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Array  - 米第


Kimchi cake is as long as the home of the pickles will be done, simple to do, but also often very good gray ash~Please make a Pumpkin Congee with a bang bang is Korean breakfast~Of course~~This cake for lunch dinner when the meal when snack can~~ If you do not eat spicy food to change other ingredients to do it, you can. Difficulty:Cut
Array  - Pretear


  - kaam


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients PickleHalf a SquashHalf CarrotHalf of the root OnionHalf a Pickles100g Flour500g EggA SaltA few Practice steps
  - 劼宝妈


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pickle200g Flour400g Practice steps of kimchi cake 1. 1 Chopped pickles, add flour, add the right amount of water 2 Heat the oil


Array  - 叶子Ivy


Array  - 爱吃就会美


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Mountain chrysanthemum, radish, pepper The practice steps of pickles 1. Mix the ingredients with a small amount of salt. Search approach Daquan
  - +_+25

Skin pickles

Ingredients Ingredients:Pork skin Pickles GarlicAccording to need, right amount The practice steps of pickled pork skin 1. 1: Cook Stewed pork skin Shred2: Chopped pickles Chopped garlic3: The bottom of the pot put a little oil to the skin, put the pot a little
  - 幻雪飞天

Radish pickles

Grain of saltMany The practice steps of radish pickles 1. Radish with salt1Hours, drain water into the dry container. 2. The sauce, boil water, add all the spices into the open, shut the fire after a while, let cool. 3.
  - 晴空微蓝6

Pickles bantiao

) The practice steps of pickles bantiao 1. The meat, chopped pickles will wring, bantiao can use microwave oven warm 2. First fried pork, add a little more oil, because the oil will pickle*^o^*(pork must be much better to eat). 3. Cooked the meat put
  - 伊人664

Homemade pickles

Also to prepare a clean plastic bucket! Note that plastic bucket can not have water! Practice steps of homemade pickles 1. Prepare the torn cabbage! The surface of the water drain! 2. Cabbage into plastic bucket! Put more than ready
  - 小虫25

Corn pickles

The practice steps of the corn pickles 1. Corn wash, wash rice, cooking. 2. Corn rice cooker oil and stir fry the coriander, pickled cabbage pickled cabbage soup and put the amount of. 3. Cook or fry an egg, spread to a good pickle.
  - 司马江河

Small pickles

Ordinary soy sauce pickles burst, take porridge. The practice is simple, the material is not very particular, it is suitable for the people who are lazy. I use ordinary soy sauce, soy sauce, or soy sauce can also be. Of course, is a good sauce more delicious, but, good soy sauce, used for pickles is really too extravagant,. Difficulty:Cut
Array  - 石绿花青

Bacon pickles

to be wrapped in Bacon Oh, oh!! Search Bacon pickles practice
  - karenliuyang

Pickles into skin

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients PicklesAppropriate amount VermicelliAppropriate amount Dry red pepperAppropriate amount The practice steps divided skin pickles 1.
  - MissMickey

Delicious pickles

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Carrot, cucumber and pepperAccording to individual tastes and preferences Onion, pepper, gingerAppropriate amount The practice steps delicious pickles
  - 振宇妈妈

Delicious pickles

SugarAppropriate amount Garlic2Head Ginger1Block Chinese prickly ash1Small Dry pepper2.3A CuminAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount The practice steps of delicious pickles 1. Wash the prepared vegetables with the water. 2.
Array  - 宝贝萝卜呢

Pickles, fried Octopus

The octopus is a high protein, low fat food.100Grams of octopus, containing protein as high as19Grams, not less than the usual beef, pork and fish, but milk protein content6Times, and contains all the essential amino acids, which belong to the real high quality protein. So, octopus eat is good, not only delicious but also full of high nutritional value. And pickles (sauerkraut) fried together
Array  - ZUICHU6

Pickles, Sichuan Style

Sichuan pickles taste salty sour, crisp taste, bright color, aroma assail the nostrils, refreshing appetizer, sober to greasy, suitable for the old and the young, throughout the year can be produced, but when making climate environment is very exquisite, is home to a day of standing dishes is Sichuan household a file menu. Materials Ingredients
Array  - 尘欢

Pickles, Sichuan Style

Sichuan pickles pickled cabbage called bubble, appetizing and refreshing, sobering to tired, suitable for the old and the young, almost every family will do, throughout the year can be produced, everyone to eat, even the feast to a few dish kimchi. In the Qing Dynasty, southern Sichuan, Sichuan folk will also be one of which shows the status of the dowry as pickled cabbage, pickled cabbage
Array  - 梅依旧

Ham pickles Sushi

The practice of ham pickles Sushi 1. Steamed glutinous rice 2. For their own good pickled cowpea, salty fresh soy, ham, pepper 3. Sliced ham, chopped salted cowpea, chili shred 4.
Array  - 水青青

Salad mustard pickles.

