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Pine nut pesto

With bread or pasta do choose! The most loved pasto.*\(^o^)/* Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pine nut60g Sweet basil200g Olive oilAppropriate amount Parmesan cheese powderFew

Rolle pine nut pesto pasta

break the boundary edge increases, according to their favorite taste to adjust. Pine nuts in the supermarket to buy the have been fried of open pine husking and peeling after use, if the pine nut kernels, ahead of the best roast cooked or small fire fried and then cooked.Sweet basil3Do the pesto pasta, pasta for slightly wide flat noodles.Sweet basil4, of course, if the favorite pesto and lazy

[] -- Italian style famous pine nut pesto sauce flavor unlimited

) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Fresh basil120G Pine nut kernel60G Extra virgin olive oil150Milliliter Parmesan cheese30G Garlic5Flap Black pepperFew Salt6G [] -- Italian style famous pine nut pesto
  - 空心菜

Sauteed Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts

Story is a love of me, love to eat this dish. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients CornAppropriate amount CucumberAppropriate amount CarrotAppropriate amount Pine nut kernelAppropriate amount The practice steps

Sauteed Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Corn grain450 Pine nuts30g CucumberHalf of the root Red pepperAppropriate amount SugarA spoon SaltA small spoon OilAppropriate amount
Array  - 追梦美食佳

Songren Yumi particle

Fresh sweet and delicious. No other nuts can be used instead of pine nuts. Canned corn Sweet corn Frozen corn can be used. The amount of sugar is appropriate, highlighting the fresh sweet taste. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients
Array  - YUAN品味烘焙

Songren Yumi (Bao Xiangtian)

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pine nut kernelA small CornA tank Carrot Onion Ham Songren Yumi (Paul sweet) action steps 1. Diced

Sauteed Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts

Home and pine nuts, originally wanted to make snacks to eat, but more recently a snack, do not want to dry, and then do the deft dishes in this simple and easy, pine nut corn. Materials Ingredients Waxy corn200GGreen soya beans50GCarrot50GPine nut kernel30G Accessories
Array  - 万山红

Sauteed Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts

Sweet corn1Bowl Pea(Fresh)1Small bowl Carrot1Root Pine nut(Fried)1Small bowl Accessories Olive oil3Soup spoon
Array  - 海蓝澜

Lee Songren Yumi

Put more ingredients into the Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Glutinous rice grain300g Pine nut kernel15g Huang Guading20g Huw Loeb MartinAppropriate amount StarchAppropriate
  - 李超_NV

Old Paul nuts walnut ice cream

Light cream250g White granulated sugar60g Egg white250g Salt1g WalnutAppropriate amount Pine nut kernelAppropriate amount Rum5ml The practice steps of old Paul pine walnut ice cream 1. Walnut pine150Degree baking15Minutes or so.

Nut bread

This kernel bread, noodles add the oats, nuts with the walnuts, raisins, medlar and sesame seeds, baked taste is very fragrant, breakfast indescribably delicious. The dietary fiber contained in oats has a good effect on the prevention of chronic diseases in three. Walnuts are rich in phospholipids, vitaminsEAnd zinc, is conducive to the skin, delaying skin aging. Medlar Liver eyesight, blood
Array  - 壹笑嫣然

Fish pine

  - 项象

Walnut kernel

sauce1Small bowlMassurius La cheese200GCherry Tomatoes7ASweet pepper1AWalnut kernel80GHam4Slice Accessories High gluten flour180GYeast powder2GSugar5GSalt2GButter20GWater120G The practice of a pizza with ham and walnuts. 1. Ingredients
Array  - 万山红

Walnut kernel

The practice of the walnut kernel 1. Prepare spinach, walnut 2. A pot of boiling water, boil the walnut 3. Walnut finished cooking is easy peeling, peeling skin bitter 4.

