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hot cook recipe
From the literature found some for you 5 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

High pheasant

, sesame oil, soy sauceAppropriate amount The practice steps of pheasant 1. 1Cabbage, cut a large stand-by; wash chicken, empty inside, then the whole chicken and sprinkle salt and pepper salted small; 2, ginger cut a large onion cut in half again and garlic into the pot fry, garlic sprouts from roots and cut into sections, halfway
  - 凤凰han

Chicken with bean sprouts

Yangzhou people like to poultry into the dish, the first to the latter, pheasant silk production of the most famous chicken pea. Pheasant, pheasant pheasant are, is a mountain. Because of limited conditions, now do this dish, with some meat instead of chicken pheasant silk. Green and white, delicate and delicious. Materials Ingredients
Array  - 明月舞青衣

Chinese toon tree bud egg cake

The egg cake is a traditional dish. Before the people don't have good food with Chinese toon tree instead of food. Now people are starting to hot pursuit of this old dish. It's more expensive to sell. Chinese toon tree bud is best to eat the first crop. Most3 Stubble. Nutrition is very high. Add up to the mountain of eggs. Pheasant egg yellow is yellow.
  - 刚很慢

Braised meat balls in brown sauce (Sixi Wanzi)

; not the same clothes and licorice. Fungus(Dry): fungus is unfavorable and snails with food, from the medicinal food, cold river snail, meet the lubricating fungus, is not conducive to digestion, so the two should not be eating on the same. Suffering from hemorrhoids fungus and pheasant pheasant should not be the same food, a small drug, two with food easily induced bleeding hemorrhoids. Not with the fungus
  - NOChris