When I was young, every year the Northeast fall there will be a large number of Chinese cabbage, mustard, snow red cherry listed, this time on every one of the pots and pans, less the pickles, pickled, winter is carried out, every so Xiafan. Memories of my Lord is grandfather's brother pickled mustard is the most fragile and mix it's best to eat. So many years have passed, I still miss those
Array  - 子同妈妈

Delicious radish pickles

ash10g Red pepperI used the kind of spicy food. CorianderAppropriate amount Aniseed10g The practice steps of delicious radish pickles 1. 1,Wash the radish, cut the chopsticks thick, long5~6Cm with salt, salt water, (I am a night of curing) and then put the sun under the sun, half dry time.

Bamboo shoots of pickles

'Bamboo shoots of pickles'The taste of home. We would like a small minority of homemade pickles, I like to eat, eat a hundred tire. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Dried bamboo shootsAppropriate amount
Array  - 钰锈

Make [pickles] at home

Do their own pickles, green, healthy, delicious, pollution-free. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Chinese Cabbage10Jin Apple2Jin Leek150g Red pepper350g Cucumber1A
Array  - 食尚記

Qingkou radish pickles

Chinese prickly ashAppropriate amount VinegarAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount GarlicSlice amount The practice steps of Qingkou radish pickles 1. The radish clean cuts, add a little salt2Hour 2. Radish will remove and control water
  - 有时候7070

Fried mushrooms with pickles

Tricholoma is extremely respected foreign health food, contains the human body required8Kinds of amino acids, vitamins, niacin, ascorbic acid, etc.. Collocation pickles fried together, very well with rice. This dish not add salt, with fish sauce instead of fresh, with fresh. Materials Ingredients Dried mushroom300GPickles100GCelery60G
Array  - ZUICHU6

Crucian carp soup pickles

GingerFew Cooking wineHalf spoon Salt3g Sugar1.5g Chopped green onionFew Crucian carp soup pickles practice steps 1. Clean the fish to the gills drain, both sides evenly on the sugar and salt, feed liquor store on wash the ginger and pickles, put some water purification (if you want to drink
Array  - 童童粑粑内人

Braised pork Sichuan pickles

Since the childhood like the taste of that memory is Chinese New Year holidays or a country to do event table have some dish, steamed rotten rotten, fat but not greasy, is the entrance of the feeling is very wonderful, with unique pickles, let aftertaste... Never eat too much trouble, don't try, with increasing age, but the more Masaoki to try, good! And was the child Chi
Array  - 爱上厨房的鳳姐

Pickles, Sichuan Style

The practice of Sichuan pickles 1.The inner wall of the best clean jar pickled cabbage, scalded with boiling water again, can not have water, dry moisture 2.Take the jar capacity70%About the water, add salt and pepper in a cold, ca.20Grain, burning. The amount of salt than usual cooking salt is slightly larger, not too salty 3.When the water temperature is poured into the jar, add5
Array  - 豆妈的母子世界

Western style kimchi pickles

8. Western style pickles(pickles) Search for western style kimchipicklesPractice
Array  - 小陸純子

Homemade Sichuan pickles

White radishA Chinese prickly ash Star anise Red pepper Sugar Shanxi aged vinegarAppropriate amount The practice steps of homemade Sichuan pickles 1. White radish washed peeled 2. Homogeneous slice 3.
Array  - 好葡萄枝子妈妈

Here is the best to eat pickles

The pickle is units at cooking aunt gave us do the to from doing this dish, our food was left, because the pickles too too delicious to eat, eat, you know, simply can not stop Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Cowpea500g
  - 随随鱼8

Pickles fried oyster

Fresh and refreshing Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Oysters500g PicklesTwo two ScallionTwo two Minced porkOne or two Pickles fried oysters practice steps