Nut bread

Powdered Milk40g Milk180ml HawaiiAppropriate amount Practice steps of nut bread 1. In addition to butter, the rest of the bread making machine, open and surface mode 2. About20After a minute, put the butter, and the material used to break the nuts, continue
Array  - 12豆果妮

Walnut kernel

Ingredients Low gluten flour50GAlmond20GCocoa powder10GCalifornia walnut20GButter45GAlmond powder20G Accessories Powdered sugar20GThe skin wrapped with icing sugar100G The practice of the walnut kernel 1. Cream butter
  - 西镇一婶

Nut crisp

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Sesame Peanut All kinds of nuts Sugar The practice step of nut cakes 1. All kinds of nuts are ready to go.
Array  - 红绢绿帛

Nut beef

(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Peanut50g Walnut kernel50g Hazelnut50g Cashew50g Pine nut50g Man Mei Gan50g Powdered Milk200g Cotton candy300g Butter60g The practice steps of nut beef
  - 梓菡妈妈

Nut porridge

Do I have to yuesao. When she left, she made her a big pot. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Walnut Cashew Peanut Sesame Brown sugar Porridge The practice steps of nut porridge
Array  - 俏娘娘

Nut cake

A small cake delicious, with some nuts, I like cakes, a prescription to infer other things from one fact. Make chocolate cake, add cocoa powder20g(Matcha taste similar); do roll cake, egg white and sent partial wet sex is good; the nut cake batter on the side of some of the dry, the cake surface micro flaky texture and flavor
Array  - 昕哥妈妈

Cashew kernel snake

of the cooked corn 5. Add shrimp, cashew pan. A delicious aroma full keep food Cashew kernel snake search approach.

Pistachio kernel cake

Crisp fresh baked pistachio kernel, which is my home at noon today to do it, to work with the unit back please colleagues to eat, oh, very crisp. Everyone likes to eat~ Materials Ingredients Egg 1AFine sugar 100GLow gluten flour210GPistachio (cooked)60GSalad oil100GBaking powder 4GBaking soda2G
  - Q猪宝宝

Walnut kernel bread

This bread, with a large number of walnut kernel and butter, bread and high energy, especially suitable for the energy of children and young people. Use it to make breakfast for the children, will let them have a spirit in the morning. Materials Ingredients High gluten flour300GMilk150GEgg1AButter40GYeast powder4GSugar15GSalt2G
Array  - 万山红

Celery fried pine.

kernel15g Salt, white pepperA few Fried celery pull loose practice steps 1. The first version of hard pine jellied meat, sliced. Other raw material cut diamond pieces, spare. 2. The cashew nut fried golden yellow, loose version of meat, celery were flying water reserve.

Five kernel cake

with cold water when a knife, this too is not easy to stick to the knife. Five kernel cake search practices Daquan
Array  - 冷雨颜

Five kernel cake

Five kernel Fagao approach 1.Ready to work: First in the oven roasted walnut and peanut, raisin and dried red dates wash, water. The red dates to the nuclear dice, walnut broken, steamed pumpkin mud pressure. 2.All kinds of powder and sugar into the container (the amount of sugar can be added according to their own tastes) 3. The yeast is melted in the milk, and it is a very soft
Array  - 九色鹿

Rose Xinjiang nut cake

How much money I sell this dish Xinjiang nut cake? This is not Xinjiang nut cake with my Xinjiang nut cake, the rose sauce of glutinous rice cake. After taste sweet and not greasy, soft and slimy. Ingredients Glutinous rice600g Red bean paste400g Rose sauce50g Sugar180g
Array  - Amy小厨

Rice cooker nut cake

be brought up after the cold liquid, upside down on the pan can be Tips Their own to do a good thing to do, the weight loss of the girls will not have a negative feeling oh ~ ~ ~ ~ Search the rice cooker nut cake practice
Array  - ‖相守红尘

Butter shrimp (kernel)

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Shrimp15~20Only Green onions, ginger, salad sauce, butter, soy sauce, sugar, saltAppropriate amount The practice steps of butter shrimp (kernel). 1.

Four kernel crisp

Because the family is rich in walnut, peanut son and not love to eat! So I made this snack! For the first time I hope you will support! Thank you! Ingredients Peanut meatPeanut and Gua Ziren1/1Sesame seed3/1 Walnut kernel Sesame Gua Ziren Sugar Lard
Array  - 牵着小手往前走

Green tea five kernel volume

walnutAppropriate amount Condensed milkAppropriate amount Milk480ml Green tea five kernel volume approach steps 1. Fried with butter and sugar 2. Cool put green tea powder, stir in egg, flour, milk! Oh, to be leached
  - 果钰桐

