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Nuts, grains and rice

The practice of rice grains. 1.Walnut, almond oven150°CAbout roast10Minutes, cool back into place the stone smashed into coarse grain 2.Rice, oats, millet and corn Chen after cleaning add water pot and cook rice grains into the discharge voltage 3.Add chopped nuts 4.Add the amount of sesame oil and soy sauce can be mixed well Nuts, grains and rice, fragrant incense Steamed Rice mixed nuts, simple collocation, not the same delicious.
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Most children love healthy and delicious homemade dried meat floss

Make sushi Do their own health Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pig hind legs150g Made of dried meat floss Healthy and delicious child love the practice steps 1. Meat slice 2. Put pressure cooker Add ginger Cooking wine Water The fire after boiling off a small fire Total pressure20Minute 3. To float the meat to the end of the high pressure cooker. Clean out into the fresh bag Crush Into a bowl Add soy sauce Salt Oil Rock candy According to their own tastes 4. Add in the bread machine. According to the function of dried meat floss Etc.70Minute 5. Perfect out ~ ~ ~ ~ Tips WeChat936448507Can be together oh Let's work on the manual health food. The search made of dried meat floss Healthy and delicious children love the practice of the most
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Homemade no seasoning version of pork

The son of a month on Friday, always swallow the meat, made him so easy to eat dried meat floss, can be placed inside the porridge bar Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Lean leanA couple of pounds OnionAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount The practice step of homemade non dressing version of pork 1. Lean lean muscle 2. Diced pot flying water, dirty things cooked 3. Put onion ginger into the pressure cooker 4. I choose the beans tendons 5. 30Minutes after boiling water control 6. A rolling pin with pressure 7. Pan fried, oil, do not put the smallest fire, has been with the hand rub, this is five minutes after the pile has begun 8. 50After a minute, it's been very velvet. 9. Sealed in a plastic bag, and a refrigerator can be kept for a month. Tips There are mothers who ask me how to do the process of dried meat floss, hair, and some matters needing attention:1If some of the baby can put some salt seasoning sauce, the smaller the best put onion ginger.2High pressure cooker30Minute, no pressure cooker with other pot with a long time can also be.3Put the oil in the pan, and the minimum fire, you must keep the minimum fire to the coke.4This time to do more speculation.50In a minute, this is a patient live, mothers do not worry, while the side of the hand rub a rub will be faster.5Pork beef can be, but it is best to lean lean, remove the tendons. Search homemade no seasoning version of the practice of pork
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# Panasonic baking magic world # Lightning McQueen cake

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Low gluten powder (12Inch plain cake3Film)300g Egg yolk (12Inch plain cake3Film)12A White granulated sugar (12Inch plain cake3Film)45g Pear juice (12Inch plain cake3Film)180g Corn oil12Inch plain cake3Film)120g Vanilla extract12Inch plain cake3Film)A few drops of Protein (12Inch plain cake3Film)12A White granulated sugar (12Inch plain cake3Film)135g (white vinegar12Inch plain cake3Film)A few drops of Low gluten powder (10Inch cake1Film)90g (green tea powder10Inch cake1Film)10G Egg yolk (10Inch cake1Film)4A White granulated sugar (10Inch cake1Film)15g Milk (10Inch cake1Film)60g Corn oil10Inch cake1Film)40g Vanilla extract10Inch cake1Film)A few drops of Protein (10Inch cake1Film)4A White granulated sugar (10Inch cake1Film)45g (white vinegar10Inch cake1Film)A few drops of Low gluten powder (8Cun Yuanmo)100g Cocoa powder (8Cun Yuanmo)20g Egg yolk (8Cun Yuanmo)5A Sugar (sugar8Cun Yuanmo)30g Corn oil8Cun Yuanmo)45g Milk (8Cun Yuanmo)80g Protein (8Cun Yuanmo)5A Sugar (sugar8Cun Yuanmo)70G (white vinegar8Cun Yuanmo)A few drops of Accessories   Light cream (trim)Appropriate amount Sugar (decoration)Appropriate amount Pigment (decoration)Few Dark chocolate sauce (decorated)Appropriate amount Chocolate bean (decorated)Two Oreo cookies (trim)4Block Fruit (decoration)Appropriate amount #Panasonic baking magic world#The practice steps of the lightning - wheat - Kun - dimensional cake 1. Add sugar and mix in egg yolk;2, 2. Add corn oil and mix well;3, 3. Add pear juice;4, 4. Add vanilla extract and sift into the low gluten flour;5, 5. Pour the batter mix until smooth batter particles can be placed in the refrigerator for standby;6, 6. The protein was sent to dry foaming;7, 7. Take1/3The protein stir into the batter;8, 8. The batter all add the remaining protein blend evenly;9, 9. Will the cake batter into the oil pan pad, shake a few,Preheat oven150Roast.22Minute; 10. Bake the cake sliced upside down and set aside in the grid, the same way to all Chiffon Cake cotyledons remaining;11, 11. Take10The cake is placed on the cake paper pad, and then spread the cream and spread the cream;12, 12. Repeat steps13Two times, will3Slice10Inch pie all the good;13, 13. Put three slices of cake on the outer layer of the cream;14, 14. Take10Matcha cake slices with a knife cut inch2A small rectangle, then cut out of the four corners of the arc, made of cars, take a piece of10Second pieces of cake, and then put on the cream;15, 15. Put the whole car on the ground;16, 16. The cocoa cake Peizi into three, the middle part is a radian, then take a piece with chocolate sauce;17, 17. Second pieces of film with the first piece of bond, the third repeat this operation, this part is the body;18, 18. Will do well on the car site;19, 19. The whole body with butter, this three-dimensional model car cake has come out, following the start of mounting;20, 20. Remove the certain amount of the cream and transferred to green and then put into the piping and decorating mouth is small hole, irregular extrusion of bracket at the bottom of the car around the long, green is the color of the grass, the approach here is to the car to create a green grassland environment. In square cake above the body of the periphery of the automobile spare place sprinkle dried crushed cocoa cake powder, this means racing field land color;21, 21. Will dark chocolate heat insulation water dissolves after adding light with whipped cream mix well into the piping, piping head is small hole, and then on the front windshield of the car draw McQueen's face, and the windows on both sides of the painting.22, 22. Take part in human red light cream, into decorating belt, decorative head is used6The flower is the flower of the mouth, and then the whole body of the rules of flower type to decorate the body of the wheat, and then on the roof to write on the mark of the wheat"95", then, if a child is a few years old, it can be written on the top of the car.1Years old can write1If it is7Years old can write7;23, 23. Round chocolate to McQueen finishing touch to make the eyes, and then to look the God, on the chocolate with white cream extruding a dot.24, 24. The last is to use the black Oreo cookies made four tires, the cake will be accomplished by stereo mcqueen. Of course, because the cake is50People eat, if you have a small number, you can put that10Inch3Layer of the bottom bracket removed, directly to do a grain of the car is good, if the number is less, can consider to do a6Inch round cake and then cut out a small line of lightning. Search#Panasonic baking magic world#Lightning, the practice of the three dimensional cake
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