Small garlic cucumber pickles

To increase appetite for three meals. DIY little pickles. Strong recommendation, delicious oh...... Materials Ingredients Leek250GCucumber500G Accessories Pepper100GSaltAppropriate amountSoy sauce500GGinger50GStar anise2AHu Jiaoli10GrainGeranium2Slice
Array  - 土豆丝卷饼

Pickles, Sichuan Style

anise1A Chinese prickly ash1Teaspoon Geranium1Slice Sugar25G Spirit15G The practice of Sichuan pickles One, the equipment used in pickles: Yes, we all know Sichuan pickling kimchi jar, of course, we can also use, but I think our small home sealed glass bottle with very good, I
Array  - 孙朱朱

Gold fish pickles

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Wuchang Fish1A Green soya beans2Spoon Dried radishFew Green pepperFew Red pepperFew The practice steps of gold pickles Wuchang
  - 豆粉468472

Coriander diet mixed pickles

Parsley is at that time, a large bundle of sales, then to a diet. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Coriander Pickles The practice steps of diet mix coriander pickles

Congyou Bing pickles

Flour300G Pickles100G Accessories Scallion2Soup spoon Cooking oil2Soup spoon Seasoning Ginger1Block Garlic2Flap Dry pepper3A
Array  - 宅与路上

Pickles, Sichuan Style

Kimchi is a taste of the people of Sichuan, a soul, this taste, which will miss, to which all care, Sichuan people in a few altar pickled pickles, less a soul. In our hometown, ordinary people will have at least three jar, a jar of bean paste and a pickle jar, a jar of salt, vegetables, bean paste and salt dish is fixed ingredients, and kimchi pickled food type was a lot more. Radish, pepper
Array  - 

Hot and sour delicious pickles

Celery to always left a lot of celery leaves, remember when grandma always put celery Ye Yancheng pickles, for any appetite, especially delicious, this study and the grandma's craft, try one. The taste is great! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients
  - 璐璐是鹿

Onion pickles fried egg noodles

1. Put pickles and egg fry pan, and then prepared. (white is pickled vegetable cocoon really do not know other what is the name of the place, Suzhou is called this, perhaps cauliflower ". Anyway, the only spring only Oh!) 2. The other from the pan, add onion stir. 3. Then use three
Array  - 枫橙西镯

Homemade refreshing pickles ~ pepper bean

Soy sauce you have eaten, although the delicious but the long fermentation process, the temperature is available. In making a home is not easy, now for everyone to share a fresh soybeans do little pickles. Huang Fuhan protein and fiber, green peppers vitamin content is very high, is a tasty appetizer, nutritious and delicious, good-looking and delicious side dishes, table
Array  - 珍鱼小咖

Eat sweet and sour pickles pickled cucumbers

Dried chilliTwo Fried stew seasoningsFew SugarTwo.40G SaltThree. Rock candyThree or four Sweet and sour pickles to eat pickled cucumbers practice steps 1. Cucumber wash clean, dry, cut off, put salt, a spoon of salt for three or four hours, during which you can turn over cucumber
  - 三木果

Super simple / water characteristics of Baoshan pickles

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Fresh vegetablesHow much you want to do Boiling waterThe amount of flooding pickles WareCan hold everything Super simple Baoshan characteristics/The practice steps of pickling
  - 小狐仙l

Beef fried pickled cucumber

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Beef100g Sour cucumbers150g Oil20ml Salt3g Cooking wine10ml Ginger5g Starch3g Practice steps of beef fried pickled cucumber 1. Acid cucumber wash 2. Cut the beef slices of starch, cooking wine, ginger, salt and oil preserved for a while 3. Fried cucumber, put a little salt and stir fry the dish after the water 4. Wok put oil, oil heat, stir stir fry beef 5. Then the pickled cucumbers mixed fried up disc Search beef fried pickled cucumber practice
Array  - 天涯孤客3

Homemade cuisine of the pickle shredded meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pickles Shredded meat Onion ginger garlic Pepper, anise, fennel, cinnamon, basil Fresh soy sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil The practice steps