Sweet nut Brownie

of nutsAppropriate amount My nut Brownie practice steps 1. The room temperature eggs into the milk, points2Times into sugar, stirring to complete fusion 2. Place chocolate and butter in a large bowl, and sit in a bowl.50In the basin of hot water, stir to no smooth no particles
Array  - 玉米83

A small nut cracker

spoon (about15ml) A small step approach nut cracker 1. Peanut roasted or fried after the removal of the red, walnut almond roasted or fried, with a cooking machine slightly broken (not to play too broken, or can not see the peanuts). Black sesame roasted or fried, with a cooking machine smashed into powder.
Array  - ty98986

Chocolate nut cookies

This chocolate chip cookies, absolutely is in my mind, the best to eat three of the top two, as for the other well, hey, and later announced. The reason with nuts to name, is because the nuts can almond and pistachio and cashew nuts and walnuts, can be a pine nuts and kernels, the so-called wrought iron barracks soldiers well. Different nuts have different tastes and aromas, but the basis
Array  - 西镇一婶

Xinjiang nut cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Glutinous rice200g Red dates50g The practice steps Xinjiang nut cake 1. The rice is washed with water soak two hours, red dates wash Daiyong 2.
  - 幸福熠熠

DIY nut oatmeal breakfast

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients OatFree MilkA box NutFree HoneyA BlueberrySix (fruit according to personal preference) DIYThe practice step of a nut oatmeal breakfast

Small nut milk chocolate

~ Tips Previously said the milk heated to a sticky on the pot, the results were not too uniform, the heat until the stir is really successful. Chocolate nut milk small practice search Daquan
  - M米娜

Macadamia nut cookies

into tortillas respectively. 9. Pan middle oil absorbing sheets, put bread 10. Preheat oven10Minutes, lit175Degree, under fire150Degree, roast15Minute 11. Macadamia nut cookies Drupe cookie
Array  - Na不重要

Blueberry nut milk pudding

and put in a container. 5. Will melt the soy bean milk after filtering into a cup, into the refrigerator 6. Take out and put on a broken nut. Tips Soya bean milk100gThe calories and fat are14Calories and0.7gMilk every100gThe
  - 九阳知食

Nut nutrition cake

) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Egg twoAbout100g White granulated sugar65g Low gluten flour100g Baking powder3g Baking soda3g Butter80g Cheese18g NutsAppropriate amount The practice step of nut nutrition cake
Array  - T&J

Honey nut small package

kernel1BowlBlack sesame20G The practice of small package honey nut 1. Prepare all the materials, walnut and black sesame fried with butter, softened 2. Put the flour, yeast powder, milk and eggs into the bread barrel, salt and sugar
Array  - ┈→べ餹餹

Banana nut horse

spoon baking soda1/2 tea spoon ripe banana2 all purpose flour2-3 cups nuts (almond)depends egg2 butter (not salted)4 oz sugar1 1/2 cups The practice steps of banana nut horse cake 1. The flour, baking soda, baking powder evenly mixed according
Array  - 煎鱼Q娘

Nut lard steamed bread

) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Medium gluten flour300g Peanut20Around Walnut kernel15A SesameA handful of LardAppropriate amount Brown sugar200G Practice steps of nut lard 1. Flour15Grams of sugar,5G yeast dough ball, yeast
Array  - 橙子的天空

White shrimp Guoer corn kernel

steps of white nuts corn kernel of shrimp 1. Shrimp with pepper: wine white vinegar pickled ginger powder30Minutes or so Stir fry the next pot. White shrimp with corn kernel Guoer search approach Daquan

Pine mushroom stew vermicelli (moth)

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Pine mushroom (moth)Appropriate amount VermicelliTwo Meat3Two Chinese prickly ashAppropriate amount Star aniseAppropriate amount CloveFew Red

Mushroom fried pine board meat

the meat with electric powder, add mushroom, boil after the release amount of garlic. Fried pine board meat practice video mushroom Mushroom fried pine board meat search practices Daquan
  - 飞车达人

Green tea five kernel volume

Black and white sesameAppropriate amount AlmondAppropriate amount WalnutAppropriate amount Green tea five kernel volume approach steps 1. You want to learn, come with my sister! The butter and sugar together in a bowl 2. First small fire melted butter
  - jijiqucho

The health of whole wheat kernel package

oilAppropriate amount Dry yeastA spoon Cashew nuts, Grape Whole wheat kernel package health practice steps 1. Yeast and water mixture5Spare minute 2. Whole wheat flour, flour, salt, sugar 3.
Array  - 凤飞龙舞