Hot and sour pickled cabbage

Look at the sun circle of friends of the pickled cabbage, heart itch! Okay, but also yourself, have ample food and clothing! The pickled cabbage even my grandmother say delicious, my brother also cried to prescription! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Baby Cabbage1500g Hot and sour sauce140ml Sweet chili sauce140ml Garlic chilli sauce100ml Big red vinegar800ml SaltAppropriate amount The practice steps of hot and sour pickled cabbage 1. 1.The first baby food Bakai wash!2.To find a large pot of water, add salt, salt water, wash the baby food into the salt water.3.Etc. an hour or so, the dish out pinch dry moisture, scatter from the hand and baby food, must be hand tear, cut not delicious, then drain.4.Basin drained the water, into the sauce and mix thoroughly, and then into the drain of baby food, seasoning, to ensure that the split of each leaf were stained with spices, I is used in military disposable gloves to reconcile, reconciliation sealed with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator, general24You can eat it after an hour! Absolute tenderness! 2. I use a baby food is not a cabbage, because the baby food crisp! Hot and sour pickled cabbage search approach Daquan
  - 麦子532

Carp pea pickle pot

Pickle pot crucian carp is a Hakka cuisine, carp fresh and sweet infiltration of pickles, pickles is especially good with the season peas or shredded radish fresh soup, sweet and delicious. Carp fish is very small and can be wrapped into a pot rotten pot, soup dissolved ingredients, fishbone slag picked up can be discarded in a gauze bag~~~There are a variety of dishes
Array  - MONICA食尚煮易

Pickled cabbage Bacon Omurice

and pickles. 2. The pan brush a layer of oil, induction cooker two lattice fire, dozen eggs in the pot, to be soft boiled eggs into a good fried pickles bacon and rice, set off around the egg skin 3. Double face, topped with tomato sauce, complete
  - zzzeroro

Assorted fresh salad

Sometimes simple seasoning can also reap unexpected delicious, refreshing Jambalaya and simple seasoning perfect combination together, let the taste buds feel refreshing and give the body into energy, waiting for the vibrant after coming in early summer. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Mushroom:80G Holland:80G Carrot:80G White sesame seed:5G Accessories   Cold vinegar:15ML White Jianglu:15ML Sugar:1/2TSP Salt:1/4TSP Sesame oil:1/4TSP Assorted salad of fresh practice steps 1. Mushroom root cut, peeled carrots, peas to wash the old bars. 2. Peas, carrots cut into filaments. 3. The pot boil, the mushroom, carrot, put in boiled peas. 4. The boiled food fish out, put it in cold water soak for ten minutes. 5. The vegetables from the cold water drain, put15MLCold vinegar. 6. Put15MLThe white Jianglu. 7. Put1/2Spoon of sugar. 8. Put1/4Spoon of salt. 9. Sesame oil pour in the dish, the dish will mix well, serve. Fresh dishes assorted search practices Daquan
Array  - 风清云淡的小雪

Homemade pickled cucumber

Crisp and refreshing, essential summer dishes Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Salt Sugar Soy sauce Vinegar Millet pepper Ginger The practice steps of the family of the family. 1. Cucumber wash, cut into small pieces 2. Sprinkle a little salt,30Minutes later, control dry water 3. Millet pepper, garlic, a little ginger, chopped 4. Millet pepper, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, a little sugar, ingredients according to their own tastes 5. Into the cucumber, mix well, place an hour, such as put into the refrigerator to taste better 6. Set the plate, use chopsticks! Search the practice of the home cooked cucumber
Array  - 柳霏姐姐

Celery pickle peppers

Since childhood in the family has been eating pickles, because in summer and in winter there are these two grow vegetables, so material is easy to achieve, and I put the salt not, rather than a pickle, be inferior to saying is Qiang vegetables, healthy, this is one of my breakfast every day, I have formed a habit. Recently I on the review of the exam, so there are a year did

Basil fried pickled cucumbers

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Perilla frutescens crispa30g Sour cucumbers500g Garlic10g Oil10ml Salt3g The practice steps of basil fried pickled cucumbers 1. Sliced cucumber 2. Wash chopped basil, garlic shoot 3. Pickled cucumbers wok, put salt fry dry water, and then put the oil fry 4. Stir fry dish finally put basil Search Basil fried pickled cucumbers practices Daquan
  - 天涯孤客3

Pickled cabbage potato

The flavor is from South Korea. South Korea used to eat this before it was poor! Just a sweet sweet home Come and do it yourself! You have to try. Simple and delicious Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Sweet potatoHow much do you want to eat PickleEat how much you want to eat The practice steps of sweet potato pickled cabbage 1. The first step is to wash potatoes Put in a high pressure cooker for steaming or boiling. Well done Should be where the taste of kimchi is almost This is a relative of my family.HKBuy Very delicious 2. Second step Steamed after Peeling Then put it directly above to pickled cabbage to eat sweet potato Different flavor yo Tips Sweet sweet potato is more delicious If you can not sweet Can also be placed in the sun Sun more will be sweet Search approach Daquan sweet potato pickled cabbage
  - ZCE1

Pickle Egg cakes

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Egg2A Radish pickles Dried shrimps Pepper The practice steps of pickles Egg cakes 1. Especially simple one dish, but very
  - missey

Salted egg cake

amount The practice steps pickles egg cake 1. Pickle shred. In2A bowl of flour, add appropriate amount of water into a paste, then add2An egg. 2. Cold pan. Add the amount of oil in the pan, then pour in the right amount of oil, fry until golden brown.
  - 静宝传奇

(lazy dishes) double color cabbage

Lunch out, but also to eat the vegetables, the choice of the color of cabbage is the rapid Food Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients A turnip Cabbage Vinegar Sugar Salt Sesame oil MSG or chicken (lazy botargo) approach step double color cabbage 1. Turnip cabbage, tear open saline soak10Minutes, remove and drain water, torn into small pieces (shredded more delicious) 2. 3Sugar,5Spoon vinegar,1Spoon salt, a few drops of sesame oil, a little MSG, juice 3. Stir evenly, add almond, then Tips 1.You can add hair bubble boiled fungus, lotus and other vegetables2.Friends like to eat sour, can add some vinegar, eat spicy friends can add chili oil or old godmother3.If you don't have to work, you can add the garlic. Search (lazy dishes) dual color cabbage practices Daquan
  - 上官净兰

The next meal is coming: salted beans with minced meat

Next meal coming: practice steps pickle bean minced meat 1. Material Science 2. Mince the lean meat (the more pieces the better) bean abluent cut short, washed chopped pickles (leaves cut end to chop) followed by blisters light for a while (not salty not bubble), and then screw stem

Fresh bamboo shoot pickle shredded meat

pickle shredded meat. 1. Handle bamboo shoot. Do not touch the water and 2. The pork. Bamboo shoots Pickles are cut into filaments 3. Hot pot cold oil. Put shredded bamboo shoots stir fried. 4. The other pot Add pork

The pickle package

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Pickles Bamboo shoots Meat Flour Baking powder Water Salad oil The pickle package practice steps
Array  - nizhijie

A modified version of the Korean pickled cabbage turnip

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients A turnip1A GarlicFew GingerFew SaltFew SugarFew VinegarFew Cucumber1Root Carrot1Root Fine red pepperFew The practice steps of a modified version of the Korean pickled cabbage turnip 1. Go to the root of turnip, cut2Centimeters in size, wash clean, dry moisture control, with refined salt souse (sprinkle salt after with food gloves repeated kneading, let salt sufficient to melt, kohlrabi softer) 2. Cucumber and carrot cut into small strips of salt to the water 3. Pepper installed in small bowl with boiling water about mix into chili sauce with hot water is to pepper color looks, and dry red pepper to mix evenly, taste is not the same oh) 4. A garlic cut into minced garlic, a small piece of ginger also cut into the end of the skin 5. Finally a simple step to turnip in salted water down throw, cucumber water, relatively cool taste, turn into the sugar, white vinegar, garlic, ginger, chili sauce (cool and then), Mount fresh-keeping sealed glass containers into the refrigerator, the next day can eat. You have a try, really very good oh A modified version of the Korean pickled cabbage turnip search practices Daquan
  - 常影

Pickled cucumber

This is a small pickled vegetables, cucumber fragrance flavor and rich sauce flavor combination, in combination with a bowl of porridge, light, tasty and very delicious. Cucumber can choose those who do not look good small cucumber can, the smaller the better. Materials Ingredients Cucumber2Jin Accessories Salt50GBean paste500G The practice of pickled melon 1. Main auxiliary material: Small cucumber, Salt, bean paste 2. The cucumber is abluent, put some salt pickled10An hour or so, the water is mainly from Cucumber 3. The pickled cucumber water dry.the 4. Will its natural dry moisture 5. Take a container, put a layer of cucumber, add some bean sauce. Filling in turn 6. After filling it with some bean paste. 7. The refrigerator pickled 8. Pickled24Around the hour, the upper and lower of the cucumber swap 9. And then into the refrigerator to pickle24In an hour. 10. When you eat, rinse and slice it. Cooking skills1, if there is a larger container, can be directly used pickled sauce. 2Since the summer, should not keep, so one can not pickled too much, can be placed in the refrigerator10No problem.
  - 馋嘴乐