Breakfast assorted cold dishes

Breakfast can also be eaten by the United States and the United states. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Orange Walnut kernel Jujube Pine nut Raisins Egg roll
  - 许_无忧

Super simple Nut Muffin Cake

Ingredients Muffin Mix100g Egg1A Milk40ml Salad oil40ml Small walnutAppropriate amount HoneyAppropriate amount Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount Butter10g The practice steps of super simple Nut Muffin Cake
  - seajoe

Red dates Soybean Milk pine nuts

1. Take a few red dates wash, go to the core, slice 2. Wash the beans and soak for a while. 3. Take a little pine nut shell (this step should be more patient) 4. Will these three ingredients in the milk machine

[the kitchen] pine vine della toon fried rice

This is a vegetarian fried rice, beauty is the taste of meat eating, pine nuts and Toona sinensis mixed bursting with the breath of spring, the most important is time-saving and labor-saving, sweep empty leftovers depends on it. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so
Array  - 蔓德拉

Sweet and sour fish (pine fish practices)

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Anhui fishAppropriate amount Tomato sauce, white vinegar, sugarAppropriate amount Sweet and sour fish (pine fish practice) practice steps 1.

Improvement of Tianjin flavor Xinjiang nut cake

Grew up in the market to buy Xinjiang nut cake, is always buy jujube or red adzuki beans. Do it at home with your own! Ingredients Glutinous rice Red bean Jujube Brown sugar The practice steps improved Tianjin flavor Xinjiang nut cake.

Homemade walnut kernel double skin milk ~

Ingredients Golden milk2Box Egg white2A White granulated sugar2Spoon Walnut kernelAppropriate amount Homemade walnut kernel double skin milk~Procedure steps 1. Prepare the food, put the milk into the pot and boil heat.
  - RUBY579

Purple sweet potato five kernel cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Purple sweet potato, Huang XinshuEach WalnutFew Gua ZirenFew Pine nutFew RaisinsFew Peanut meatXiao Xu Red bean pasteFew HoneyFew
  - 沉石头

# missing # killer -- pine crisp cake egg yolk yolk

Ingredients Yolk40g Fine sugar40g Pine nut kernel60g Butter40g Low gluten flour10g #Missing person#The practice steps of egg yolk yolk crisp cake -- killer pine nuts 1. 1Up all the ingredients weighing standby
Array  - Zhai小安

# find the most clever steamed corn wheat kernel # Master cheese dumplings

Shaomai is one of common early and material selection of coarse grains, the dough is participating corn flour and stuffing is barley kernels and glutinous rice, the two combined with soft hardness just right. Cheese adds flavor, but also makes the moderate salinity. Ingredients Cooked wheat kernel rice1Bowl
Array  - 升起的新阳

Beijing - the old pine fruit chestnut cake # sweet Chushen #

Is a Japanese chestnut cake and fruit of autumn Kyoto old pine limited things, very delicious! Shape chestnut! There are a lot of Tangchaolizai boutiques in tianjin! So there is often a family, just a moment of chestnut cake! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute
Array  - 草莓漫食

Spinach peach

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Spinach Carrot Walnut kernel Garlic The practice steps of spinach seed 1. Blanch spinach, over ice.
Array  - Rosemary22