Ham and pickled cabbage fried noodles

We must pay attention to instant noodles with boiling water, pickled cabbage Korean pickled cabbage Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Ham, pickles, eggsAppropriate amount Ham and pickled cabbage fried
  - 126迪贝儿

Weight reduction of the St

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Chrysanthemum Tomato Green pepper Romaine Lettuce Cucumber Don't be rigidly adhere to the variety of vegetables Weight loss~Practice steps of large dishes 1. Sauce, sesame oil, Pingguo Cu, steamed fish soy sauce, sugar ratio3:3:1:1 Modulation uniformity 2. Cut the vegetables here, endive, cucumber first put a little salt, soup drained after in tomato, peppers, purple cabbage 3. Pour in the sauce and mix well. Weight loss~Practice video of large dishes Search for weight loss~Large mixed dishes practice
Array  - 楠木的木

Pickled lettuce

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients LettuceA Star aniseTwo or three Chinese prickly ashAppropriate amount Dry pepperTwo or three Taste very freshAppropriate amount Sesame oilAppropriate amount The practice steps of the pickled lettuce 1. Wash the lettuce and wash the lettuce. 2. Lettuce slices 3. Cut the lettuce in the salt water for about two hours. 4. The saline soaked lettuce tablets into the pot Cheuk water, pay attention to not boiled for a long time, after Billy immediately placed in cold water, two or three minutes after the fish out, ensure crisp lettuce taste green 5. Heat oil in wok, add pepper, aniseed, dried pepper stir fry, stir fry tasty and pour fresh off the fire. Pour cold water immersion in the lettuce slices, one or two hours after the salt can be eaten. Search for salted lettuce

Pickled cabbage potato shredded meat powder

, The first dry pepper pot stir fried in oil burning. 4, must be the first down pickles, Will stir fried sour pickled cabbage, So the back of the fans can absorb the taste of it. 5The fans, after adding an appropriate amount of soy sauce and water boiled together, Let the fans fully absorb the shredded meat and pickled cabbage hot and sour taste and flavor. 6And with sweet potato powder (sweet potato
Array  - 斯佳丽

Potato cake

to personal taste Practice steps of potato cake 1. Potato paint, add egg and appropriate flour mixed into a paste with water. Add chopped pickles. You can add some salt salty dishes. 2. Non-stick cookware to a little oil, use a spoon to scoop a spoon batter into the pot to spread
  - LIYAN67

Spicy fried pickled cucumber

March April lean, cucumber season, a spicy fried pickled cucumbers with Rice Congee. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Sour cucumbers500g Perilla frutescens crispaAppropriate amount Suan RongAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount Pepper1A Sugar2Spoon Soy sauceFew The practice steps of hot and Sour Cucumber 1. The market to buy the cucumber, the found in my hometown, other places are very rare, or basically not seen. 2. Cut out the washing and dry the water,6As dry as you can. 3. 1, put in the pot to fry the dry water, in the fire8~10Minutes.2, the pot put garlic, ginger, pepper, oil speculation. Put in the right amount of sugar, stir fry until evenly. 4. The dish before Basil fried2Minute. The taste is super Rice Congee distribution. Summer arrived, I have no appetite not to try. Tips Acid cucumber storage:As long as the dry moisture can be placed in the refrigerator to save, Can not touch the oil in stir fry before, due to the drying, To eat and then add with the kind of speculation. Search for hot and sour cucumber practice

Pickle pot

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Prawns250g In house seasoning pickled cabbage1A Calamari3Only Small oysters150g Beef Roll100g Crown Daisy150g Baby Cabbage100g Konjak10Block Kelp50g Xin Hand-Pulled Noodle1Block Mushroom100g Yellow bean sprouts250g Bacon2A Pickle pot practice steps 1. (the longest) vegetables, seafood processing, boiled mushrooms, kelp, etc....... I'm afraid so high purine beef, oysters, cuttlefish are ahead of Desmond once, must pay attention to five on the line to mature 2. (note the order in the pot) to the bottom of the material into, and then add1.5Times the water, add bean sprouts (need not wait for the water to boil), not afraid to cook the also put in. Noodles according to their own preferences will have to go. Not good cook almost ripe flavor into the, you can put food, finally put seafood, facing a pot is placed cattle, and then out of the pot to Tips This amount is four to three individuals to eat, like eating hot pot, like to eat what to add a little, do not like to eat, do not eat, look at their own preferences, fully personalized ~ Search kimchi pot practice
Array  - 赵小光爱得瑟