Peach slices

Bought a sea bass, I said a pound12Yuan, if you have friends who are good cheap. Very happy, this is to catch the morning results.When it comes to Perch, always thinking about steamed. But this time I want to try to use the practice to try. The nutrition value of sea bass is very high, it is rich in protein and various vitamins. As well as the human brain is required for lecithin. Is a good brain food. With the same brain nuclei...(Open) Bought a sea bass, I said a pound12Yuan, if you have friends who are good cheap. Very happy, this is to catch the morning results.When it comes to Perch, always thinking about steamed. But this time I want to try to use the practice to try. The nutrition value of sea bass is very high, it is rich in protein and various vitamins. As well as the human brain is required for lecithin. Is a good brain food. With the same Bunao walnut. Is also a dietary regimenThe college entrance examination is over, the children have a period of time of heavy mental consumption, and quickly to fill it up(Stop) Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Perch1A Walnut7-8A Color pepperEach one SaltAppropriate amount Cooking wine1Spoon EggHalf a Cornstarch1Spoon StarchAppropriate amount Soy sauce2Spoon Onion ginger garlicAppropriate amount The practice steps peach slices 1. Perch about two pounds. Clean kill, go head, from the fish back surgery with fishbone into two pieces. Fish fried fish bones golden, add tofu soup. Praise. Fish two to eat. 2. Cracked the chestnuts, soaked in boiling water for five minutes to peach full, with kitchen towel blot moisture remove. 3. Four or five into a hot pan, fry for about one or two minutes. 4. Remove oil. The advantage of doing so is to force the extra fat inside the walnut. Eating more crisp and refreshing. Can eat more than a few fried snacks. 5. Fish fillet into thin slices. 6. With the amount of salt, a spoon of cooking wine, the amount of starch, grasping uniform half an egg. Preserved for five minutes or so. Lock moisture, make the fish more tender. 7. Pepper knife, chopped onion ginger garlic. 8. Frying pan, wok cool oil. Fried fish, seven mature on the sheng. 9. Bottom oil, saute onion ginger garlic, into the pepper, stir fry a few. 10. Plus1The cooking wine, salt, chicken, three or four tablespoons of boiling water,2The soy sauce.2The water starch hook thin euryale. 11. Into the fish, evenly wrapped soup. 12. Finally down into the walnut, stir fry pan. 13. Finished product 14. Peach fish fillet search Daquan
Array  - 西米Fiona

Bucket shrimp

Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Ingredients Cucumber Carrot Pea Pine nut Prawns Oyster sauce Salt The practice steps of bucket shrimp 1. Shrimp peeled shrimp line

Nutty nougat

Ingredients Cotton candy160g Butter60ml Peanut100g Raisins50g Xing Rengan50g The practice steps of nut nougat 1. Photograph of the whole family, forget the sun butter, raisins and half peanut with knife crushed, leaving part of the complete peanuts, I think someone

Matcha cashew nougat

Ingredients Matcha cashew nougat The practice steps of cashew nougat tea 1. Matcha cashew nougat Search Matcha cashew nougat practices Daquan
  - MMDJ彭畅

Grilled barbecue sandwich

Love baking dear, may be concerned about the WeChat public number: "Mom bake with honey",There are the most down to earth baking recipes,Creative recipes,Detailed graphics and text production course, in which the "micro community" as well as a professional baking master to answer all kinds of problems encountered in the process of baking,And baking recipes and tips to share.,Every little white can be here....(Open) Love baking dear, may be concerned about the WeChat public number: "Mom bake with honey",There are the most down to earth baking recipes,Creative recipes,Detailed graphics and text production course, in which the "micro community" as well as a professional baking master to answer all kinds of problems encountered in the process of baking,And baking recipes and tips to share.,Every little white can make a delicious food here.(Stop) Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Toast6Slice Ham2Slice Egg1A Accessories   MayonnaiseAppropriate amount Dried meat flossAppropriate amount The practice steps of a barbecue. 1. Material preparation. 2. Toast cut around the edge. 3. A layer of dried meat floss spread on toast. 4. Squeeze the salad sauce, put on toast. 5. Squeeze the salad sauce, put on toast. 6. Then cover a piece of toast. 7. Cut in toast fold. 8. .The dish with foil, and then do the sandwiches on the baking tray. 9. Brush on a layer of egg liquid. 10. Brush up on the side. 11. Preheat oven160Middle level. 12. Roast15Minute or so, the surface can be golden brown. Practice video for a barbecue Tips Oven to adjust according to their own, my oven is a serious high, so can not be the temperature of my oven. Search for barbecue sandwich
Array  - 美味浆果

Cocoa peach Rome shield

: low powder40G Corn starch10G Butter50G Corn oilAbout40Milliliter Sugar90G Walnut kernelAppropriate amount Peanut butter, malt sugarEach spoonful The practice steps of Rome shield the cocoa nut 1. This is the material for making the outer ring. To do something
Array  - 石绿花青

Amber Walnut

Walnut is Bunao Jiapin, but tastes slightly bitter, made of amber peach kernel can solve this problem. Whether collocation breakfast, or as usual snacks, are a good choice. Amber walnut is very simple to do, just a few minutes, even zero cooking, can easily make this delicious. Materials Ingredients Walnut 50G
Array  - 兔鼠一家

Shrimp pesto pasta

A refrigerator in basil, because when the growing good time to eat, it is frozen! Specially bought1Jin Songren, do you today pesto pasta! Materials Ingredients Shrimp meat100GSweet basil60GItaly area180GPine nut kernel20G Accessories Olive oilAppropriate amountCheese
  - 麦子老妈

Italian pesto noodles

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Fresh basil Pine nut Olive oil Parma cheese powder The Italian pesto practice steps 1. The fresh basil leaves and pine nuts, olive oil, garlic, black pepper
Array  - joycecong315919

Red bean pastry cakes.

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Low gluten flour250g Baking powder10g Sugar100g Unsalted butter100g Egg2Only Red bean paste200g Red bean pastry cakes~Procedure steps 1. Prepare the material, if the butter out of the refrigerator, put a period of time, such as butter. 2. A practice:1.Mix flour and baking powder and mix together.2.Put the sugar and butter until the sugar melts (not whisk, hand grater sugar melts, such as a map like, open pit)3.Sugar melts, then add in eggs, egg and butter.4.After the egg and butter is completely fused, the flour mixed with the flour.3Step, pay attention not to be too hard to rub the flour, the flour into the (or flour will be reinforced) 3. Open grain:1.First, put the flour on the table and prevent it from the table. 2.Then the pastry Division3A large, each pastry open5Small grain pastry. Can be opened15A 3.Red bean filling the open method. 4. OtherThe red bean paste wrapped in a pastry, pay attention to the fold position, put down. 5. Remember not to put too close, if the figure is too close, when placed about two finger position, the time will be expanded to roast. In the last egg finished surface, about every one or two minutes, and then sweep again, the egg on the surface. Finally into the oven. 6. Roast probably5The surface of the minute has golden yellow, put the fire down a little, probably150Degree or so. Probably15About a minute or so. Tips Sweep the eggs after baking, the surface fire230C/Primer200The roast can be done. Red bean cake pastry search~Practice

Beef floss

First in order to give the child a healthy food, later found for threaded bad old man is also very suitable for, finally is do to the threaded bad grandma and grandpa eat, also hope that their health and longevity, now grandma to eat not to do give grandpa eat! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Beef500g SaltAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount The practice steps of beef 1. 1.First the beef is cooked, can be boiled water can also add material, according to the personal taste and set! 2. 2.Will be cooked beef cuts, let cool into the freezer frozen layer, this broken deal! 3. 3.With a grinding machine, hit two can be! 4. 4.Put the oil into the pan, broken beef stir fry until water drained. 5. 5.Stir fry until then! 6. 6.Two polished, suitable for the elderly or children to eat! 7. 7.Box! Tips Health nutritiondiy Search beef song practice
  - Athena/aiq


This ready to bring great nephew to eat, so the use of materials particularly simple, if adults eat can add pepper, curry powder ah, feel free to toss. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Tenderloin500g White sesame seedAppropriate amount Green Chinese onionAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount Oyster sauceAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount Pork song practice steps 1. The pork tenderloin wash, cut, add onion ginger wine into the boiling water, cook until the chopsticks can pierce. 2. The beef meat hammer loose, broken pieces, is more conducive to the next step. 3. Put shredded meat into the bread machine, adding a small amount of oyster sauce, sugar, salt, soy sauce and oil, choose a jam program. 4. The jam process is completed, divided into the grinding cup, broken, cool and bagging. Tips Diced meat to be cooked quickly, but also easy to tear. Why spices are moderate, first because I not salty, second for the children to do the taste must be light, but the operation of fragrance but in reality. If only bread jam program, just stiff pork, once put into the grinding cup. It is to witness the miracle of the moment^_^Can also get a little bit of seaweed, after mixing, in short, you want to come. Search pork song practice


Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pork500g Soy sauceAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount Sugar3Spoon Aniseed2g Geranium2g Green Chinese onion1Root Salt5g Pork song practice steps 1. Pork put soy sauce, salt, onion ginger, aniseed, geraniol, cooking wine into the pot30Minutes, remove and cool, with a rolling pin to scatter some large pieces of meat, torn by hand! 2. Into the bread machine, add three teaspoons of sugar, the amount of sesame, soy sauce, salt, transferred to the dried meat floss button, if there is no floss button, transferred to jam button can! 3. The dried meat floss dried into a bottle to eat! Search pork song practice
Array  - 梁爽67