Kimchi potato cake

1. Washed peeled potatoes, I usually like to use steel ball directly rub peeled that high quality, so easy. 2. Peel the potatoes and rub into the Xisi. 3. Bacon chopped, chopped pickles, add a little sesame oil with a little sesame oil and salt and mix well
  - 寂靜_時

Head of beef

This dish can be said that "a little interest". There is an unknown small shop near the unit, although simple, but the daily meals to get a seat in order to get a meal. Shop of a famous dish is the "head of the dishes mix beef", even to eat for three days, the doorway slightly out of touch with a little, go home at night prepared ingredients a small test their skills, really taste fine very accurate! Corkiness, called "chowhound". Materials Ingredients Beef80GCabbage1/2A Accessories Garlic3FlapCoriander1RootChilli oil1Soup spoonSaltAppropriate amountAromatic vinegar1Teaspoon The practice of beef with the head. 1. This dish is a little bit of trouble is the first beef sauce good, of course, can also buy the finished product, I am here to make soy sauce beef, the specific practice in the future to explain 2. Wash Daiyong cabbage 3. Cut the cabbage into about one centimeter wide wire cut, well after the amount of salt in the dish, out of water 4. This time had a full pot of coleslaw has left 1/3, "dehydration" very successful,. 5. Ready made chili oil, will be a good sauce beef, cut into thin slices, and prepared the coleslaw mix together, code incense vegetables at the end, minced garlic, pour into the a little balsamic vinegar, can be completed Cooking skillsThe dish more trouble might in beef sauce, in fact, beef is also very good to do, in the future will be specifically teach people how to use ADI pot making super time-saving sauce beef, mentioned in the text of the secret chili oil will teach you oh! Stay tuned.

Pickle chicken.

The taste of our home Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Chicken (chicken shelf)A (amount) Pickles.A Star anise, pepper, garlic, green onion,Appropriate amount The practice steps
Array  - 舒叶

Bacon pickled bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots in spring eat a lot, like most is to use pickled vegetables and meat stew, pickled vegetable is mother personally do, bacon is mother hand drying, ha ha, two mother's hard work. Materials Ingredients Shelley200GBacon200GBamboo shoots500G Accessories OilAppropriate amountSaltFewChickenFew Pickled bamboo shoots bacon approach 1. Bamboo Shoots Shell 2. The Sliced Bamboo Shoots 3. Cut the bamboo shoots boiled water 4. Separate sections of bacon fat 5. Pickled cabbage washed mince 6. Put a little oil in the pot, add meat stir fried oil 7. In the meat and stir fry color 8. Into the water boiled bamboo shoots 9. Stir fry 10. Add appropriate amount of water 11. Add pickled cabbage stew for a moment 12. Add salt to taste 13. Add the chicken can out of the pot Cooking skillsSpring pre boiling water can remove oxalic acid.
Array  - 飘零星

Summer appetizer dish - mushrooms salad

I want to be a dish, do Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Fungus100g Mushrooms100g Pixian bean paste2Spoon Garlic powder10g Salt sugar soy sauce Summer appetizer dish--Practice steps of edible fungus and mushrooms 1. Fungus mushrooms cooked 2. Cut into filaments, set the plate. In the above code on garlic foam 3. Hot pot of oil, oil to be slightly hot into garlic foam, stir fry, not the fire do not paste, otherwise there is no smell. After the fragrance, add bean paste, love to eat hot pepper can be put a little dry. Stir fry 4. To be almost30Seconds later, off the fire, hot oil poured into gracefully dish. Pour in sauce, a small amount of vinegar, a little sugar (very necessary Oh) taste brackish not salty and less salt. 5. You can eat it. It tastes good. Students said it can be mass production Search summer appetizer dish--Fungus mushroom mushroom dishes practice
Array  - 疯子Zero