Lazy brunch - pesto bagel sandwich

Ham and cheese can be replaced in accordance with individual tastes Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Bagel1A Pine nut pestoAppropriate amount Italian style dry ham1Slice Macroporous
Array  - 爱美食的娅娅

The children love Songren Yumi

CarrotA small cut CucumberA small cut SaltFew SugarA small spoon Pine nutA small Edible oilAppropriate amount The children love Songren Yumi practice steps. 1. Sweet corn, all stripped off. 2. I bought this pine open
Array  - 萌萌麻麻0407

Fig almond butter tart nuts -- the taste of summer

Pine nut tart Medium gluten flour450g Pine nuts250g Walnut sesame powder50g Salt3g Egg1Only Yolk1A Butter227g Powdered sugar100g Fig jam Fig450g White granulated sugar60g Lemon (zest and lemon juice)1A Salt2g Fruit wine (peach wine)12g
Array  - 美人小妖


, and stir, do not stick pan5.Put all the ingredients to go down, then stir, until the meat is no water, pine is good (if a little to be crisp taste, put in the oven and cook for a few minutes, temperature is not too high) Search pork song practice
  - 飘沙0


Always wanted to do a recipe for their own dishes out, and we exchange of learning, today finally plucked up the courage to upload my first dish. Do this before the other recipes, but no bread machine, do not they so easy. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Lean lean700g Wang Shouyi13Sweet1Box Salt, sugarAppropriate amount Pork song practice steps 1. Wash the pork, diced. 2. Not too cold meat, boiled away. 3. The water boiled meat into the pressure cooker, add thirteen a box of incense, out of the atmosphere15Minutes after the fire. 4. The meat into the fresh bag, with a rolling pin to knock loose meat. 5. Knock the powder meat into the pot, playing piled with food machine 6. Add a teaspoon of salt. 7. Add two tablespoons of sugar. 8. Using electric mixer beat a minute after a small fire stir fry, fry a minute off the fire, then whisk, repeat to complete with the eggbeater is to let the meat more fluffy) 9. Finished product. 10. Put it in a glass bowl and seal it in a glass bowl. Tips Personally think that sugar should not be too much, a little sweet good, until fluffy material is dried meat floss is not good Search pork song practice
  - 黑山老爹

No. Food # peach brown sugar packet exchange Bunao

This nourishing blood, add milk, walnut supplement brainpower, Is it right? Nutrition is very rich. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Walnut kernel80g Brown sugarAppropriate amount Common flour250g
Array  - 快乐生活12

Baby ~ walnut crispy snacks

The taste of the walnut kernel should be considered as a nut. Always feel that there is some astringency, but a lot of good things must for the pattern to eat well, so walnut son still like, every time I can eat a few pieces. Crisp and sweet taste good. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute
Array  - 萌萌麻麻0407

A small hot dog and a bag of walnuts.

Cook for the family, the most happiness! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High gluten flour The practice of baking bread with a small dog and walnut kernel 1.
  - London_Miko

Lee empress love kitchen one one Amber Walnut

WalnutAppropriate amount Rock candyAppropriate amount HoneyAppropriate amount Sesame(White)Appropriate amount Vegetable oilAppropriate amount The practice steps Li empress love kitchen one one amber peach kernel 1. First finished picture Oh
  - 英儿6

Crispy and brain Honeyed Walnuts Ren

The weather heats up, there are some walnut kernels quickly eliminated, today there are small snacks, stay up late to watch the drama^_^ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Walnut kernel200g Rock candy60g
Array  - 泣哥儿

Sunflower seed Walnut Cake

New a king walnut cake shop near my house, inside a lot of variety, specially and her husband went to see the circle, like most of which a sunflower seed walnut cake, home on their own to try to do a bit of taste really is good, the family feel very good taste. Sunflower seeds but husband personally a stripping yo): Materials Ingredients Low gluten flour160GCorn oil80GFine white sugar40GEgg50G Accessories Baking powder2GBaking soda1GSunflower seed20G The practice of sunflower seeds 1. Add sunflower seed oil and sugar in a large bowl 2. Beat the egg with a hand mixer and beat until the sugar is melted. 3. Join40Grams of egg 4. Fast mixing to the sticky texture 5. Sift the flour, baking powder, baking soda and baking powder. 6. Use a blade to mix well, pat the ball into a group, standing still.5Minute 7. To divide the dough into9Share,35G1A, yards into the tray 8. With your fingers to the flat, as thin as possible. 9. The remaining brush on the surface of the egg, and sunflower seeds, and then brush a layer of egg 10. Into the oven, the middle,180Degree, roast10Minutes, then color on the surface, with foil and bake10Minute Cooking skillsBaked cookies do not hot food, after cooling the Taosu, bagging sealed can.
  - 壹笑嫣然

Shanghai three Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings

filling250GCorn50GPine nut kernel15GEgg1A Accessories Cooking wine2SpoonSaltFewSoy sauce2SpoonGinger juice1SpoonSugarBan XiaoshaoSalad oilAppropriate amountOyster sauce1SpoonSesame oilFewBlack sesameFewChopped green onionAppropriate amount Shanghai three Pan-Fried Meat
  - 麦子老妈

[old skin] banana muffin muffin family kitchen

When the soft banana in the fried walnut, became the children eat banana walnutmuffin, the steps are very simple, not only saves the time of mother, but also allows the child to enjoy delicious and nutritious breakfast.Weekend morning, silverskin family always get up early, in order to enjoy a good breakfast.Millet:Daddy, what do we have for breakfast tomorrow?Old skin:...(Open) When the soft banana in the fried walnut, became the children eat banana walnutmuffin, the steps are very simple, not only saves the time of mother, but also allows the child to enjoy delicious and nutritious breakfast.Weekend morning, silverskin family always get up early, in order to enjoy a good breakfast.Millet:Daddy, what do we have for breakfast tomorrow?The old skin: eat muffins?Millet: mmm.The old skin: we do Banana Walnut muffins!Tips] [the baking needs to use the muffin moulds, if not the muffin moulds can also be common baking mould. But the time to roast30Minutes.(Stop) Ingredients White flour240ml Whole wheat flour240ml The flavor of yogurt4Teaspoon Penuche240ml Walnut kernelAccording to personal preference Banana3Root (slice) Accessories   Baking powder1Teaspoon Baking soda1Teaspoon Cinnamon powder1Teaspoon Olive oil60ml Melted butter2Teaspoon [old skin] banana muffin family kitchenmuffinProcedure steps 1. First, a piece of material 2. Preheat oven to180C.Then the white flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon respectively through a sieve sieve to a large bowl, then stir evenly. 3. The sliced banana melted butter, olive oil, sugar and flavor of yoghurt poured into another bowl, stir well. 4. Article2Bu Hedi3Step the material mix, and make full mixing evenly. 5. Will have to mix the ingredients into the mold. 6. Bake in an oven20Minutes, finally remove the delicious banana muffin. Tips [how to testmuffinWhether cooked? ]Insert with one rootmuffinIn the middle and then draw out, if the chopsticks are cleanmuffinRipe. (use stainless steel chopsticks)[remarks]You can add the chocolate chip, make the taste more fragrant. Can also be4The mixture into the muffin mold, and then the ice, then take out time. Search [old skin] family kitchen Banana MuffinmuffinPractice
Array  - 米皮妈

Cashew cocoa cookies

This cookie is by far the most delicious I have a biscuit, cashew crisp fragrance with cocoa flavor. Best suited to the sun in the afternoon, a cup of rose tea, through a period of sweet tea time! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Low powder75G Butter50G Accessories   Sugar25G Egg23G Baking powder8%1Small spoon Cocoa powder4G CashewAppropriate amount Cashew cocoa cookies practice steps 1. Melt butter at room temperature, add sugar and beat until pale. 2. Branch3Add egg whisk. 3. Sift into low powder, cocoa powder, baking powder. 4. Mix well. 5. Divided into15G a small biscuit. 6. Cashew cut grain. 7. Press on the cookie. 8. Preheat oven180Degree, middle and lower fire15Minutes. 9. Bake a good cookie to cool off after the seal is kept. 10. Fragrant and delicious cashew cocoa cookies. Tips Baked biscuits easy to moisture, please cool after the preservation of the seal.This cocoa cookies do not see the roast, please pay attention to the observation, do not bake paste! Cocoa cashew cookie recipe search Daquan
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