Mustard cucumber fried egg

Cucumber fried eggs, everyone likes to eat, light and refreshing and delicious and nutritious, the morning rush can do the deft dish to cook breakfast. However, sometimes I feel that the taste of cucumber and eggs is too light, you want to add some ingredients can increase the taste, The most suitable mustard, crisp, salty, and cucumber can just light, very well with rice. Cut into small, like this, with a spoon to eat, taste is very rich, delicious and nutritious. Materials Ingredients Egg2A Accessories Cucumber1RootMustard50GOnion5GSalt1GPeanut oilAppropriate amount Mustard cucumber fried egg practices 1. Prepare materials, cucumber wash 2. Cucumber Qie Xiaoding 3. The egg in a bowl, out of mustard. Onion chopped 4. Mustard and onions into the egg inside 5. From the pan, heat the oil into the egg 6. With chopsticks quickly spread 7. Pour into Cucumber 8. Put salt 9. Stir fry evenly, out of the pot Cooking skillsThe egg is delicious, do not put chicken. Mustard is very salty, just put a little bit of salt is enough.
Array  - 羊羊厨房

The Fried rice with egg

The practice of Fried rice with egg Material set 1.The pot hot oil will fry the shredded meat, pickles and dice remove salty water immersion 2.The pot add a little oil heat, stir into the beaten egg after adding Steamed Rice, shredded meat and pickles stir evenly 3.Pan before adding chopped green onion and Lee Kum Kee steamed fish soy sauce and stir fry evenly
Array  - 李锦记

Egg roll

Free to do... Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Pork EggFour StarchTwo. ShallotThree Pickles Salt MSG Chinese prickly ash powder
Array  - 杨密儿

Homemade pickled vegetable

PicklesAppropriate amount The practice steps of homemade pickled vegetable 1. I at home to do their own pickles, you can to the market to buy vegetables, do not water the vegetables, also don't treasure pickles, best use of Chinese Cabbage (also called sowthistle) as a single ingredient pickled and little water (preferably not sold in supermarkets bagged
  - 蔚然成風

Hardcore sauce noodles

Two days do not want to eat rice, a sudden sense of the noodles. Today in the supermarket to buy some pickles to eat noodles back. Pickles inside, there are several ingredients: red pepper, radish, fern, tender cucumber, cowpea and so on, there is one kind of special ingredients I actually said not what is, but I often eat~Today it tastes very delicious sauce noodles. Let me
Array  - Ada相濡以沫

Green dumpling (Ai Qingjiao) - Jiangnan Spring Food

Green dumpling, Qingming Jiangnan area of traditional Food! Is Ai Qing and glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour and a small amount of flour blends into the dough, pack into the bean paste stuffing or pickles filling fillings such as make dumpling. With a faint aroma and taste of wormwood thick spring to eat! Difficulty:Cut pier
Array  - 爱上小考拉

Sugar plum dried vegetables

Son has been a favorite dessert, but it seems to have a unique taste of their own taste. Until the day pass by a famous dumplings shop, son of meat but I like to pay no heed the signs of crystal sugar offbeat. This reminded me of my childhood memories, then mother factory canteen pickles sugar bag is my favorite, bite a revealing black pickles wrapped in shiny juice, pickles
  - 蚂蚁子

Braised pork pickled cabbage

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Selection of pork300g Pickled potherb mustard pickles or other.50g The practice steps of pickled cabbage braised pork 1. Selection of pork with ginger wash white halogen halogen

Tomato fried duck intestine

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Duck intestine500g Pickles200g TomatoTwo Ginger.GarlicAppropriate amount Tomato fried duck intestine practice steps
  - 心随你动2

Salty bean scrambled silk

For a long time did not eat pickles, like most used as a garnish with fried pickles to eat salty spicy food ingredients, gouwei. Materials Ingredients Egg1APepper3ASour beans1The Accessories Salt1GChicken2GPeanut oil20GSoy sauce2G
Array  - 水青青

Mushrooms fried pork slices

Mushrooms nutritious, delicious, known as the "mushroom queen". Pork with fried pickles collocation, refreshing taste. Materials Ingredients Pickles100GFresh mushrooms300GPork200G Accessories Salt1TeaspoonCelery60GPeanut oil20G
Array  - ZUICHU6

Fried mushroom

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Ingredients Oyster mushroom600g Accessories Carrot150g Pickles100g OnionA GingerFew GarlicFew Seasoning SaltFew MSGFew
Array  - 小叉是坏蛋